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Chapter 9 Reminiscing and Encounter

Walking along the road towards the kingdom, I thought about the time I was 『Training』 in was that didn’t seem like training at all. It did took me about 2 years to learn about skills and magic and took about 10 years mastering it which I didn’t feel like a long time because I was training in a dungeon where time couldn’t properly be felt.

Most of the time, I would be studying books in the library or being thought by Luina about things that are happening in the outside world and how I should adjust myself to the inhabitants.


「Sigh, it was a really long time, but I did learn a lot.」


I told myself while thinking about Luina’s ridiculous training regime.




When thinking about training, one would think about hitting things, practicing control, etc. However, the training regime I received did have those but only until the first year.

Starting my second year, the level of training escalated from being almost passive to overly aggressive that it was mostly life threatening. But because we are within her dungeon, a level of safety was also maintained.



We started with simulated combat where she would let me attack her, then to me dodging attacks of subordinates which continue to increase in number and becoming more complicated as the training goes on.


Another special training I received was adapting to environments unique to different places in the world. Although I have a body which was almost close to a true dragon, it would be destroyed easily if I don’t know how to adapt to certain terrains and environments that I wouldn’t even be able to imagine existing.


This took most of my training time after I have reached a certain level of mastery in my skills which also made time pass by without me noticing. And because I am a former human, there are many things about my new body that I don’t nor be conscious about.


I would always be baffled by the versatility and quirks of my body that Luina would point out in my training until I have finally mastering it properly. I was also given a seal of approval by Luina when I reached that point but she said that it was only the starting point.


The adaptation and training took a really long time that I’ve only noticed it when Luina told me that 100 years have already passed by. In the next few years after that, I studied again about the current civilization and finally started my journey.


Luina did mention that she couldn’t emulate in her dungeon all of the unique fields in the world and that I have to visit other guardians or directly see myself in order to know more about it.


This world is so huge after all, about 4 times the size of earth and have more continents including sunken and flying ones too. I couldn’t help but feel excited about the discoveries that I would make as I go on with my journey.







Several hours after entering the border of the kingdom which I only assumed since I only see it on my map and there’s really no indication that could be found along the way, I encountered the first inhabitants of this world other than Luina and her subordinates. There was a small cart that seems to have broken its wheel after hitting a ditch.


I could see two people examining the cart on the side and girl watching the two a little distance away. It looks like they are troubled about what to do, so I came close to see it for myself.


Although my actions may seem careless, I clearly understand my strength that even if they ended up as bad people, they won’t matter. The person away from the two noticed my approached and was vigilant for a moment, but released her tension when she could clearly see my silhouette which is that of a young girl.


「Hey there everyone」


I called out to them as I approach to notify the people which also caught all of their attension.


「Huh, a young girl, are you travelling on your own?」

「Yes, I’m on my way to the capital of this kingdom」

「Is that so, though it’s an admirable feat but will you be alright on your own? Did you run away from your village or something? 」


The two adults look at me with a concerned look. It seems like they are good people.


「I’m fine, though I may look young, I might have been older than any of you」


I then put out my tail which is covered by my robe. Seeing this, the two adults were surprised, but the young girl seems frightened. It may be her first time encountering something like this.


「A Lizardman, no with those elaborate scales and youth, a Dragonoid huh. What a very rare encounter. It reminds me of my younger days. 」

「Oh, have you encountered one before, ah sorry if it was a little late. I am Misaki」

「No, no, don’t mind it I was also caught up in the topic that I forgot to introduce ourselves. I’m Belchiz and here is my wife Sandra and that over there is my daughter Brenda. We are also travelling towards the capital but as you can see, we were quite in a bit of trouble because of my carelessness. 」- Belchiz


The man laughs wryly as he pointed at the cart that was tied to a horse with a broken wheel after he introduced his family. He then continued speaking.


「It’s a good thing that the roads around this areas are relatively safe but I’m troubled as to what to do with that. I never expected my cart to break after running through a few ditches」 – Belchiz

「That’s why I’ve been telling you to be careful when driving. You always, always do something stupid like this. Even though you’re a former high ranking adventurer, where did all your adventuring knowledge go.」 – Sandra


The wife retorts the husband who was just laughing at their current situation. They seem like a very good couple. It should be fine offering my help to them and also ask for more information from them who seems to know more about the current situation in the capital.


「I could help out if you wanted to.」 – Misaki


The two of them looked at me with a surprised face.


「Is it really alright?」 – Sandra

「It’s fine, I’d also like to ask some things so you could say it’s a fair trade」 – Misaki

「Alright, I’ll accept the offer, just ask us whatever you want later」 – Belchiz


Belchiz looks at me with a bit of a serious face. He is a man that seems to be in his thirties with a good toned body and light tan, plus he’s bald. I do admire bald people for their baldness… It’s not because I was traumatized in one of my training where Luina literally burned all of my hair turning me bald and told me to grow my hair immediately… that aside, he looks like a reliable man.


His wife, Sandra also seems like a woman in her 30’s though I don’t want to point it out because talking about women’s age is scary, have long cut dark brown hair tied in a ponytail on her back, and have a fit slender body. And just like his husband, it seems like she’s also a retired adventurer.


Their child, Brenda has hair resembling her mother although a little longer, and her age would probably be in her early teens. She was now observing me silently while hiding at the back of her mother. I wonder if I could be her friend because she is kind of in the same age group as me, mentally.


「Then, please move a away for a bit」


After I told them, the three of them moved away from the cart. I also asked Belchiz to move the horse away. After everyone stepped away from the cart, I activated my magic.


「Return to your former state and be strengthen, 『Recall -Strengthen』」 – Misaki


After I called out my spell in a language that was not familiar to them, a big magic circle came out below the cart. Then as if time was rewinding, the cart returned to its normal state. But although it may look the same, this cart was sturdier than normal.


Seeing this happen before their eyes, the family of three all showed the most surprised face since the time they’ve met me, as if their eyes would pop out of their sockets.


Leaving the 3 aside, I went to the cart to check the quality and durability of the cart while waiting for the three to recover. I used another skill to confirm if everything is alright.


Wooden Cart

Rarity: C

Durability: 400/400

Condition: Strengthened


It looks like the magic worked fine in my simple analysis magic. By the way, the rarity of objects are not labeled by F-EX ranking but are labeled from C-Common, R-Rare, E-Elite, U-Unique, L-Legendary, M-Mythical. Mythical Class are basically God Tier Items while Common class are just normal things that could be found almost anywhere.

After confirming that everything is alright, I returned to the three who seems to have finally rebooted to report about the situation.


「It’s all fixed now, your journey can continue now」 – Misaki

「Is, is that so, by the way… What was that! Was that magic! I have never witnessed anything like that ever in my entire career! 」 – Belchiz


Belchiz who was too excited grabbed me and shook me, asking for an explanation. Ah how troublesome, I wonder how I would explain this to them. Well, I don’t even know if they will understand so I’ll try.



Misaki’s Log, Journey Note:

My first encounter was a surprise on both sides.