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Chapter 11 Stock is Amazing

TL: Yuki



You’ve been flying today.


「 I never thought I’d be tossed up that much myself. 」


As usual, before I knew it, I was in a white room.


「 It must be great to be a noblewoman. 」


「 I guess that would imply that there’s a lot of danger out there. 」


「 That’s what I’ve been told. There are monsters out there, after all. 」


 Chiyo-sama nodded.


Most of the monsters in the territory have been exterminated, unless they are located in the mountains or in the demon forest, but if you go off the road, the number of people who see them will inevitably increase. It is better to think that they are everywhere.


And it could be said that it is 「 Template 」 when a young lady is attacked while riding in a carriage. That’s the way it is, isn’t it?


「 I know I’m supposed to have an escort, but will I still be attacked? 」


「 It’s not a matter of logical reason! Well, there’s no harm in training, right? You want to go places to collect slime, too. 」


「 Yeah, I’d like to get into the Demon Forest, at least. 」


 The only matter that would benefit to the Izfield territory is dealing with the Demon Forest.


「 That’s right. I have to get results before I get into the school. I guess my first goal is to get permission to go outside. 」


Normally, it would have been sufficient to acquire a certain level of skills before entering the school, but now it has become necessary to shorten the period. The requirements have also increased.


「 Well, here’s what happened to our slime. 」




Pure Slime


XP: 21


< All is One >< Absorption lv3 >< Extraction lv4 >< Movement lv2 >< Stock lv1 >< Photosynthesis lv4 >


Correction Value: 2


Stock: 6




「 Something has changed in various ways. 」


Obviously, there is a big difference compared to yesterday. Almost all the skills have increased in level. As for Absorption, it’s two levels higher.


「 Yup, yup, Chiyo-chan, is a woman who can do it all, and had done a lot of research beforehand from Slime. 」


「 That’s good indeed. 」


「 Give me more credit!!! 」


「 Ha, hai. It’s amazing!!! I admire you so much!!! 」


「 Fufu~n!! The reason why this happened is because of the stock. 」


「 < Stock > is it. But isn’t that just combining multiple slimes into one? It was explained that it strengthens them, but is this the effect? It even increased the experience value. 」


I don’t think it’s possible to get more than 20 experience points at once just by processing weeds.


「 Actually, it’s a little different, because they literally one. Did you notice anything different before and after the < Stock >?」


「 I remember getting a little dizzy when I tamed it, but that went away after becoming one. 」


「 I see. Just like that, huh. Apparently, when a slime becomes one, the experience of all slimes is shared. It seems that the skill level of the slime also increases.< Stock > is a special skill, and only the first one had it. 」


「 That’s…  amazing. 」


「 And more! We need more Slime-chan! 」


「 Puuueeeeiiii!! 」




 One of them is green.


「 I knew it, it looks like <Stock> is ready. I’m sure they’re split up over there now. 」




Weed Slime


XP: 0


< All is One >< Absorption lv3 >< Extraction lv4 >< Movement lv2 >< Stock lv1 >< Photosynthesis lv4 >


Stock: 0




「 How is it? 」


「 ……Eh? What is this? 」


The white slime is still the same, just with one less Stock. The first of these would be this green slime.


As its name suggests, it is a weed slime. And its skills are almost the same as the white slime.


「 Apparently, when a slime is united, the skills of all slimes are the identical. There might not be many of them with high level skills in the wild, but if you collect even the weakest slimes, they will be an immediate force to be reckoned with! 」


「 Yes, this is great. 」


The benefit of this ability is still small at the moment, but it is definitely a powerful ability that will grow in the future.


「 Praise!!! 」


「 Mmmm, awesome awesome. I’ll give you a cookie. Two of them. 」


「 Woooaaaaahhhhhh! 」


The slime, now back in a single being, I then stick two cookies in inside it, and it bobs its head in delight.


「 Wouldn’t it be better if you split up? 」


「 Simple is good 」


「 Is that so 」


 That’s very admirable.


「 By the way, until just a few minutes ago, this stock was showing 『 Preparing: 6』. It seems that when there’s a difference in strength between slimes, they become ready to fill the gap. 」


「 I see, so that’s how it worked 」


「 And the new skill is this. 」


< Photosynthesis >


Sunlight increases the speed of magical recovery. It will also be able to use nutrients derived from soil and plants for growth.


「 So it can use the sun’s rays. 」


「 It’s a plant’s ability. It’s one of the main ability for plants and trees, but it’s a supporting skill for slimes. 」


「 Is that so? 」


「 Yes. Plants use the sun’s rays on their leaves to convert the nutrients from the soil into something they can use. That’s what this skill can do. With this, we can use the weed balls to feed the slime much easier. 」


「 I’m glad to hear that. But it seems to be a good nutritional supplement for the fields, so if I were to use it, I would like to use it for that! 」


「 That’s right. The amount of crops we have is directly related to our wealth. I don’t know how much effect the weed balls have on the slime, but I think it’s fine if there’s a surplus. Besides, you’re digesting some weeds, right? That might be enough for the time being. 」


「 That’s true. I think that we have more ways for the slime to get stronger. 」


「 Whoa, Power!! More Power!! 」


「 And for the experience. This is also the power of <Stock>. 」


「 That’s worth a tremendous amount of work. 」


I didn’t know that even the experience value was combined. This means that once you’ve tamed a slime, it’s probably a good idea to basically combine it with <Stock>.


「 I see, what do we do? 」


「 Even if the digestion is faster, the nutrients taken in from the weeds may not be fully utilized. So how about equal amounts of < photosynthesis> and < digestion>? 」


「 I think it’s good. I don’t have any particular suggestion. 」


And so I instruct the slime.




Pure Slime


XP: 1


< All is One >< Absorption lv5 >< Extraction lv4 >< Movement lv2 >< Stock lv1 >< Photosynthesis lv6 >


Correction Value: 2


Stock: 6




「 That’s one too many. 」


「 9 for absorption, 11 for photosynthesis, and 1 for the rest. 」


「 Power Overflowing 」


「 Un, un. Get stronger. Finally, there’s this thing called “Correction Value,” which seems to have a positive effect on skills. So this will make you stronger than one of them. 」


「 I see. I don’t know how much more there will be in the future, but with six of them, we can expect a lot more. 1 of the slimes that were split up had a Stock indicator, but it didn’t have the <Stock> skill. I’m not sure what’s going on with that. 」


「 Leader, subordinate 」


「 Hmmm. It seems that the white “pure” is the master, and the split ones are subordinates. It’s like a head and limbs. 」


「 One who looks over all 」


 I’m not really certain, but I guess it is comparative response.


「 I see. I see. “Subordinates” can’t use <Stock>. 」


「 Can, but need to prepare 」


「 That means I need to think about how much to divide first. I have to be careful. 」


I don’t know how we are going to manage this in the future, but we need to think carefully and use the skills properly.