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Chapter 11 The Dust Marionettes Inn

OC: Yuki

When we entered the capital, the couple led me to an Inn that they were acquainted with. Right not we are in front of a 3 story building that definitely looks like a classic in from an RPG, though it’s bigger than what I have expected.


「Here is the Inn called Dust Marionettes, though the name may sound sketchy, it’s just a normal Inn, OK」- Belchiz

「Who’s Inn’s name are you call’n sketchy, brat」- ???


When Belchiz explained about the Inn, a slightly big middle aged lady interrupted our conversation.


「Granna-san, so you were still managing the Inn, I thought you’ve already retired.」 – Belchiz

「Don’t just go and assuming that I’ve disappeared somewhere Brat Bel. I may not be the one managing it anymore but I’m still the owner and advisor of the Inn. The new manager is just a chick and still haven’t learned the know-how of the Inn so I’m watching over her.」 – Granna

「Poor Lera, still being treated like a child」 – Belchiz

「Did, you say something, Brat?」 – Granna

「Ah, no, it’s nothing. I only came by to recommend your place to this one over here」 – Belchiz


I who was listening to the conversation of the two while checking my surroundings was suddenly nudged by Belchiz.


「Who’s the kid, an illegitimate child of yours? 」 – Granna

「No no no no, I am very faithful to my wife, you know」 – Belchiz

「Hah, if only Sandra knew what you were like before」 – Granna

「Come on now, that’s not the point of what we are talking about. Anyway, I’ll leave this person to you. Well, you’ll understand when you talk to her later. I’ll go back to the carriage now. See you around, Misaki」 – Belchiz


Ah, he ran away and left me to this person. I haven’t said my goodbye to Brenda-chan and Sandra-san you know. Well, I will probably see them later anyway, so it should be fine. Also, this person doesn’t seem like a bad person so it will probably know where they are staying so I can just visit their place, I guess?


「That brat, suddenly running away like that. Anyway, I’m Granna, Granna Castela, owner and Former manager of this Inn. You are? 」 – Granna

「I am Misaki, Misaki Tachibana, well you could say that I was their travelling companion along the way to the capital. I was with them because I helped in repairing their cart when I met them along the way.」 – Misaki

「I see. Well, that brat is really clumsy and breaks a lot of things when he was still staying at my place so I guess he’s still the same clumsy brat. Anyway, since he recommended you, why not get inside to see the Inn yourself」 – Granna

「Ok, please guide me」 – Misaki


Following Granna-san, we went inside the Inn and what greeted me first was a counter, then on the left and right side seems like a wide dining area. The rooms are probably upstairs. Granna-san slips inside the counter and called someone from inside the door behind the counter.


「Lera!? Oi, Lera! We have a customer over here! Come here for sec! 」 – Granna

「What is it mom, can’t you see that I’m resting. 」 – ???

「We have a new customer, come over here for a bit.」 – Granna

「But you can handle that on your own, can’t you?」 – ???

「You are the manager now so do it on your own, I only watch over what you do and advice you, you know?」 – Granna


When Granna-san came out of the room, she was dragging a woman who probably just woke up with disheveled hair and outfit, yet you could tell that she was a beautiful woman. Having a slim body, long red hair and red eyes, she doesn’t look like Granna-san at all. Did she get her genes from her dad?


「Haaaaah~ So, you are? By the way, I’m Lera, Lera Castela, just call me Lera it’s quite rare for us to get customers around this time. 」 – Lera

「I am Misaki, Misaki Tachbana, I came here on recommendation of Belchiz-san」 – Misaki

「Belchiz? Are you his illegitimate child or something? 」 – Lera



Ah, that reaction, they certainly are mother and daughter. They look way too different though…


「No, I’m only an acquaintance who helped them and became their travel partners along the way」 – Misaki

「Is that so. So, where you from and what brought you here to the capital? 」 – Lera

「I came from the south, in the forest called Forest of the Moon」 – Misaki


Forest of the moon was the name of the forest where Luina’s Labyrinth, the Grand Crystal Labyrinth. Well, I have only known about what the name of the forest when my map was finally functional.

In this world an area doesn’t just randomly get named by someone. Only people with special abilities given to them like rulers or people they appointed would be able to name a certain area and making it under their banner. Also, in the case of naming places that was already named, the person who wants to rename the area must ask for the permission of the owner for it to be renamed, unless the owner is already dead. They would also need an official of high authority to be the witness in order to establish the name of the area. Even villages are not exempted for this and usually the village head would be the person that revived the authority to name the village.


Thinking about that, I was confused as to why the two became suddenly quiet. Then Lara snps out of it and spoke.

「Hey, you said you came from the Forest of the Moon, right? Is that really true? 」 – Lera

「Yes, is there something wrong with that? 」 – Misaki

「Seriously? That forest is well known to be an area with the highest danger level that even high ranking adventurers fear the thought of even just entering its outskirts, and you say that you came from that place? 」 – Lera

「Well, it was indeed a really dangerous place for Humans, I guess 」 – Misaki


After saying that, I took off my robe covering my head to reveal my horns and scaly part of my neck.


「A Dragonoid!! 」 – Lera




「Ouch, what is it mom?」 – Lera

「You are too noisy, she a customer, don’t just dig a person’s background without permission. I have always reminded you of this, that’s rude to the customer!! 」 – Granna

「Sorry about that young lady, you don’t have to answer everything she asks」 – Granna

「I don’t mind though」 – Misaki

「It’s alright if you don’t mind but we are also trying upheld our policy here so I just want to apologize 」 – Granna

「Is that so? 」 – Misaki

「That is so 」 – Granna


I look at Granna-san who looked more serious than usual. Lera on the other hand was still crouching, rubbing her head that was smacked by Granna-san. I then continued


「Anyway, continuing the conversation, I would like to rent a room for myself and will probably be staying here for a while.」 – Misaki

「We have available rooms, what would like it to be, the common one or the premium one? 」 – Granna

「Wait, you have different sets? 」 – Misaki

「Yes, most Inn’s do which was a policy that was implemented by a Hero who came to our lands a long time ago. It was said that this is to easily satisfy customers of different stature」 – Granna


The goddess did say that several people have been transported or reincarnated in this world before so it must be one of those people.


「Then I’ll take the premium suit. How much is the rent? 」 – Misaki

「that would be 5 silvers a day, that includes breakfast and lunch. 」 – Granna


The current currency of this world which was strangely accepted even on other continents would be as follows.

Copper 1 = Base Currency
Large Copper = 100 Copper
Silver = 100 Large Copper
Large Silver = 100 Silver
Gold = 100 Large Silver
Large Gold = 100 Gold
Mythril = 100 Large Gold


That is the common currency used by almost everyone. There are also several other currency above Mythril but I’ll talk about that some other time.


I cannot compare the currency of this world to the currency of my previous world because I wasn’t able to use money at all when I was living on my own but Luina did guide me about the latest exchange equivalent of money.


I took out 25 silver coins that were inside the pouch on my waist. I do have more in my item box but didn’t want to reveal it at the moment.


I then handed the money to Granna-san and we discussed about the formalities and then let her guide me to my room. Lera went back inside her room still dumbfounded but I ignored it.


The premium room was wide. It was around 5m x 7m with a large fluffy looking bed at the center, and it was on the 3rd floor of the building. The room didn’t look that well as what you would see in a modern hotel but you could say that a lot of effort was used in order to build such a room. There’s also a small desk paired with a chair, and a small table that would be able to occupy 4 people with four chairs along with it. The room was painted white, probably so that the cleanliness would be clearly witnessed.


「This will be your room, and here is the key. Whenever you go out, please leave the key on the counter. If you have any other questions, please find me or Lera downstairs. Then, I’ll be heading back」 – Granna


Even though I am not really tired or anything physically, my mind was definitely tired from the long travel. For now I’ll rest and sort everything out tomorrow.


Misaki’s Log, Journey Note:

Why is Granna calling Belchiz-san a brat despite looking almost similar in age? And is Lera-san really Granna-san’s daughter? They look so different.