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Chapter 7 Results

TL: Yuki



「 Congratulations on your parents’ approval, Cozette-chan!!」


「 Eh? Ah, yes, thank you.」


I found myself in a white room, being held by Chiyo-sama. Same as before, there is a kotatsu and a TV. I guess you could say that when I go to sleep, I come here.


「 You’ve passed the first barrier! In fact, if you say anything half-hearted there, you could have ended up banned for life, no questions asked!」


「Well, yes, we can’t tarnish the Izfield name. Without the ability to live out there,『Cozette』 will be treated as if she doesn’t exist.」


「 I can’t believe you were able to start thinking about your household at that age! You’ve been practicing hard, so you don’t have any problems there.」


I get petted a lot. It makes me feel weird.


「 I’m not doing anything. I’m just doing what I think is necessary.……」


「 Most people can’t do that! Cozette-chan is awesome! Great! So cute! *Chu, *chu!」


「 Th, thank you very much.」


 I was hugged and kissed on the head. Any more words would make it worse, so I wait for the rest of the storm to pass.


 It’s okay to be petted and hugged, but it’s a little, indeed, embarrassing to be kissed on the mouth, or to have a hand reach for your thigh from time to time. [TL NOTE: FBI!!!!]


But for some reason, I can’t bring myself to ask her to stop. 


「 It’s a good start to have a slime under your command right from the start. I’m sure we can try a lot of things!」


「 Yes. I’m sure we’ll have a chance to gather materials and hear from you in the next few days.」


「 It’s going well. You’re a nobleman. If this had been a commoner doing this, it would’ve been taken away immediately.」


「 Indeed, it might.」


I don’t know about what the results will be, but it will take a lot of trial and error to learn about this profession in the future. I can foresee that it will cost quite a bit of money.


「 I guess I should try to find something to finance it first.」


「 Hmmm, the sooner, the better, but given the money the Frontier Count has, I don’t think it’s anything to sneeze at.」


「 That’s true, too. And it also means that I’m going to be getting more. I can also just decrease the number of dresses they make for me.」


There are many other areas where we can cut back, such as socializing and buying luxury items.


The nobility spends money to create a good economy, and it is also important to spend money on the territory.


「 Eh~~!! Cozette-chan, you’re going to have less variety in your clothes~?」


「 Can’t I?」


「 Not that you can’t. I just want to see all kinds of cute clothes on Cozette-chan~」


「……Um, please stop rubbing my belly.」


「 But it’s very soft and comfortable.」


「 Please stop doing that.」


「 Oh, now you are more like a lady!!」


「 I am a young Lady!!」


 Chiyo-sama is a little too playful!



「 Speaking of which, how did that slime get into my bedroom?」


「 Hmmm. I don’t know, either. Why don’t we ask it? It’s not a person, though. Alright 」


「 Eh?」


Chiyo-sama places a strange object on the kotatsu.


The white, plump, round shape. There’s no doubt about it. It’s a slime.


「 cookies……」


「 It talked!!」


「 Yes. Today it’s chocolate chips 」


Chiyo inserts the cookies.


「 Puuueeeeiiiiiii!!!!」


 This was a wild ride. I’m sure of it. This seems to be the slime that has come under my control.


「 Well, um, why is there a slime here? And, it can talk?」


「 Well, it popped up here when Cozette-chan made a contract with the slime. Also, it’s probably because it was in this subconscious space that it was able to talk. 」


「 This space?」


「 Think about it, I’m a Japanese who was on Earth, and I probably speak a different language and have a different language script than Cozette-chan. But I can communicate normally. 」


「……Indeed. 」


The conversation was so natural that I didn’t even pay attention to it. 


「 The reason why it is here is because of the influence of the ……< Slime Master >. The slime and Cozette-chan have a connection, and as a result, so it’s here inside Cozette-chan?」


「 I see. So this situation is quite unique.」


 Chiyo-san nodded her head in agreement.


「 Come to think of it, we might be the first people to have a direct conversation with a slime. I don’t know if that’s a great feat or not, though.」


「 Ye, yes. That’s right. Well then, slime. How did you get into my bedroom?」


「 Strong power, wanted to gain 」




「……I agree, it’s in our instinct as a species to seek power. No, not that, I mean, how did you get into the bedroom? 」


「 Seeking power, grow strong, more power 」


「 Don’t do that. I’m not giving you any more cookies.」


「 Entered through a crack.」


「 I see 」


The slime immediately broke and answered because of Chiyo-sama’s words. Cookies are strong.


「 You can eat as much as you like, Cozette-chan. Here’s for you 」


「 Ah, yes. Thank you very much.」


It’s so close to my mouth that I have a half-conditional reflex to take a bite of the cookie.


「~~!! Delicious! This is the same chocolate you gave me before, isn’t it!?」


「 That’s right~. It’s a calorie bomb, full of sugar and butter.~」


The intense flavor of chocolate fills my mouth, along with the sweet aroma and smell of wheat. This is really good.


I can understand why the slime broke and answered properly. I don’t know about the calorie bomb thing, but it is indeed one that lives up to its powerful sound name.



「 So slime can easily get in through the cracks.」


「 So It was like that. If you use it well, it could certainly become a strong asset.」


「 Strong?  Strong?」


「 I’m looking forward to the future.」


「 A promising future!!」


「 That’s a difficult thing to say. How can a slime be so smart?」


「 Stronger than ever, will become stronger than ever 」


「……Is it because I’ve been using you?」


「 Gather more, become stronger, potential force. Very good, really good, will become stronger 」


「 Well, I guess it’s got potential. You were the villainous daughter of the main protagonist, after all.」


「 Is that how it is?」


「 Well, your parents seem to be great, and you’re a pretty good negotiator, right?」


「 I see. By gathering friends, do you mean that the more slimes you gather, the stronger they become?」


「 Ah, I might be able to give you an answer on that.」


「 Eh? Chiyo-sama will?」


Suddenly, letters made of light danced in front of us.




Pure Slime


Experience value: 5


< All as one >< Absorption lv1 >< Extraction lv1 >< Movement lv1 >< Stock lv1 >


Stock: 0




「 This is? What is it 」


「 The cheat ability usually given by gods to a reincarnated person 『 Status 』!!!」