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Chapter 10 It looks like it’s still being prepared.

TL: Yuki



Combat training has been added to the morning workouts.


It seems that my priority in battle has been raised by one level since I showed my readiness to abandon my nobility.


I’m treated as sickly from the outside of our domain, and it’s a form of extra time that I can use for socializing in the future. I guess they want to put as much time for me as possible.


However, it’s still like a game where you follow a pattern.


The rest of the time, I was thrown around as a passive practice.


I was thinking that making one wrong move could result in serious injury.


I’m still a noblewoman, you know?


It is a rare experience to be launched up two stories high and be waved at eye to eye with the maids in the building.


There’s a big commotion over a slime attack, but they don’t seem to have a problem with me floating in the air. I have mixed feelings about this.


Well, I worked it out. It was worth the effort of working out all the time.



Now it is time to get back on track and on the slime. There is a decent amount of weed balls in the tub.


It’s been about six hours since I instructed it to process, and now it seems to have finished processing, so now it’s just moving in circles.


It seems that the effects of the stock are beginning to show. The processing speed has definitely increased.


Round and round and round.

This hard work is somehow comforting to look at.


 You’re so good at enduring stuff, aren’t you?


They are still doing it despite looking useless? Wouldn’t it be nice if it could give me some kind of response at least?


 ……I was given some sort of cheering sign instead.


 It’s okay. It was my own decision.


「 Can you still not split up? Is that so 」


 It takes quite a bit of time. How long does it take to get it to split? We need to know at least a rough estimate.


Aren’t you tired?


It seems that there is no sign of fatigue. After all, slimes don’t seem to get burned out.


 Now it’s time to see if it can sleep.


In order to confirm this, it would also be too much to ask it to keep going around until tomorrow.


 Well, maybe it’s just fine to ask it directly.


「 Do you ever sleep? 」


「 ?? 」


I don’t know, they don’t even seem to understand that concept.


Well, it’s more likely that they are naturally awake at all time and don’t even need to sleep.


Either way, I’ll have to check it out, but an object wandering around all night, no matter what it may be, it would certainly be quite creepy.


「 Hmmmm 」


I don’t have anything else in particular I want it to do. Can it stay like this until maybe tonight?


While thinking about it, I stuck a cookie inside it.


「 Puuueeeeeiiii!!! 」


 You’re in a good mood.


They are less sweet and more rustic than the cookies we get from Chiyo, but there doesn’t seem to be any problem. I’m glad.


It would be a joke if they demanded the same things from 「 That Side 」 that was given to it before.


That is the food of the gods, to say the least. I don’t think I would ever eat anything like that, even if I were royalty…… I’m afraid I just might get used to getting used to it.


If I had the money at my disposal, I would be more than willing to try my best to recreate it. But that’s not the case at the moment.


The tubs containing the balls from weeds were left to the gardeners to manage.


Yesterday’s batch of containers should be enough for me to experiment with. I’m sure the gardener and the others will find a better use for it than I will.


The only thing I found out is that the squishy outer shell dissolves in water.


Also, if it turns them into weed balls, the slime seems to digest them more easily than if you just leave the weeds as they are.


 However, even if the difference in time is significant, it seems that continuous extraction in a short period of time is not possible, even if there is magical power to spare.


Eventually, it will have to digest the weeds as they are, extract them and digest them, in parallel.


And so far, I don’t see much benefit in digesting the weed balls. The slime responded, 「 I can digest them, but that’s all there is 」.


Oh, by the way, there are more new things I’ve learned about slime.


Interestingly, even while I was comfortably blown away or away having breakfast, I kept feeling the presence of this slime as well as its general direction and position.


I don’t know yet if this is a power of taming or something unique to a slime master. But it’s useful.


I’m not sure how well this connection will hold, but it seems to be fine if it’s at least within the compound.


Once I can communicate with the slime a little more smoothly, the range of applications will expand. I’m looking forward to it.


The rest of the day was spent in lectures, eating dinner, resting a bit, and collecting the slime when the time was just right.


I went to bed with the slime. But even after all that time, the slime < stock > was still in preparation.


It looks like it’s almost ready, so I guess we’ll see the effects tomorrow.


For now, good night.