Mobile Fortress Cozette

Mobile Fortress Lady Cozette ~The <slime user> sounds like the weakest job function, but if you have a problem with it, then I’ll beat you up with it~

移動要塞令嬢コゼット ~最弱職能に聞こえる<スライム使い>ですが、文句があるならこの手でねじ伏せてみせましょう~

idou yousai reijou Cozette ~sai jaku shokunou ni kikoeru < Slime Tamer> desuga , monku ga arunara kono te de nejifusetemisemashou ~

Mobile Fortress Lady Cozette

Slime Master Cozette




Author: muromura

Source: Syosetu




When Cozette turned five years old, she was given a job she had never heard of < Slime Master >

Slime is such a weak monster that it can be exterminated with little effort.

How can I contribute to the territory with this?

As Cozette sleeps, at a loss for words, she meets a woman named Chiyo in her dream.

According to Chiyo, Cozette is an evil person who disturbs the main character in the story.

In the end, Cozette is accused of lying about her profession and her entire house is destroyed.

Cozette made up her mind.

If she was going to be destroyed for pretending, she should not pretend. She should be able to master this unfamiliar profession. She had heard that she could use a sword and some magic. If you’re strong, you’re good.

Here was born the daughter of a mobile fortress who trampled everything that stood in her way and left nothing behind after her walk.

This is the story of Cozette, a lovely young girl who would later become infamous for her infamous names such as 「Princess of All Killers 」, 「 Demon Lady 」, 「 Dragon Slayer 」, 「 One Man Army 」, and 「 Head Collector 」.