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Chapter 5 Love that may have not been realized

TL: Yuki



The members of the Izfield family watched Cozette leave.


Edgar, the head of the family, reflected briefly on what had just been said and nodded once to twice.


「 What did everyone think?」


「――may I?」


Henning looks at Edgar. He is quiet and not very active, but he is smart and thoughtful, and everyone expects a lot from him.


「 You may speak 」


For a moment, Henning closes his eyes as if searching for the right words.


「 Isn’t Cozette such an angel?」


 Yes, he says that with a terribly serious face.


 This child, at the age of seven, has a little too much love for his sister.


「 Fumu……」


 Edgar nodded several times.


 It is the duty of parents to educate their children. He have no choice but to give him a firm warning.


 Edgar’s wrinkles deepened, and his face, which was always stern, became even harsher.


「 You think so, too?」


 If children resemble their parents, then parents were what the children follow.


「 What are you people talking about?」


 Claudia looks at them both with cold eyes.


 A mother is strong.


 It is the woman’s duty to control the house in the proper way.


「 Cozette had always been an angel since she was born.」


It was all in vein.


 Incidentally, the Izfield family’s eldest son, who is not here, is also not good. In fact, he is so bad that he is being kept away from us.


 I’m sure he’s probably busy killing monsters in the Demon Forest to satisfy his craving.


「 As expected of my wife 」


「 As expected of mother 」


 Claudia proudly snorts at the applause.


 Anton takes a step back and observes them.


Anton does not think that Cozette is an angel. He thinks she’s no ordinary child. However, he has been in the service of the head of the Izfield family for a long time now, a family that has its own quirks, or rather, 100% full of quirks.


It is part of a butler’s job to read the atmosphere.


 Besides, the family just loves their daughter. There’s probably nothing wrong with that.


 Anton started to count the birds flying outside the window, thinking that it would take a while for them to settle down.


「 I’ve been thinking for a while that Cozette apparently has something going on with her.」


「 I see 」




 Claudia nodded at Edgar’s words and Henning nodded in agreement.


「 She once threw a tantrum when stew was served for dinner.」


「 Yes, there was that time.」


 Henning nodded.


 Well, everyone has tantrums when they don’t like the food, it’s a child’s privilege. Edgar thought it was just a little mischievous behavior of a cute little girl.


 When Edgar was a child, he had been a literal troublemaker, destroying everything in sight when he didn’t like the food or his studies.


Eventually, he became too violent, and Edgar’s father beat him to a pulp and forcibly corrected him, and this is him now.


「 She came to my office that day, terrified saying  Is it bad that I wasted the stew?』」


「 I see…… That’s quite a profound question.」


Henning sinks in thought.


「 Of course it’s wrong to waste food. No soldier wastes his own supplies. But not only that, if our Izfield family simply throws away the food we are served, we are wasting our own work.」


The job of House Izfield is to run the estate. And the role of this territory is to keep the people safe from the dangers that come from the evil forest.


The management of a territory is a matter of constant calculation. If you make even one mistake, the monsters will devour your guts. This is the reality of Izfield territory.


Edgar is a bit biased towards military power, but he still accepts his responsibility and is concerned about the future of the territory as its Lord.


「 Even a single ingredient needed for cooking requires time to make. The more time and effort it takes to cook an ingredient, the more of a burden it is on the people. If we can afford to be extravagant, it means that our territory is functioning properly, and we can afford to be extravagant.」


「 Hmm. I’m amazed Henning came up with that idea at his age. Well, you can also have all the luxury you want when you line your pockets and squeeze the taxpayers out of them……」


「 You’re joking, right? It is our duty as nobles to serve the people. If we do that, our territory will immediately collapse and we will not be able to survive.」


 Henning is surprised and Edgar simply shrugs his shoulders.


「 Apparently, we are considered as countryside nobles. In other territories, they say that the nobles, have an abundance of delicious food and decorate every room with gold.」


「 I’m surprised that they are still alive.」


 If they did that in this territory, they would have their heads cut off at once.


 The adventurers, knights, and other combatants who are constantly battling demons are the most experienced and powerful people in the world. All they need is money, security, and satisfaction to keep their heads down. The members of the Izfield family know this very well.


 As a child of such a family, it was impossible for Henning to even think about squeezing as much as he could out of his people.


「 I brought the ingredients for the stew in front of Cozette and told her about the time and effort it would take to grow each one. She is a smart girl. She understood immediately and looked pale.」


「 I see, that’s why they served stew again, and I remember that Cozette ate very carefully and slowly.」


「 I don’t know if it was a thank you, an apology, or a prayer, but she seemed normal afterwards, so I guess she was forgiven. I believe that something that adheres to……Cozette is not a bad thing. I believe that it is a guiding factor.」


 Although, she was eating a lot of rice crackers.


「 Did she thought that neither father nor mother is worried?」


「 Of course, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.」


「 Mother……」


 After all, they are parents. It’s unsettling to have an unknown presence attached to their daughter.


 Claudia has a reputation for being cold as ice, but her feelings for her daughter are very warm.


「 However, if I were to get too close, my emotions would get the better of me and I would end up freezing the surroundings……」


「 Mother……」


This mother however is a bit too clumsy.


「 It is the same with me. I can’t even hold her properly 」


 This one is also a piece of work.


 The other day, when he picked her up to go to church, he just put Cozette on top of arms. His muscles were so tense that he had suffered from muscle pain for the first time in years afterwards.


「 You too, Father……」


「 If you are a man, you can beat them up. If they misbehave, you can correct them somewhat by throwing them down from the second floor. But when it comes to women, you never know. The thought of touching her is enough to make me think that she might die. The only women I’ve had any real contact with are my mother and my wife.」


 Edgar’s words made Claudia’s cheeks turn red. It’s a passionate thing. The day when the fourth child will be born will be soon.


「 As a father, it was quite shameful, but my daughter seemed to trust his presence. I can’t find anything particularly wrong with the guidance. I think I’ll leave it to them.」


「 Haaah, well, if that what Father thinks then it should be fine 」


 From Henning’s point of view, if it’s not a bad thing, he doesn’t have to interject his opinion.


「 Well, that’s about it for Cozette. I’m glad she’s growing up so well.」


「 Yes, I was also surprised to see how much my sister has grown.」


「 Hmm. If you’re not careful, you’ll also lose your position as the next head of the family.」


「……The next head of the family will be my brother, right?」


「 He can’t be the head of the family. He’ll be giving it to Cozette the moment he takes the title.」


Henning, who could have easily imagined this, made a resigned face.


「 Well, I don’t really care who it is that takes the reins. I don’t care who’s at the head, as long as Izfield territory continues.」


「 haah!!」


The only thing that is required of the Izfield family is competence. The one who is recognized by those around them as the one who can best contribute to and lead the territory becomes the head of the family. In this way, the house has always been feared for its strength, for its blood, and for the fact that each one of its members has been able to do a great job.


「 By the way, did anyone else notice the slime in Cozette’s bedroom?」


「……no I don’t think anyone did 」


Anton replies with a bow of his head in apology. 


「 Hmm. Where’d it come from?」


「 I’m sorry, but we have no idea.」


「 You think it just came out of thin air?」


「 Is that even possible 」


「……It’s not a funny story though 」


「 Indeed so 」


It is the safest house in the territory. Surrounded by the city on all sides, there are outer walls around the mansion as well as around the city. How did a mere slime get into the house and then into her bedroom?


「 We need more security. If you spot slime, leave it to ……Cozette. Catch it and put it in a barrel or something.」


「 I think that’s a good idea.」


In the end, there was no answer. Edgar came to the conclusion that since his daughter was going to deal with the slime, he would have to leave it to her.