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Chapter 10 Onward We Go with Companions

I wonder how I would explain this to them.  I thought about it for a bit, but then realized that I don’t really need to hide anything. I can just tell them facts and it’s up to them to believe it or not.


「That magic is part of Origin Magic, a higher level of magic I would say. My trainer did told me that only a very small amount of people could use magic similar to what I could use.」- Misaki


「Origin Magic!!! Are you a sage!!! No a Great Sage!?」 – Belchiz


「No, I’m a Wanderer. I just happen to be well educated in the field of Magic, and that’s not even my specialty. I am a Dragonoid after all and magic is second to our nature.」 – Misaki


「Sorry, I didn’t know about that. After all, even though I have encountered some dragonoids, most of them usually focus on physical skills.」 – Belchiz


「Dragonoids are indeed more physical than magical, however there are also magic based dragons and dragonoids born of their blood are also mostly magic focused. 」 – Misaki


「Speaking of Dragonoids, I don’t really know anything about their ecology or the way they live. If it’s like that, then Dragonoids are born from dragons or have mated with dragons? 」 – Belchiz


「It’s both yes and no, Pure Dragonoids are born out of the mana of a powerful dragon or the environment they are spawned. There are also rare cases where dragons would share their mana to other humanoid beings which results in the birth of dragonoids. 」 – Misaki


「Dagonoids sure have quite a complicated nature.」 – Belchiz


「We sure do…」 – Misaki


「In any case, that really doesn’t matter right now. Thank you for repairing our cart. We would be really troubled if we have to wait for other people to come by and at worst, we might have ended up being attacked by monsters or thieves. 」 – Belchiz


「Thank you Misaki-sama for the help. 」 – Sandra


「Ummm… Thank… You」 – Brenda


His wife and daughter also came to thank me. Brenda was still hiding though.


「Don’t mind it, I only did it out of my selfishness」 – Misaki


The little girl keeps on glancing at me then hides at her mother’s back. She was really cute.


「Hello there, is there something wrong?」 – Misaki


I stared at the little girl and asked.


「Ummmm… Onee-chan has a tail?」 – Brenda


「Oh, are you curious about this?」 – Misaki


I moved my tail forward and showed it to her.


「Oooooh, that’s so cool!!」 – Brenda


「Ahahaha, well that’s just normal for me you see. I can also do this」 – Misaki


I transformed my Tail into a spear and held it in my hand.


「「Uwaaah, the tail turned into a spear!!!」」 – Belchiz/Brenda


Not only Brenda but her Dad also reacted. Well, I guess it was also a first time for him to see this. Her wife didn’t really react that much though.


「Sandra-san doesn’t seem to be surprised about this though.」 – Misaki


「As rare as it is to encounter one, I actually have Dragonoid acquaintance and her fighting style converts parts of her body into weapons and she was quite the combatant. 」 – Sandra


That sure is indeed a very rare occurrence. Dragonoids are mostly loners and don’t normally interact with others. This doesn’t mean that they are cold hearted or anti-social. It’s just they have a difference in perspective that other races.


「Where is she now? 」 – Misaki


「The last time I’ve heard about her is that she went to the northern continents. That was several years ago」 – Sandra


「Is that so. Well, dragonoids doesn’t really show concern in regards to time and won’t even distinguish the difference between 1 and 10 years. 」 – Misaki


「Is that so, so that’s why in the 3-5 years difference of meeting each other, her reaction felt like she only met me a few days ago. 」  – Sandra


「That’s just how it is. Do you still have any other questions? 」 – Misaki


「Young lady, wait that might sound rude. It’s really confusing to interact with races whose age couldn’t be deter- ugh. 」 – Belchiz


Belchiz received an elbow strike from Sandra-san. This is why age and women shouldn’t be combined in conversations.


「Well, you could say that I am not that young but from our race’s perspective then I am indeed a young lady.」 – Misaki


「Uuuhh. Come on darling, you can’t just strike me like that. Those elbow strikes are still as painful as ever. Anyway, what are your plans after this Misaki. Do you want to go on your own or would you like to join us on the way? We are heading on the same destination after all.」 – Belchiz


I thought about the offer, and then found the little girl glancing at me with sparkling eyes. I could travel faster on my own but having some company along the way is also fine. It’s been a while since I’ve conversed with people. My only conversation partner all these years was Luina-san after all.


「I don’t mind the company. Though it would probably be faster if I go on my own, having companions on the way is also fine」 – Misaki


「Are you sure? Thank you for the company then. Our daughter seems to be really interested about travelling with you too」 – Belchiz


I look at Brenda once again who was still peaking at me while hiding behind her mother.


「I look forward to travelling with you Brenda-chan」 – Misaki


「Un, look forward… too…」 – Brenda










After checking everything, we finally started the journey. It was a very quiet and peaceful journey. Well not really a peaceful journey I’d say because of there were also some monster encounters troubles along the way. But most of it was taken care of by the couple or with my help.

On break times I would tell stories about my training making the couple baffled while their child just kept on commenting how amazing it was. I also showed them a few transformations like turning my hands or feet in dragon like forms and showing my horns.


Then after several days of travelling, we could finally see the outer moat of the capital and its majestic walls that could be seen so far away.


「That over there is the capital of El Randia Kingdom, Zeltris.」 – Belchiz


「Ooooh, what it sure has a sturdy looking wall surrounding it」 – Misaki


「Well, it’s not just the walls, the city itself is quite a good place and is quite clean compared to other nations. The current King has been implementing a lot of things that benefit the public. The security is also good and there is no discrimination between races within the kingdom.」 – Belchiz


「It seems like the you currently have a good king.」 – Misaki


「That is so, the previous king was not bad but not that accommodating to the public as the current king.」 – Belchiz


「That’s also one of the reason why we finally moved to the capital. 」 – Sandra


「Was it bad to stay in the capital in the previous generation?」 – Misaki


「Not that much of a problem, but it was not that good because nobles were more prominent and were waving their power all over the place. It was only when the current king started to purge the overpowering nobles that the balance of power in the kingdom have been stabilized. 」 – Sandra


「Were the nobles that troublesome? 」 – Misaki


「They were indeed troublesome. They are even trying to show their influence in the adventurer’s guild. However the current guild master completely shut them out. We also decided to stay on the countryside when things were starting to become troublesome. Then after hearing news of the enthronement of the new king and his policies, we waited for a few years before returning to the capital. 」 – Belchiz


「I see. I hope I don’t encounter anything troublesome in the capital. 」 – Misaki


「Well, just be careful. No matter how peaceful and secure the place is, troublesome people would still continue to appear. 」 – Belchiz



We continued talking about the capital until we finally reached the gates.


Finally, my life on the first city is about to begin.



Misaki’s Log, Journey Note:

It’s the Capital!!! There’s a really tall wall surrounding it!!!