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Chapter 8 Results 2

TL: Yuki



「 I’ve always thought the world was a bit like a game, with all the job skills and such. I didn’t know it was a status. It makes my gamer blood boil! 」


「 Ha, haah 」


「 Cozette got a job title, right?」


「 Yes, I got < Slime Master >.」


「 So I got one, too……probably.」


「 Probably?」


I don’t know about the “Probably?” Chiyo-sama  answered then looks away awkwardly.


「 It can’t be helped. You don’t have any way to verify your own abilities, after all. I can do it, so let’s see what can it do?」


「 Haah, well, but…」


「 If I had to name it, I’d say it’s like < Analysis >. It’s the ability to know everything there is to know about Cozette! So, here it is.」


「 Pure Slime is the name, or rather the type, of this slime. The rest is kind of a skill, isn’t it? After all, it was definitely extraction that made the weed balls, right?」


「 This is the one that Cozette-chan was experimenting with. I’m not quite sure where to go from here, but there’s some interesting stuff in there.」




Pure Slime


Experience: 5


< All as One >< Absorption lv1 >< Extraction lv1 >< Movement lv1 >< Stock lv1 >


Stock: 0




< All as One >


There is no individual in any of us. There is no one, there is no self. There is only us. Everything is us, and everything will be us.


< Absorption >


You have a chance to learn the skills of the target you digested. Also affects digestion.


< Extraction >


It consumes magic power and decomposes the objects it takes into its body into their elements and transforms them into products. As your level increases, the number of elements you can target increases, the speed of creation increases, and the amount of magic power consumed decreases.


< Movement >


Affects movement speed. As your level increases, you will be able to respond to changes in ground conditions.


< Stock >


It takes in its own kind and makes them “stock”. Each time the stock is increased, all stats are increased. The stock can be dissolved and split at any time. The maximum number of stocks will change depending on your level.


「 Nu?」


「 Eh, just looking at the description, <Stock> is interesting. But it’s amazing. I didn’t know you could see so much detail.」


「 Fufum!」


「 Gather friends, Gain Power, More Power.」


「 Yes, indeed, some of your kind will probably be here tomorrow. Let’s try them out right away.」


「 Whoaaaaa 」


The slime looks so happy.


That primal greed for power. This is what living things are supposed to be like. Perhaps there is something we should learn from them.


「 What is this < All as One > thing? I’m sorry, but that’s a very complicated explanation. 」


「 There are no levels, and I wonder if it’s something specific to slimes, or specific to slimes under Cozette-chan’s control, or something along those lines. It could also be thought of that all slimes share a lot of things.」


「 Really?」


「 All of us, Slime. This…, that…, Slime. That…, This…, Slime.」






「 Power! Our Power!!」


「 Well, isn’t that a bit of a stretch, to say the least?」


 I feel a fundamental danger to its life.


「 That sounds more dangerous than I expected.」


「 Safety! Will be safe! But not necessary!」


「 I can’t trust you for that!?」


 Chiyo repeatedly chops at the slime.


「 Well, we can only use the slime to our advantage. At best, you have to control it effectively.」


「 You have a lot of guts, Cozette-chan, and I like that about you.」


「 Ah, thank you so much.」


「 Strength, knowledge, becoming a master. Be strong. All things are possible 」


「……is that so?」


「 Do you understand?」


Chiyo-sama squints her eyes as she pokes at the slime.


「 In our world, there is a moving water-like organism called slime mold. Maybe they exist in this world too. Maybe there is slime instead of fungus. It’s a collection of small creatures that come together to make one big creature. Maybe it’s the same with slime.」


「 Huh. Unbelievable.」


No matter how you look at it, the slime in front of you is a single individual. However, when you look at the description of the slime’s abilities and skills, some of them make sense.


「 When you think about it, it makes sense that the more slime you have, the stronger you become. Maybe it means that our ability to think increases. And maybe that power will be returned to Cozette-chan. I don’t know the logic behind it, but it’s a Fantasy World, and what’s more is that……. the slime’s in a master-slave relationship with Cozette-chan, so your orders would be absolute?」


「 Master, absolute. With Master, will become stronger.」


「 Hmm. So you’re saying that Cozette-chan’s influence is boosting your thinking ability right now? And there’s nothing the slime can do that would allow it to take over.」


「 Right!!」


 The slime dexterously makes a circle with its own body.


「……as expected, it was because of Cozette-chan 」


「 What’s the matter?」


「 This one is getting some of his influence from you!」


「 Is that bad?」


Chiyo-sama glared at the slime with a terribly serious face.


「 I don’t know. I can’t say that there is no danger……. Just like me and Cozette-chan is connected, you and this slime is also linked. Maybe this slime’s high thinking ability is borrowed from the minds of Cozette-chan and me.」


「 Right!」


「 But how……」


The slime that has been by my side all day, or rather is still sleeping with me, is starting to look like something scary.


「 Master Absolute!  Won’t do anything rude to master 」


 The slime appealed desperately.


「 Are you sure?」


「 Will put life on the line 」


「 If you betray Cozette-chan, I won’t give you any more cookies.」


「 Will not Betray!」


It’s very versatile, those cookies.


「 Well, you’re all I’ve got. I will do my best not to give up on you at all. Please don’t let me down either.」


「 Won’t be bad!!」



「 As a gamer, I’m also interested in this 『 Experience 』.」


「 What is that?」


 It looks like there are currently five now.


「 Because it’s experience? It’s a standard practice to accumulate it to get stronger.」


「 That’s something great.」


「 There are no levels in the world of Cozette-chan.」


「 There are levels in terms of skill strength, though. It is also only a measure of proficiency. The only way to become stronger is through training. This is the first time I’ve seen the term experience value.」


The only way to get an idea of how strong you have become is to have the church look at you.


It is also just a simple guide, because high skill level does not simply = strength.


「 Fumu, as expected 」


「 Strength, power up. Master choose 」


The slime bends and stretches.


「 Do you want me to choose?」


「 Master, Slime Master. Master Leader of Slimes 」


What should I choose.


「 Could it be that Cozette-chan can choose the skills to make this absorption or extraction stronger?」


「 Will become strong!!」


「 Hmmm…… You save up experience to make your skills stronger. How do you accumulate experience?」


「 Living!!」


 I see. To live is to have that much power, isn’t it?


「 That’s deep.」


「 Is that so?」


Chiyo-sama nodded her head.


「 It’s life or death in this world. It would be a miracle for a slime to normally survive.」


「 Perhaps that’s true. Maybe we should improve your skills related to what you need to live?」


「 Good Choice 」


「 Then it would be < absorption >. I feel the word “experience” is most relevant in the sense of “power”. 」


And it seems that you can gain skills through < absorption >. It would be a very useful skill. The probability is unknown, though.


I can carry it with me if I want to. The stock will probably be put off until the limit is reached. I have no complaints about the extraction as I saw it today.


Then, by process of elimination, the ability that is currently lacking would be absorption. I don’t know how much this can be improved to become visibly useful, but it is worth improving.


「 I think this is fine.」


「 Then, slime, please increase your  < absorption >.」


「 Whooooaaaa 」


The slime is shivering.


The characters of light moved, the experience value became 0, and < absorption lv3 >.


「 Hmmm… 2 experience consumed for lvl 2 and 3 for lvl 3. I wonder if you consume the same amount of experience as your level. That would also make me wonder what the highest level is.」


「 It looks like there’s quite a lot if it’s like this.」


「 Let’s hope it’s not a thousand.」


「 That’s a horrifying story.」


Anyway, we now have a goal that is easy to understand. Even if we don’t achieve any tangible results, we now have a guideline for our actions to improve our slime skills.


I can say that today has been very meaningful.




Pure Slime


Experience: 0


< All as one >< Absorption lv3 >< Extraction lv1 >< Movement lv1 >< Stock lv1 >


Stock: 0