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Chapter 2 Dream Room 2

TL: Yuki



「 The main character, Iris, is a baroness who has been given the job <Saint>. The <Saint> is a powerful power user that dispels evil spirits. The prince, curious about her abilities, approached her and found that Iris was a very good girl!! The prince, who is an egotistical prince, is melted by Iris’ honest and aggressive personality. You’re so cute! The prince has a fiancée named Cozette. And the prince has a fiancée named Cozette. Cozette doesn’t like the prince who neglected her, and of course she doesn’t like Iris, who suddenly appears and is interested in her just because of her profession.」


「 Huah, I’m the prince’ fiancée.……」


「 Well, you’ve been through a lot in this route.」


「 I’m sure I’ve been through a lot.」


The TV shows a woman with vivid hair and a cute impression. This is Iris-sama……. She is currently being pushed down the stairs by me, Cozette.


Iris-sama is apparently not very good at exercise, and she failed to pass the test. I don’t think I can live near this forest if I’m like that.


As for Cozette, she was seen by Iris. It seems too risky for the Countess of the Frontier to be at the scene of the crime, not to mention leaving obvious evidence. She is too careless. Isn’t there anyone under her command? I don’t think so.


「 It’s a common story!!」


「 Common……」


「 Is it so! It’s called a template 」


「 Tem……? Um, Chiyo-sama, can you see the future?」


We are talking about the future, right? Specifically, the place we are looking at now. So, is this a done deal?


Do you think I could be responsible for such poor criminal antics?


「 No, no, no! Although, I said the future for clarity’s sake, it’s not exactly the actual future. It’s a record of what I saw on the other world when I was alive! It’s called an anime!」


「 Heeh, Anime……」


「 Yup! It’s like a novel with moving pictures.」


Indeed, the people on TV are pictures. We can see at a glance that science is a tremendous force. I’ve never heard of moving pictures before.


「 All of those people were watching your love affair with each other with great amusement!!!」


「 Huh, well, love stories are everyone’s favorite, aren’t they?」


When the maids are at rest, the chatter is usually about love. It’s peaceful. It’s a good thing. It’s proof that House Izfield is working properly.


「 I’m not a big fan of love stories……」


If you want to talk about who has the most desirable muscle tone, I can join you. By the way, I’m in the father’s camp.


「 Cozette is like that! Well, she’s only five, so maybe she’s a little young.」


 Chiyo pecked me on my cheek.


「 So, on the other world, I watched this story and thought it was good and funny and Cozette was a bad person.」


「 You’re right, I don’t look like a very nice person.」


She is an evil woman who even tries to poison herself. How vicious. How short-sighted.


 Oh, I did it.


「 Cozette is a very good girl now!! Chu-chu-chu-chu-chu!!」


They drop a lot of kisses on me. Righ, I’m already used to it. This is the kind of person Chiyo-sama is. My cheeks feels a little hot, but I’m used to it.


「 I don’t know if this world existed so that stories could be told on the other side, or if stories could be told on the other side so that this world would exist. What I do know is that I was alive on the other world and Cozette is alive here.」


「 I’m alive, and living normally……」


「 Yeah. If we are in a story, there’s no way to know for sure. It’s easier to think of it as another world. It’s just a world that looks a lot like the story I was watching. Above all, Cozette is a very good girl. I can’t imagine that the Cozette of today would become the Cozette villainess.」


「 Well, certainly. I don’t think for a second that I’m going to be this Cozette.」


「 that’s right, good girl, good girl 」


 She hugs me and pets me.


「 By the way, my favorite butler is the one who follows Cozette around! He’s got a sharp tongue and is somewhat cool and collected!!」


The butler is certainly behind Cozette; he tries to interfere with Lady Iris under Cozette’s direction, but always comes up short at the last minute.


「 This slightly hesitant expression is the cutest thing ever.」


Chiyo-sama is eating her osembei with great vigor, and squinting at the butler on the TV.


 She says her stomach is churning.


「 The butler is also attracted to Iris. At first, he hides and interferes with Iris under the direction of Cozette, but as they come into contact with each other more and more, he begins to fall in love with her.」


「 I see, Iris is a nice person.」


「 Yeah, I guess so. She’s a good girl. After all, she’s the main protagonist!」


「 I see. It’s because she’s the main character 」


「 Well, she’s a girl who cares about others more than her boss who just says 『 Get out of the way!』 and throws everything at her in terms of planning, preparation and execution.」


「 Oh, yes. I understand that. My father also taught me that having incompetent superiors is a hardship and to be discerning when working under someone.」


「 That’s right. It’s a meaningful word. That’s so true! When you die, it’s over. You can’t eat your pride.」


「 Food is important.」


「 It’s important! Anyone who wastes food is going to hell! –Right?」


「 Y, Yes!」


 Chiyo-sama peeked at me with a scary smile.


The pressure of the stew is back. How terrible. I’ve always felt that Chiyo-sama has an extraordinary obsession with food.


I was reminded of this fact once again. I will try not to make the same mistake as much as possible. I vowed to myself.


Finally, Cozette on TV is condemned for her crimes, which include harassing Iris in various ways and eventually trying to kill her. Cozette’s crimes include harassing Lady Iris in various ways, trying to kill her, and causing chaos in the school. As for her home, she lied about her profession.


As for her profession, it seems that her father did something to it.


To lie about one’s profession is to disobey the teachings of the Church. It is also a betrayal of the country. A very, very big sin. You can no longer be a nobleman.


 Cozette is screaming.


She hated Iris, she hated the prince, she hated the country, she hated everything. She hated Iris, who was loved by everyone just because of her natural abilities; she hated the prince, who was born a prince and therefore could influence people’s lives and she hated the country that created him. She also hated the country that created the situation. And surely, she hated God for giving Cozette a job that she didn’t want.


She hated everything, everything that hadn’t been given to her, everything that Cozette wanted.


Oh, how self-absorbed she was. What a self-centered woman who only sees herself in the end.


This is evil. This is the kind of evil that is easy to understand.


Still, Iris is kind. She advises us to avoid mortal sin, and everyone follows her advice. She is a saint. She is a lady who can shed tears for the sake of others.


She is as unshakable as the statue of the goddess of love in the church.


I can’t help but feel a certain chill in the air.


Iris tries to pour out her love to others even when she is about to be killed. You could say she is superhuman. She seems to have a strong core, but in reality, she seems like a puppet with no blood in her veins.


 Cozette, who only looks out for herself and is selfish, is much more human.


「 I wonder if Iris-sama’s thoughts will reach Cozette.」


「 In the end, Cozette got it all wrong. Iris is just being nice. Iris is just a kind girl. She’s like a kind girl who just throws her kindness at you like sugar candy. It would have been fine if she was a person with a bit of leeway. But that wasn’t the case with Cozette. She was probably on the edge.」


「 That was so close……」


「 Maybe Cozette, who lied about her profession, had been carrying it with her all along. It was too much for her. She lied about her profession, but she tried her best to be something she was not. She became the prince’s fiancée and tried to be the future queen. From a young age, she had lost her patience and somehow managed to dress herself beautifully on the outside. But inside, she was a mess, distorted and tattered. I’m sure everyone was kind to Cozette. But no one understood Cozette. What she needed was understanding. That’s all she needed. It must have been hard for her. Maybe she did want love. Maybe she wanted to be loved, but even if it was provided, it was never received properly, because Cozette was blinded by her circumstances. And she never found it despite being so close to her.」




「 Perhaps Cozette didn’t love the prince as much as she thought she did. Maybe she thought that if she became the prince’s fiancée, maybe someone would see her for what she was. Not a talking accessory. A shallow, petty, unpleasant girl who always thinks only of herself. It’s hard to change someone like that. I’m sure there was no one who could have been there for her. Poor Cozette, the miserable girl who chose all the wrong things to do, even though the answers were right there.」


I closed my eyes and thought about it.


My father, my mother, my brothers, and the maids and butlers who work around me. Everyone is kind. Or more accurately, I found them to be kind.


Basically, the expressions on the faces of both father and mother do not change. But they do speak to me.


The same goes for my brothers. I’ve only been in contact with them for a very short time, but I can tell that they are watching me very carefully.


The people who work at the mansion are also willing to talk to me if I talk to them.


「……This Cozette couldn’t see what was going on around her.」


「 I suppose so. Poor Cozette, I thought she was such a jerk. Now that I’m here, I realize that Cozette is just a pitiful girl. A little mischievous girl who just wants to harm and maybe poison anyone she doesn’t like.」


「 I’m not so sure about that either.」


「 It makes no difference.」


 Chiyo-sama shrugs her shoulders.


In the end, the Cozette in the TV stared at Iris to the end, spat out her venom, and left the stage. If she had made a different choice there, there might have been a different future.


 At least, that’s what I couldn’t help but think.