Chapter 8 The World after Her Disappearance

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God’s Realm…

Someone was walking in an endlessly white space approaching a female trio that seems to be looking at floating panels that surrounds her.


『Oh, you have finally arrived, what took you so long』


The trio speaks to the approaching persona without looking.


『Well, things ended up a bit complicated in my side after she disappeared and it took me a bit of time fixing the errors on the system.』

『Is that so, still why did you let such an existence to even be born in that world, she was definitely out of place there. If it was in my worlds, then she would be a rare but not that unique of an individual』

『I know, that’s why I agreed on the transfer of her soul, even though she would have been a great subordinate if I processed it properly』

『Well, I know that you find it troublesome, but you could have done something for her like alter her fate for a bit to at least not be in that condition.』

『But it was interesting, you know… seeing how her condition would affect everything that was around her.』

『Yes, yes that was indeed interesting, so what did it result into?』

『Hmmm… as you have expected, it ended up become a war for existence and now the population is dropping like crazy because of the wars. It’s nothing new anyway, so I will just have to wait until the wars are over again and help the world a bit…』

『You really like doing things like this, don’t you』

『It’s my way of having fun, just how many worlds do you think I handle.』

『Yeah, yeah, I know that you handle more worlds than me, you don’t have to rub it in.』

『And so, how is that girl doing now?』

『She’s about to start her journey now, it took her a bit of time or more like she was too engrossed about learning new things under my direct subordinate that it took her years before moving out. Most normal transmigrators usually leave from under a week to a month』

『Well, it’s up to her how she will be enjoying her new life now, I’ll drop by again to check on her from time to time. I’m also curious about how she will spend her new life after all』

『Go do your work, you free willed administrator, I am also busy with my work so don’t bother me.』

『Fine, fine, well then, till next time』


The being that was standing next to the trio then disappeared.


『Jeez, can’t that one just do their work properly. I do want to thank them for passing over such a rare specimen though. Misaki, I wonder how you will your life this time.』


The trio then continued their work while watching a specific screen that was focused on a certain person.


Ether Earth Year 2350


It was the year that Misaki Tachibana died and disappeared from the world. Before her death, a certain medicine was completed. It was a medicine that could heal any complication and rejuvenate youth. They called the medicine God’s Miracle. And many have yearned for it. Because of the existence of such medicine, war was inevitable. Leaders seeking power wanted to tap into such a miraculous drug in order to extend their life and dominance. People, who hungered for youth, seek the developers offering everything they have just to take a sip of that sweet nectar that would extend their lives. Billionaires all over the world were not afraid to squander all their funds in order to mass produce such miracle. And this led all to the uprising of power, forcefully wanting to attain it and monopolize it for their benefits.


The world was already in a state of madness starting with the development of medicine that could almost cure everything, and the creation of that miraculous drug became the final trigger for its collapse. And then war as expected has torn the world. Chasing after the shadows of the developers are people who tried to make imitations of the drug, but all was for naught, and because they can’t replicate it, everyone aimed after the creators. There are also those who supported the creators and because their protectors wanting to also be included in gaining benefits from them. And this ended up in turmoil that didn’t just involve a single country, but every country in the world.


The wars lasted for decades. It was a very long and tedious war. A war wanting to monopolize a piece of knowledge that should have never been allowed to exists. Also, because of such existence, the ravages of war continued to become worse as the years pass by. It was because the people who were becoming more and more desperate couldn’t help but push through from what they started. And then after decades of struggle, an event that changed everything stopped it. It was the intervention of gods. A blast of divine light enveloped the world, erasing every trace and knowledge of medicine that was developed because of that girl. It was a wakeup call to all the people of the world, and was also the start of a new and peaceful era that would follow it.






Ether Earth God’s Realm


It was a grayish room of nothingness, similar to the room that Misaki was when she was reincarnated. At its center was a little girl, whose voice is unidentifiable if she was male or female.

Her body was also so streamlined that you wouldn’t be able to tell if she was a girl or a boy, but she identifies herself as a girl.

That was the administrator of Ether Earth, the world where Misaki Tachibana once lived in. She is currently in the middle of resolving errors that was caused by the existence called Misaki Tachibana.


『With this, it should be done. Fuh…that sure took me a lot of time to fix, I didn’t expect for it to develop that way. But well, at least they got a glimpse of what was would happen if that thing existed.』


The blast of divine light was a repair mechanism. It didn’t completely erase the memories of the inhabitants of the world, but only every detail regarding the developments where Misaki was involved. Although vague information was still left behind to remind the people, every details and procedures in its development were wiped out both physically and mentally. That day on Ether Earth was then named as the providence of God and was held as a celebration of the future inhabitants of that world.


『Now that the problem is fixed, I should report it over on the other side and also join the monitoring of that girl even for a bit. I wonder if she has grown a lot already. It’s at least been over a hundred years have passed over there after all.』


In Gods Realm, time doesn’t flow normally. Just like what the administrator of Ether Earth said, even if to him it was only a short while, it would have already been over one hundred years in Misaki’s time.


After leaving a substitute to handle the system, the administrator of Ether Earth disappeared.

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