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Chapter 12 Uninvited Guests and the Adventurer’s Guild

OC: Yuki

After taking a little nap, I look outside the window while verifying my current look. Right now, my horns are shorter than usual almost looking like two bulging spikes on my head, the visible scales on my body were also hidden only leaving the ones on my hand looking like a bracelet and my tail was only as long as my leg, and my wings are hidden like usual.


It’s currently night time but it’s not yet that late so I went down to have some dinner. When Granna saw me, she was surprised by the change in my looks, but she didn’t bother asking why. I am still in my adventurer outfit, so it didn’t really change much how I was perceive and there seems to be a lot of people in the dining area.


I seated myself on an empty table for two and ordered a waitress their recommended meal for the day. I don’t really have that much preference on which food to eat as long as it’s tasty after all. A lot of people were staring at me, probably because of my horns and the fact that it’s very rare to see a dragonoid. The gossips were mostly out of curiosity on who I was but it seems like there are also perverts included in the bunch that I wanted to erase.


After finishing my meal, I returned to my room and waited a bit more until the night deepens and the sound of people became silent.


「This should be a good time to greet them.」- Misaki


Silently opening my window, I jumped out and double jumped landing silently on the roof of the Inn.


「Would you show yourselves now, I know you guys were following me since I left the forest.」- Misaki


I called out in the emptiness where no one could be seen.


A few seconds later, the space distorted and several beings appeared.


Everyone bowed once and started introducing themselves. There were twelve of them and it seems like they were different groups of three. The first to introduce was a humanoid mechanical looking person with a jest mask for a face. There doesn’t seem to be any humans on the group.


「Greetings Disciple of Master Luina, I am Grandol, messenger of the Guardian of Sands, Sable Grandia 」- ???


Grandol looks like a dandy jester but the most notable parts that I’m interested in is the mechanical gears that is somewhat visible inside his body. He would either be automata, or a golem type intelligent life form.


It was then followed by a humanoid with a Hawk Head that is more like a hawk with hands and feet than a human with only a hawk head.


「Greetings, I’m Windel, messenger of the Guardian of the Sky Garden, Ciel Arcadia 」- ???


By his looks, it doesn’t seem like Windel was a beastman but more like a morphed intelligent monster from a bird family and a strong one too. I would like to identify them but Luina told me that it would be rude unless the other individual consented to it, but doing it on evildoers and those I deemed as evil would be fine.


The next one who did the introduction looks more like an insect than a humanoid. I did learn about them in the Luina’s grand library, the intelligent insects from the northern forests.


「We welcome you to our world visitor, they call me Radius, a messenger sent Guardian of the Forest of Eternal Bloom, Blume Summer 」- ???


And the last one to introduce herself looks closest to human if not for the antenna on her head and insect wings on her back. Though for some reason, her clothes look like a mix of Japanese and Chinese outfit which is kind of surreal.


「I am Mistia, we give you our warm welcome, I am also a messenger of the Guardian of the Flaming Sea, Seldia Maridonna 」- ???


「「「「We Come in your presence to give our Greetings」」」」- Four Messengers


What a grandiose welcoming this is, but why now of all time though. It’s not like this is the first time that I came out of this world. Well I was mostly training in the labyrinth and barely go out.


「Why did you guys only approach me now of all times. I’ve been living in this world for a while now you know? 」 – Misaki



「We were told by our masters to not interfere with your training and only come to greet you when you start your journey, also to hand you items to allow you to enter our master’s domain」 –  Grandol


「Master Luina told our masters after all to wait and for long living being like our masters, a few hundred years isn’t really a long time to consider」 – Windel


「Is that so, well I guess for them who have lived for millions of years, the scale would definitely be insignificant」 – Misaki


「That is so, and because we didn’t want to show ourselves to normal beings living in this continent, we were waiting for an opportunity to approach. Though we didn’t expect for you to approach us first」 – Radius


「That’s right, after all we pride ourselves to be the best at stalk- I mean observing from the shadows, and even we didn’t expect to be spotted immediately. 」 – Seldia


「Wait just a second fairy-san, you were just about to say stalking… well never mind, so you only approached me to give formal greeting and invitations from your masters? I’m happy about that but I don’t know when I would come to visit」 – Misaki


「We don’t really mind when, after all our masters are patient. Though if you are to step into that continent where your great ancestor reside, we predict with 100% probability the she would greet you herself. 」 – Grandol


「The Guardian Dragon of Chaos?」 – Misaki


「Yes, that is so. She doesn’t have any guardians and is only living by herself after all, though there are also other guardians in the continent, she basically a loner and at worst would challenge other guardians out of boredom. 」 – Grandol

「There was one time several eons ago where she visited my master and challenged her, ending up damaging the sky garden to a point that it took thousands of years to recover.」 – Windel


「Sounds like a real pain in the neck, that great anscestor of mine. Even Luina was complaining her a lot during my training.」 – Misaki


「Not only that, she is also a bottomless glutton. There was one time she visited our land and almost put its population in a long famine because of consuming all the food to almost extinction. It also took a long time to recover and we had to rely on other lands to feed our people.」 – Seldia


「Sorry, though I’m not related to that incident, I’m still sorry.」 – Misaki


「Don’t be so, our master already did a long earful scolding to her and banned her from doing it ever again. Master Luina also helped at that time」 – Seldia


「Ah we skipped far from the main topic, and so after delivering these invitations, what are you guys doing next?」 – Misaki


「We will be returning back to our lands after doing some scouting from other places to check if there are any disturbances. 」 – Radius


「Is that so, it seems like all of you are busy doing stuff.」 – Misaki


「You don’t have to mind us, it’s part of our duty after all」 – Radius


「Alright, then till the time we meet again!」 – Misaki


「「「「Till we meet again!!!」」」」 – Four Messengers


After that they all vanished. Ah I forgot to ask about their subordinates and if I could identify them. Well the subordinates were too silent that they didn’t even register in my consciousness. I looked at the four emblems in my hand along with the four letters. Luina also gave me a similar emblem… Is this supposed to be a P*k*M*n Ba*ge.


After checking my map and confirming that they aren’t around anymore, I returned back inside my room and slept.






Waking up in the morning, I fix myself up and then went out of the Inn after greeting Granna who was cleaning out the tables. I didn’t have a breakfast this time because I didn’t really need to eat and I am more excited in visiting the Adventurer’s Guild as soon as possible.


As told by Granna last night, I immediately located the adventurer’s guild in a plaza looking area with a fountain in the center. The Adventurer’s Guild building was the biggest building among the buildings in the area.


After being satisfied staring at the building, I approached the door that looks like the door of a saloon in western movies, went inside as I pushed it open. By the way the saloon door was its secondary door, and too big door opened out on the side is in place. The guild is open all day so those big doors are also open all the time and would only be closed during emergency situations.


When I entered the building, I was greeted by a wide area that was divided into two. The counters where transactions are being processed, and the other have is a wide bar area with a bar counter like place where people order food and drinks. There are also several tables in the place both in the bar area and the counter area.


Well I did expect it after hearing from Belchiz but I immediately became the center of everyone’s attention the moment I entered. I could hear everyone murmuring about a dragonoid. Though I could disguise myself as a human like Luina, I didn’t do so because I like my appearance more. It’s cool after all.


Ignoring all the stares pointed at me, I approached the counter with the least number of people lining up. The person at the counter was a bulky macho who seems to be at the prime of his age with a terrifying atmosphere and amazing handlebar mustache. Another reason why I didn’t transform into a full human was to prevent the cliché of idiots approaching me. Because of that, I didn’t have any problems until my turn finally came.



Misaki’s Log, Journey Note:

I wonder why the subordinates of those messengers were so silent, though I did witness their surprised looks when Grandol called me Luina’s Disciple. I don’t deny it after all. Also Handlebar Mustache…it was very interesting. I also forgot to ask the actual races of those messengers, but oh well I will definitely meet them again in the future.