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Chapter 9 I’m flying!

TL: Yuki



I got up in the morning and headed to the field before going to training. The gardeners are at work, and there is a small pile of weeds that have been pulled out, currently in progress.


「 Young lady, those are the weeds you mentioned. 」


The gardener I talked to yesterday wipes off his sweat and informs me.


「 Okay. Is this the amount you get every day? 」


「 It just depends on the time of year. And it’s not every day. It’s more like every few days. Even so, I’m sure they’ll be collected from all over the residence, so it’ll be quite a lot. 」


「 I understand. It depends on the slime’s processing ability, but if it’s possible, the slime may be able to process garbage other than weeds. 」


「 That’s a good thing. It will make everyone happy. And those balls, they seem to be nutritious. 」


「 Is it possible to tell in just a day of testing? 」


I don’t expect to see immediate results when I sow the field, such as whether those weed balls are nutritious or not.


「 Well, there was a guy who was a < Farmer > who licked the water that dissolved the balls and said it looked good. 」


「 I see, he’s quite the courageous person…… 」


「 Well, if it’s just a weed here, it won’t be too poisonous. 」


「 Well, I’m sure it is. Please report back if you have an upset stomach. I’d like to experiment just in case, so I’d like to limit the number of fields we use. 」


「 Yeah, we’re talking about trying it out in a few different locations. 」


「 Will you try it without weed balls, less, normal, or a lot? 」


「 I was thinking of doing that. 」


「 Let those who can read and write record it. 」


「 I got it. Also, there’s slime in the barrel by the weed pile. It looks like several of them has been caught. 」


It looks like the weed ball has found its use for now.


I thanked the gardener and looked into the barrel.


It contains six green slimes. I guess it feels like I was trying really hard to melt the barrel.


The surface of the barrel is clean. What a sad ability to digest.


As soon as I showed my face, it just stopped activity.




「 What should I do? Can I just tame it? 」


There’s an atmosphere of affirmation from the slime I’m holding.


「 Would you like to be my subordinate? 」


 < All as One > is probably use used to show hierarchy among them.


There is a sense of connection between the slimes and me.


「 Nn…… 」


I feel a little dizzy. I seem to have become dizzy from the sensation of multiple thoughts coming to me at once.


Maybe it’s because I’m not used to taming yet.


「 *Piiiiii 」


The slime you hold shivers and trembles. When I put it in the barrel, the slimes mix together and eventually become only one.


The color is not green, but white.


「 Is this what you call < Stock >? 」


The affirmation has been returned. The dizziness I felt earlier is gone, and I’m in a state where I can only recognize one slime here.


I guess you could say that they literally became one.


「 Is it possible to split up? 」


「 *Puiee 」


「 No, Why? Can’t split up anymore? You can do it, but not now? Will it take long? Preparing? ……Hmm, you mean we need to prepare for a while as a unit? 」


 Apparently, when it takes in other Slimes, it needs to be prepared to split up.


It’s not an emergency right now, so that’s not a problem.


「 Will it change anything? 」


「 *Puueeeeeiiii!! 」


 The Slime jumps on the spot. 


Wait, Jump!?


「 It Flew!? 」


 What a surprise! The slime that could only move by crawling until now……it’s jumping!!


「 I’m not sure if it’s athletic enough to get out of the barrel, though. 」


「 Pueeeiii…… 」


Well, it’s only the power of seven slimes, right? I guess that’s about right.


When I say jump, I mean it’s only half as high as the slime.


The bouncing is cute, though.


I pick it up and set it down on the weeds.


「 Can I get experience with < Digestion > 」


「 Pueii!! 」


「 I’m counting on you. Now please make weed balls by extraction while digesting. Please put the weed balls together in this tub. 」


At this rate, it will be able to move faster and there will be no more issues. I observe the slime for a while as it begins to take in the weeds.


I can see bubbles on the surface of the weeds. Digestion, which I spent my experience on, must have been enhanced by Stock.


 I guess I’ll have to raise the level of < Digestion > for a while.


「 When all the weeds have been dealt with, leave them there and move in a circle. 」


「 Pueeeiii!! 」


This will probably help gain experience in < Movement > even if I leave it alone.


In the meantime, I’ll head to my training.