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Chapter 3 Where are you from

TL: Yuki



「 Uuun……」


 When I open my eyes, I see the ceiling of my bedroom. It seems that I have woken up from my sleep.


 I look at my hands. I can’t feel anything wrong with my body.


 I can’t deny that my moment with Chiyo-sama was a dream. It is too strange to be a dream though, and the story is too far-fetched for my immature mind to comprehend.


 I’m sure that Chiyo-sama is still watching over me.




 Suddenly, I felt a weight on my stomach.


「 Eh?」


 Looking at it, I found a white translucent object resting on it. It is very plump. It’s round and soft, as if the bottom half of it has been crushed by its own weight.


 There’s no doubt about it. It’s a slime.


 It looks just like what I’ve read in books.


「 Eeh?」


 I’m terribly confused.


 Why? How? Where did it come from in the first place?


 The slime just shivers and seems to be looking at me, but it also seems to be looking anywhere but at me.


 But I can tell that it doesn’t mean any harm.


 The air becomes stiff for a while. Just as I observe the slime and do not know what to do. I feel as if the slime is also waiting to see what I will do.


 And then there is a knock at the door.


「 Excuse me Ojou-sama. Have you aw……!?」


 Maya, the maid who opened the door, froze, her eyes wide-open when she saw me.




「 Ojou-sama!? Enemy Attack!! Enemy Attack!!! Ojou-sama, hurry up and get over here.!!!」


 Ah, Maya. This is a perfect example of the Izfield family’s response to an enemy attack.


 You placed me before yourself. Excellent work.


 My family is in good hands.


 But that action is very bad right now. Even if you are a non-combatant maid, this slime will probably be destroyed by your attack.


「 Fuuuh 」


「 Ojou-sama!?」


 In a flash, I roll off the mattress, protecting the slime, and deliver a sharp kick to Maya’s feet.


 Maya loses her balance. She won’t get hurt as she just plunges into the bed.


「 Enemy Attack!!! Enemy Attack!!!」

「 Enemy Attack on Lady Cozette’s Room! This is not a drill! I repeat! This is not a drill!」


 All the bells in the building rang with a clang. I guess this is what it means to poke a hornets nest.


 What a lively morning.


 It makes me cry.


 Slime, it’s only because of one of you that we’re in this mess.


 You’re looking very puffy, aren’t you? Please reflect on this.


 Do you understand what I’m saying? In the meantime, I’m going to save your life……are you even alive? At any rate, you owe me your life. Please honor it.




 Anyway, let’s at least make sure the clothes I’m wearing are decent.


I opened my closet and put on my robe, and they are all here at the same time. There are clothes provided that I can quickly put on in case of an emergency. The Izfield family needs to be prepared to not panic anytime a stampede occurs.


「 Cozette!!」


 The sound of my father’s voice shook the room. My hearing creaks, but I persevere.


 In addition to my father, there is my mother, younger brother, and knights, but only my father, the head of the family, speaks.


 In the Izfield family, the head of the family is basically absolute, and if you disagree with his decision, you must have a good reason.


「 Good morning, Father.」


「 Mu, are you all right!」


「 Yes, I am safe. And there is no danger.」


「 I see, and that there is.」


「 Yes. I woke up to find this slime besides me. But, I don’t see any harm in it.」


The pressure from my father is gone. He seems to be observing the slime held in my arms.


「 It seems to have been with me the whole time I was asleep. If he had wanted to harm me, he would have had every opportunity to do so.」


「 Fumu……」


「 I’m still holding him, but it’s very quiet, and it doesn’t seem to be resisting.」


「 Sure, it looks that way. But it’s still a monster…… what kind of though?」


「 I don’t know.」


「 That is indeed still being questioned 」


He seems to be having trouble handling the situation.


That’s understandable. If it were a cat or a dog, he would be able to keep it away because of its fangs and claws. But this is a slime. How can a slime bring me harm anyway?


One of the characteristics of slime is that it can melt anything. However, that, too, is a very slow process. I don’t know how long it would take to eat and dissolve me alone, but it would take a whole day to do so at the very least.


There are even jokes about it, 「 Getting hit by a slime, and it dies.」. In other words, it’s never going to happen under normal circumstances.


 ……I can’t help but feel attached to it when it’s actually in my arms like this.


「 Give it to me for the time being. 」


「 Yes 」


 I hand the slime to my father.


 The slime then squirms on my father’s hands.


「 Do you understand a word I’m saying?」




「 Where did you come from?」




「 Did you came to see Cozette?」




「 It does respond. 」


They seem to have understood each other. As expected of my father.


「 I don’t know what it’s thinking, or if it can even think in the first place.」


 I guess it didn’t work after all.


 My father gives me the slime.


「 Try taming it.」


「 Tame……」


「 It is said that those who have the skill to make followers, such as monster users and beast masters, use the skill of 『 Taming 』 to form a master-servant relationship. If it’s this quiet, I’m sure he can be tamed.」


「 I see. Um, what should I do?」

「 I don’t really know it myself, but just try it 」


「 Haah!! Please speak to it, and then ask it to form a master-servant bond! If it understands this, the it will form a bond with you!」


One of the knights who stepped forward from behind answered.


「 Will Cozette’s health be affected or inconvenienced by the taming 」


「 No, I don’t think so sir! It is possible to break the master-servant relationship later if needed!」


「 Hmm, I see. Then, go ahead and try it.」


「 Hai 」


I look at the slime in my arms. As usual, I have no idea what it’s thinking. No, maybe it’s just that it’s not thinking at all.


「Um, would you like to form a contract with me?」


 The slime quivered as if to answer.


 At that moment, I felt something was connected with this slime.


 I understood in my mind that we had formed a master-slave relationship.


「 It’s done.」


「 Fumu, congratulations. It’s your first subordinate.」


My father applauded. Everyone else applauds as well following my father’s applause.


「 Thank you 」


I slowly lower my head.


「 So, what is this slime thinking?」


 When told so, I look at the slime again.




「 It probably doesn’t have anything in mind.」


「 Hou, I see 」


An awkward silence followed.


「 Anyway, if there’s no danger anymore, take down the alarm and return to full alert.」


「 Haah!!」


 At my father’s instruction, the knights step back. I can hear their footsteps slamming in the distance.


「 I’m sorry to have caused you so much trouble.」


I bow my head in apology.


「 It’s fine. It would have been a good emergency response exercise. Give them a word of encouragement later.」


「 Hai, I will do so 」


「 Cozette, do you want to do your morning workout as usual?」


「 I wish to do so.」


「 I see. Also, you should be the one to take care of that slime.」


「 Hai, ――Um, father. Mother, I would like to talk to you later.」


「 Is it important?」


「 Yes, for me 」


My father looks at my mother. She then nodded softly in agreement.


「……We’ll take some time after breakfast.」


「 Thank you very much 」