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Chapter 4 Meeting in the Office

TL: Yuki



I was in front of the office after finishing my morning workout (which was more like a light exercise) and breakfast.


 The Slime seems to be slow, so I basically carried it around with me. He’s very light, so it’s not too much trouble.


 It’s very quiet, and seems to be in a good mood, and its thoughts are also flowing towards me.


I Knock on the door of the office, and was granted permission for me to enter.


「 Please excuse my intrusion 」


「 Have a seat.」


「 Hai 」


Inside were my father, my mother, my younger brother, and my father’s attendant.


「 May I have these men present?」


「 Yes, that’s fine.」


I sat down on a sofa in the middle of the office and put Slime down beside me.


 My parents are on the other side.


 Edgar Izfield, sometimes referred to fondly as 『 The talking Ogre 』 He has muscles like steel, a stern face, and a beard around his mouth that is his charm point. His latest problem is that his sword gets broken too easily.


The beautiful woman with loose silver hair sitting beside him is my mother, Claudia Izfield, who’s every gesture is beautiful and cold. She likes to use ice magic, and is called the 『 Ice Rose 』 because of her perfect beauty and unchanging expression.


On the opposite side of the room is my younger brother, Henning Izfield, who is two years older than me and is highly respected by everyone for his strength with a sword and his ability to learn quickly. I’ve heard that he’s also beginning to show the ability to meet those expectations with ease. We don’t exchange much in the way of words. As for me, I don’t know how I should approach him. Perhaps that’s what they think of me. At least, I have never felt that they are ignoring me or being hostile to me.


Standing behind my father is my father’s butler, Anton Keller. He is the attendant of all attendants who assists his father to the fullest. He is said to follow my father even on the battlefield and support him with his bow during battle. He is a slender middle-aged man with an interesting monocle made of crystal.


The Slime is interested in the cookies. ……Does it want to eat?


「 Um, may I give the Slime a cookie?」


「 Hmm? No problem 」


「 Thank you very much 」


Even a single cookie is an asset to the Izfield family.


 If I were to take one, I would need permission from the head to give it to a newcomer who has joined the ranks of the family.


I took one of the cookies and put it…… in the seat beside me. The slime then slowly approached it.


「 Pueeeeeeiiii!!!」


The Slime’s thoughts? It was happy to have a cookie.


It’s no longer shaking, but rather bobbing. The movement shows that it was in a good mood.


「……So slimes can squeak 」


「 That sounds like a purr.」


「 Well, good. What’s the topic you want to tell us?」


「 Hai. It’s about my profession.」


 My father nodded slowly.


「 Keep going.」


「 Yes. I was given the title of <Slime Master> by the God of Professions. Yesterday, I was very upset about it. I had never heard of this profession, and I was confused. I didn’t thank the priest who told me about it, and I didn’t even listen to what he said. No matter how you look at it, it was not a complimentary attitude. I apologize for that.」


「……it’s fine. I was also in a state of confusion when you were called a Slime Master. I could barely give a donation and say thank you, but that was only because I was a little older and had more experience. I can’t imagine how I would have reacted if I had been given the job as a child. How about you two?」


 My father will look at my mother and brother.


「 I could have gone around freezing everything around me until I felt better.」


「……I might have locked myself in my room for a month or so.」


「 That’s right. I would have gone on a rampage, beating the Knights until they were crushed.」


Yes, these people would indeed.


If it were not for Chiyo-sama, I would probably be in a similar situation.


「 So, Cozette. What are you going to do?」


「 I would like to learn about it 」


「 Learn about it……」


「 Yes, I do. I don’t know anything about using Slimes even though I’m a <Slime Master>. What can I do with it, and what is a Slime? I want to try to find out.」


「 But, it’s just a Slime, right 」


 A bit of pressure was applied from my father.


 I straighten my back and take the pressure from my father head on.


 I am now being tested. What kind of words will I speak, what kind of thoughts have I reached?


 What is my answer as a child of the Izfield family?


「 Thankfully, I was given the ability to use Slimes by the God of Professions. I think it would be too disrespectful to the gods to dismiss this as a waste of time.」


「 Mm……」


「 Slimes is a monster that can be found anywhere. And even I know that they eat everything. I’m sure there are records of experiments and attempts to somehow utilize this in the past. I might be able to find out something. I think it’s never too late to try out different professions.」


「 Fumu……Anton, what do you think?」


「 As far as I can remember, there have been two proposals and experiments in our territory regarding that. I’m sure if you inquire at Kingdom’s Capital or the Academy, they will have more information.」


「 If the test had failed due to Slime’s loss of control, I think there is a chance that my Slime could have succeeded in that attempt.」


 Slime bends and stretches in time with my hands. The cookie inside it is still slowly being digested, and it’s head… head? continues to bob. 


「 Pueeeeeiii!!」


「……Hmm. That indeed makes sense. Anton, what do you think?」


「 Ha! If we can communicate with Slime, I’m sure there’s some use for it.」


「 All right, if Cozette wants to use Slime and contribute to the territory, we’ll do our best to help.」


「 Then!!」


 I couldn’t help but stand up, even though it was a little disappointing.


「 Wait. We know that Cozette has been working hard. We have heard that she never misses a day of training, that she learns well, and that she studies hard. Whenever we hear about her achievements, we are always happy to see that she is our child.」


「……thank you very much 」


 I can’t believe that my father thought so much of me!


 I struggled to keep the edges of my mouth from forming a grin.


「 But the people outside don’t know about your efforts and achievements. There will be an unveiling soon, but you will undoubtedly be watched with curiosity. Without results, you will not only be unable to contribute to the Izfield clan, but you will also be unable to marry outside the clan, have no allies, and be swarmed by a bunch of loudmouth monkeys who will likely use you as a toy.」


「 I am prepared for this. If I am of no use to you, then let me be just Cozette and be an adventurer!」


「 For a noble to live as a free man would be like committing suicide, are you sure about this?」


「 I know it’s not something I can do half-heartedly. I just have to get used to it gradually. I am prepared to sleep on the floor, to crawl into a hole while dripping with feces and urine, and to kill people. Worst of all, I’m ready to eat my own arm to survive.」


I show a small curtesy as I said so.


「 I don’t have a choice, do I?」


「 None.」


 My father nodded slowly.


「……Well said. You are truly a daughter of the House of Izfield.」


「 Thank you very much, father 」


 Apparently, they were satisfied.


「 But as insignificant as they are, I still can’t stand the idea of you and the Izfield family name being the subject of strange conversations. They have a better nose for other people’s food than a dog. While we are collecting magic stones in the middle of goblin stench, they are eating sweets and drinking tea, talking about things that are neither poisonous nor medicinal, and trying their best to fit them into their big, ugly bellies. The goblins, who are still struggling to survive, are purer creatures compared to them. From their stinking mouths, Cozette, I can’t stand the sound of your name, Izfield, being spun as a squeal.」


「 Just let them say it. I don’t care.」


 The pressure on my father is growing.


「 I can’t take it!」


 The scenery behind my father’s back begins to distort with so much from the intense pressure.


「 Dear, please calm down」


「 Muh 」


 The pressure fizzles out. Mother and Anton seemed to be fine, but I was still in a bit of discomfort.


 I exhaled softly, and so did my brother.


 I smiled a little, and the other party smiled back gently.


「 For those people, you can give out trophies made from goblin heads as souvenirs. If you like, I can make them for you. Please let me know the names of those people later. Let’s put name tags on each of them carefully. As for the title, yes. How about 『 Reflection 』?」


He smiled like an evil person from the thought.


「 Fuha! that is indeed a funny way to do it. 」


My father laughed, as if he was imagining that I was a good girl.


「 But don’t. It’s a waste of medicine. It’s a waste of time, effort, and everything else. Above all, it’s a waste of the carriage space carrying the trophies.」


「 Indeed. What a waste.」


It is not in our families policy to do wasteful things.


「 And again, I don’t want to please them for nothing. It is unpleasant. If they want to insult my family, I’ll leave it at that, but I can’t stand it when they point and laugh at my child. You will not be leaving as 『 Cozette 』. You will be an apprentice to a local merchant. Think of a new name if that time did ever come.」


「 Yes. I will abide by my father’s decision.」


 I nodded slowly. My father nodded in satisfaction. It is true that the status of 「 Cozette 」 may not be a hindrance in the territory, but it can be a hindrance when outside.


It seems very convenient for me to live as another person.


「 Is there anything else?」


「 I would like to hear from people who use Tame. I would also like to hear about Slimes from people who actually enter the Demon Forest often. If you have any interesting stories about Slimes, please share them with me.」


「 Hmm, let’s recruit knights and adventurers. I’ll send the maids and stewards to deal with the citizens. What else?」


「 Ummm…… can’t think of anything else at the moment 」


「 So, it is. What do you two think?」


「 Just a word from me.」


「 Hmmm 」


 My mother’s light blue eyes, as clear as ice, pierce through me.


「 Well done on your decision, Cozette. I hope you will be rewarded for it.」


 A small, truly small smile was received from my mother.


「 Yes. I’ll do my best.」


 I feel very happy and proud of myself.


「 That seems to be all? –All right, Cozette, I have an assignment for you. By the time you enter the academy, you must use your abilities to become a force to be reckoned with, and show that you are worthy of being a member of House Izfield. Take this as a souvenir and show the prestige of Izfield to the royal capital.」


「 I respectfully accept your offer.」


「 Mmm. You may go now.」


「 Hai. Please excuse me.」


 I pick up the still wobbly Slime and left the room.


My father has given me his utmost consideration. –I have to work even harder from now on.