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Chapter 12 I’ve heard about it

TL: Yuki



「 Hmmm 」


 There were eight Slimes today. They are green.


 I want more, maybe I should ask my father to send a request to the Adventurer’s Guild to capture Slime.


I’ll get to it in quickly.


「 Okay, do it the same way we did yesterday. 」


 I leave it to Slime to take care of the weeds that seem to be part of my morning routine.


 I get a slightly confused response from Slime.


「 What’s wrong? 」


The Slime splits and there are seven of them in white and green.


「 ……Hmm. You mean it would be more efficient? 」


「 Puuueiii 」


「 I see. That is good to know 」


The Slimes are swarming the weeds. It looks like they’ve been mowing the grass, so there’s a lot of it today.


I guess, I should instruct it to prepare for splitting. By tomorrow, there should be around 15 of them.


It’s going to be a mildly terrifying sight, to say the least.


Well, I’ll still do it.


「 Speaking of which, I don’t feel dizzy anymore. Is that the power of < Stock >? 」


 When I used  < Tame > on the new 8 slimes just now, I felt dizzy like before. However, now that the split have combined into one, I don’t feel it anymore.


「 Puuueiii 」


It affirms.


Hmmm.That means < Tame > is for contracting. After the < Tame > succeeds, < Stock > collects the tamed ones and split them.


That’s good. It will show its true value when it becomes available in large quantities in the future.



「 Hmm, you want to request for Slime’s capture. 」


I immediately went to my father and asked to see him. The conversation went smoothly and he is now in his office.


「 Yes. Apparently, I can keep quite a lot of Slimes. Here is a summary of what I found out so far. 」


 I submit a brief note to father about what I have learned so far.


It’s just a simple memo, but it will do for now.


「 Okay, I got it. I’ll read it later. I’ll send out a request. It’ll be a good way to make a little extra cash on the side. But Slime melts down the transport barrels. I don’t have a problem with a request to the guild in this city, but I can’t approve a request from other cities without concrete results and profits, because of the transportation costs. 」


By “other cities,” he means the two cities facing the Devil’s Forest. They are the front line. Our city is like a command center in the back.


Even if I were to bring Slimes from there, the budget for the carriage and its escort would be too large.


But we can’t give up, can we? I’m taking home a counter-proposal.


「 Okay, I’ll think of something. 」


「 Hmmm. I’ve heard about the weed treatment. As for nutrients, we’re hoping of some good results. 」


「 Thank you 」


「 Anton 」


 When told, Anton comes forward.


「 Other garbage. Specifically, inquiries have been received about the possibility of disposing of food scraps from the kitchen and old fodder and straw from the stables. 」


I see. It was a spur-of-the-moment action, but it wasn’t just for weeds.


「 What do you usually do? 」


「 You collect them all together as trash, combine them with the town’s trash, and dig a hole in the forest outside the city to bury them. 」


「 I see. So that’s where the money is.…… 」


「 Yes, it can cause a bad smell. If we can save more money, then we can send a request to another city to capture more Slimes. 」


Slimes seem to be always clean and free of dirt once it has been < digested >. Food scraps will be no problem.


 And I won’t have to think of a counterproposal, will I?




「 ……Speaking of which, how’s the excrement situation? 」


「 ……we’re digging a hole and burying it, too. 」


≪ What? You’re burying it? What happened to the manure!? ≫


 I can hear Chiyo-sama’s voice. It seems that Chiyo-sama has something of use for it.


 I’ll ask you more about it later.


「 If it can be done, it will considerably reduce the burden and increase the amount of land available. However, I’m afraid it’s not something a young lady should be directly involved in. 」


 Anton raises an eyebrow.


 Father doesn’t say anything.


「 If you could, would you? 」


「 That is…… If left unattended, it will inevitably stink, and depending on the cost, I’d be interested in improving it. 」


「 I’ll think about it. 」

 I can’t say that I don’t find it quirky and evasive, but if you can find a way to use it with the slimes…… I should give it a try.


「 Also, here is a record of how we have tried to use Slime in our territory 」


 Anton gives me a bundle of parchment.


「 Thank you. I’ll take the effort to help. 」


It’s quite a lot.


It looks like I can take it out, so I will look it over before I go to bed.


「 Well, we’ve been discussing the use of Slime on a regular basis. I’ll see what else I can find. I also sent a letter to the capital, but I thought it might take a while going there. 」


「 Okay, I understand. Can I put food scraps and stable waste in the same place as the weeds? I’ll try it tomorrow. It’s just a trial, so only some food scraps are necessary. The garbage from the stables is straw and leaves, right? That’s probably not a problem as well. lease put them all in the same place. 」


It must be very difficult for those who are instructed to do this today.


And if I do it all at once, I won’t be able to handle it if it doesn’t work out as expected. It’s a matter of trying everything first.


「 I will be sure to follow the procedures 」


And then, today should also be the day when I hear from other people how < Tame > works.



「 As expectred you can’t tame Slimes normally with < Tame  >. 」


「 Yes. I have tried it out before, but I couldn’t get it to work. 」


 Now I’m hearing from a knight who can use < Tame >.


I had them him to try <Tame> on Slimes, but it seems to be impossible.


「 What is the maximum number of Tame Monsters I can have? 」


「 I have about three. It depends on the strength of the monster, but if we’re talking about usable demons, then three should be more than enough. 」


「 I see. What happens if it’s more than that? 」


「 I get dizzy and can’t follow instructions to my satisfaction. < With a demon that’s Tame, there’s a sort of sensory connection that allows me to give instructions without having to say a word, but it becomes ambiguous. 」


 This is the same symptom I had when I <Tame> a lot of Slimes.


 I don’t seem to be able to give instructions, though. I wonder if it depends on the strength of the demon. I don’t think I can, would be able to test.


 I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can <Tame> anything but Slime.


 There are certain types of demons that go well with each other, and there are some demons that just can’t be tamed, so this feeling is probably correct.


「 other than that, are there still things I need to take note of? 」


「 Yes, the more you train, the more you can Tame. Well, most people who are trained to use Tame, such as demon hunters, will take along someone they’ve Tamed, so the number of people they can take along will naturally increase. 」


「 I understand. Thank you very much. 」



「 I understand what I’m looking at. I can see what the monster sees. 」


「 Already? 」


「 Yes, over there is a bird demon. It’s out there looking for food right now, it seems. 」


 The adventurers told us some interesting stories.


「 I think I have a pretty good idea where they are. Hold on a second. 」


As he says this, he covers one of his eyes with his hand.


「 Hmm, now you’re resting on the roof of this mansion. 」


「 That’s great. But first, do you have any Idea what is that at the distance? 」


「 I could only see up to the perimeter of this city. Any further than that, and I feel the connection will be severed. When that happens, I tell them to come back. 」


 It’s good for reconnaissance. Pretty powerful, isn’t it?


「 Does the Tame connection itself break when I leave the range? 」


「 No, I don’t. It’s like we can’t feel each other anymore. It’s more like they disappear from our minds. Back in range, the connection returns. 」


「 The feeling feeling disappear? 」


「 From my own perspective, < Tame > gives a connection that is like asking my partner to let me inside their head. In that way, we can share each other’s feelings 」


 I see, in my case, the Slime is literally living inside me.


 Is this what Slime meant when it said, 「 Everything will be Slime 」?


 So… Is it safe?


「  I wonder if everyone who uses < Tame > feels this way. 」


「 No, there are strengths and weaknesses. They say I’m particularly strong. It seems to make the monsters smarter, too. 」


Hmm, it’s similar to the relationship between me and Slime. So this is what happens when you have a good relationship with < Tame >.


「 Thank you, that reference really helped 」


「 You’re right, being able to have a wide view of things is a powerful asset. 」


 I would like to share a slime’s point of view……do they even have a similar point of view? I’ll try it later.


After all, it is very meaningful to hear from those who have already learned.