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Chapter 13 A cliche will still be there and starting adventures

「Mustache…」 – Misaki


「Horns…」 – Receptionist


The two of us stared at each other for a bit with a slight air of tension slowly spreading.




Then with a loud clap, we shook each other’s hand strongly as if it was a mutual understanding of something. The adventurers who were looking at us tensed ended up surprised by our reaction.


「What splendid horns you have young lady, it’s my first time seeing you around here. 」 – Receptionist

「Same to you, what splendid mustache you have, I could clearly see that it’s been taken with great care. Yes I have just arrived here yesterday. I am Misaki」 – Misaki

「I see. Thank you for the compliment, I take great pride in doing that after all. Excuse me for my rudeness I am Alistair Brinston, Receptionist and vice guild master of this guild. You can call me Al. Pleased to meet you Misaki」 – Receptionist

「Pleased to meet you too」 – Misaki

「And so, what brings you to our guild? Are you here to make a request? 」 – Al

「Ah, I came to register. I just finished my training uncer my mentor so I have set off to start my journey, and this place just happened to be my first destination. 」 – Misaki

「Registration is it, well for races like you I could set a default rank of at least rank C as I couldn’t offer any higher rank than that because it would require certain skills to be confirmed to reach that rank. Are you fine with that? 」 – Al

「Sure, I don’t mind. Thanks」 – Misaki


You might ask why Al offered me such a high rank from the start it was just as he said because of my race. In this world, adventurer ranks are mostly based on combat capability, and there have been no dragonoid in history to have low combat capability since they are basically dragons with human skin. You can’t just compare them to other races. There are a lot of very specialized races in this world that’s why the adventurer’s guild also research and prioritize ranking based on those.


How did I know about this? Well, Luina lectured about that after all. I didn’t only learn combat and magic techniques while I was training but also a lot of things in the world especially current events happening. It was very entertaining after all. That’s why I have at least some commonsense to how the world works. But well, that doesn’t apply to idiots…


Hearing Al’s recommendation, some people who just came in reacted to our conversation.


「Hey old man with a weird mustache, are you giving favors to this little girl?」 – Nobody

「What is it former mercenary, this has nothing to with you, why not go out and harvest some more grass. 」 – Al

「Haaah? I’m a former great mercenary, you know? Why must I continue those annoying quest and proceed to subjugation instead? And yet you favor this little girl, giving her a high rank? 」 – Nobody

「I don’t care what your former affiliation is or how good you are in that but this is what guild rules state. So follow it and continue your work. 」 – Al

「Grrrrr…」 – Nobody


Sigh, I knew it. Why must I also encounter such a template? All other adventurers seem to realize my status, but this idiot seems like he had some brain problems.


「Annoying, can’t you see I’m in the middle of a transaction」 – Misaki


I leaked out a bit of intimidation, and of course everyone on the guild reacted, other than the idiot in front of me.


「So, who are you and why did you interrupt our conversation?」 – Misaki

「Who am I? Haah? You didn’t hear about our troupe? The great bear hunters? And their great leader, Borgar Escandor」 – Nobody

「Pfft~~!!」 – Misaki

「Whah!! Why are you laughing!! Are trying to insult this great Borgar!? 」 – Borgar


Oh my god is this man serious… I’m barely controlling myself to not laugh out loud, but I couldn’t help it you know. I mean his name and actions were just too funny.


「Oi B*tch, why aren’t you showing your face!! Do you think this Borgar would just let you off!! 」 – Borgar


Annoyed by the man that continued to talk to me, I unveiled my hood showing my splendid pair of horns stuck on my head. There’s only a pair right now though since I’m currently limiting my Dragonic form as advised by Luina. I look more like a regular dragonoid with only better scales and horns.


「Gahaha, what’s with those horns. Are you pretending to be a demon or something? Do you think fug–」 – Borgar


The moment he tried to insult my horns, I quickly grabbed the man’s face and slowly squeezed it with my hand that was transformed a bit like a dragon’s hand since my normal hand won’t be able to clamp his face.


「Sorry about that, since your race is very rare, there some idiots who don’t even know about them especially those who were not adventurers. 」 – Al

「You don’t have to apologize for this person. So what should I do with this, thing? Squash him like a bug? 」 – Misaki

「*Aguh!, *uguh!, *awag!…」 – Borgar


The idiot Borgar struggled from my grip for a bit then finally became silent. It seems like he fainted.


「Well, you can just throw him out of the guild, though we don’t condone violence inside the guild, it was the man’s fault.」 – Al

「Is that fine? Well not that I care about it though. 」 – Misaki


Following Al’s suggestion, I dragged the man out of the guild and throw him at the side of the street to not become an inconvenience to anyone.


「Ew, there’s saliva and snot in my hand…」 – Misaki


I immediately washed my hands and returned back to the reception. The adventurers who were line behind me moved away when the trouble started, but let return to AL and lined up again behind me. It seems like they were just newbies so they didn’t want to be involved.


「Seriously, sorry about that. Anyway continuing, can you put some of your magic power on this place? 」 – Al

「It’s fine, that person was just an idiot. 」 – Misaki


I returned the hood to cover my head and then Al handed to me a small plate as big as a bank card. It was a black plate that seems to be made up of some kind of metal. When I use my unique skill to check, it seems like it’s a strange alloy of adamantanium and mithril, two metals that don’t usually fuse well. Though I am curious as to how this was made, it’s not really the time for that.


Following Al’s instructions, I let a bit of magic power flow into the place. It then changed color and my name was engraved on the plate. Now it completely looked like a bank card. What were also added was a pattern resembling dragon claws and a big C letter from the characters of this world in the top right corner of the card.


After confirming the contents, Al asked me to hand him back the card. He placed the card on some kind of plate holder and inserted it in a magic tool. After a few seconds, he took it out again and returned it to me along with a card holder.


「With this, you are now registered. Do you want an explanation about how adventurer’s work? 」 – Al

「No thanks, my mentor have already taught me about it…」 – Misaki

「Is that so, then you may take quests over the board near the door. They are separated by Rank so check the rank first before taking a quest. Do you still have anything else needed? 」 – Al

「Though I wanted to talk about the splendid mustache some more, that will be all for now, thanks」 – Misaki


After shaking our hands one more time, I left the counter. I never would have thought that I would encounter a Variant Day Walker working as a receptionist of the adventurer’s guild. Leaving aside the idiot, it seems like the guild is certainly an interesting place. He also did say that he was the Vice Guild Master. Well, Luina did say that the people of his race were quite peculiar, so I was not really surprised.


That man, the receptionist Al was a Vampire Daywalker and a very strong one at that. He kind of reminds me of that man from an anime where a kid offered an arm and a leg to revive their mom. I didn’t really understand what Luina meant by peculiar but I kind of get it now meeting one in person.


「Now then, what should I take for my first quest. Should I go with the collection path like usual, or maybe subjugation? 」 – Misaki


I head towards the request boards and checked the D and C Rank requests. There doesn’t seem to be anything interesting posted here, so I checked the other quests.


Still not able to decide on what quest to take, I moved back and forth on the request boards. A moment later, a different receptionist from Al went to the boards and posted a new request on the special area requests. This place is where they post requests with undetermined ranks r special cases which are usually open to all ranks. Curious as to what the quest was, I immediately checked it.


「This certainly is a strange request…」 – Misaki


What was written was “Help, our farm animals are disappearing but we didn’t find any monsters”. It was from a small village near a big forest close to here.


「It won’t take long for me to travel to that place so I might as well check it out since I am interested as to what it was」 – Misaki


And so, after taking off the request with me, I returned to Al’s counter.


Misaki’s Log, Journey Note:

It’s a new adventure!!! Now I will finally start my exploration of this world. I wonder what exciting things I would encounter.