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Chapter  13 Fertilizer seems difficult

TL: Yuki



「 Hmm. Would you rather do that then move around? 」


I see, alright.


When I observe them, they seem to be under enjoying the sunlight.


「 Are you in the middle of <Photosynthesis>? Is it more efficient there? I see. 」


I guess the reason white doesn’t <Photosynthesis> is that it’s not as effective as green.


Each color, or rather type of Slime, has its own strengths.


Once you’ve figured that out, go back to one of the Slimes, and the Slimes are done for the day.



I’ve been reading the material I borrowed from Anton, and it seems that he tried to do a lot of things 「 indiscriminately 」.


Rust removal = Failure due to melting of unnecessary parts.


Waste disposal = disappeared before I knew it.


Weed treatment = It just ate up the crops.


It’s a mess. Well, it’s basically out of control. So this is what happens.


I’m a little concerned about the fact that it disappeared during the waste disposal. It’s not like they disappeared or anything.


And there’s one more thing that caught my attention.


I’ve heard that Slime grows in large numbers.


I heard that Slime is increasing in large numbers. I think this is promising.



「 I had expected the lack of sewage treatment, but I didn’t expect the lack of manure and fertilizer. I didn’t realize they were just carrying it and dumping it outside. 」


And it’s in a white room.


Chiyo-sama is groaning.


「 Fertilizer…… is it about nutrient? 」


「 I wonder where I should start. Hmmm. Did you know that if you keep growing crops in a field, the yield will gradually decrease? 」


「 Yes, it is. In the past, there was a head of the Izfield family who acquired the ability to be a <Farmer>, and he found out that the soil was fatigued, so he let it rest for a year or two and started to use it as pasture to raise livestock. 」


「 I see. So they do understand about multiple crop damage. Occupational skills are so useful. But you still don’t think about fertilizer. 」


So Chiyo-sama brought out a small TV-like object that we can look at on the kotatsu – they call it a tablet – and showed us various pictures as she explained.


There are many small organisms in the soil as well as nutrients, and crops grow by consuming them.


However, if you grow only one type of crops, the ratio of this consumption becomes unbalanced and the crops lose the necessary nutrients and the number of harmful organisms increases. This is called continuous crop failure.


「 This balance is restored when the land is turned into pasture and allowed to rest. When you raise livestock, the feces of the animals are dumped there, and they are returned to the soil and the nutrients from the organisms are added. Maybe he thought it was a waste of time to let the animals rest, and that’s why he introduced this system, but if he found this method on his own, he’s a smart guy. 」


So the soil stores all the nutrients.


「 That’s right. You’re just the kind of hero who saved his people from starvation. However, it is not without its problems. In the vicinity of the Demon Forest, meat can be obtained from the forest without animal husbandry, so this method cannot be used, and I hear that the fallow fields are being left to completely idle. 」


「 I see. I guess there’s a certain fantasy about that. Hunting alone is enough to provide meat? In our world, they were a little more advanced, researching the nutritional needs of each vegetable and rotating them in a combination that didn’t interfere with each other. Wheat, potatoes, and beans were the most popular. 」


「 You can grow crops all the time. 」


That’s great information.


「 Yeah. I just don’t know if I can do that rotation here, too. It’ll take a long time to verify. 」


「 I’m not sure whether that’s how it works. 」


I don’t think I have time to try it myself. The only thing I can do is to suggest it to my father at some point.


「 Well, if you are not in trouble now, there is no need to be adventurous. In addition to that, there is fertilizer as a way to nourish the soil itself. Simply put, it’s a nutrient made from rotting garbage and feces. 」


「 Are you going to let them decompose? Isn’t a weed ball enough? 」


「 I think there is a high possibility that it is not enough. It’s called fermentation. It’s an invisible organism that turns garbage into soil. It’s like cheese. However, if it was not washed properly, it could have caused food poisoning. Maybe that’s why they’re throwing it out of town……? 」


Chiyo-sama is pondering.


「 However, there are animals in the forest as well as in the meadows. So do people. I’ve never heard of them causing vegetables to become poisonous, have you? 」


「 It’s a matter of quantity and management. The earth can handle a small amount, but if there is a large amount, it will not be able to handle it. There is a risk of poisoning if the fertilizer is inadequately processed by human hands. 」


「 It’s difficult. 」


「 Apparently, Cozette’s ancestors were very smart. As it is, I’m too scared to try it. At least until we have a better concept of hygiene…… 」


I groaned for a while, but in the end, we decided to put it on hold.


「 However, we can try to get Slimes to handle it. It seems that the green Slime consumes has strong vegetative properties, so we can determine if the green Slime is effective or not, although it’s possible that the notes about 『  Disappearance 』 in Cozette-chan’s materials was disintegrated…… 」


「 Must quickly conclude 」


Slime was thinking about flexing its muscles. This Slime seems to be motivated, so let’s leave it to him, shall we?


「 So, Slime, what is this massive increase in food waste you’re talking about? 」


Right now, we are relying solely on capture as a means to increase the number of Slimes. Any increase in means should be welcomed.


「 Food, lots of food, and a healthy body. 」


「 I see? 」


So, if you have more food than you can increase, then should we put it towards more on food? would it be that simple?


「 Weeds are made into balls, right? So if you make it into a meal, you can’t make Slime balls? 」


「 That is so! 」


「 I can’t wait to see how much more I can get. I guess I’ll have to think about raising the level of my <stock> in the future. 」


「 Yes, you’re right……. For now, let’s lean towards increasing the number of weed balls after tomorrow, when we have accumulated a certain amount. Do we use <absorb> when we make them into food? 」


「 Yes! We’re fine! Grass, sun, more grass. 」


It’s becoming much more important than it was at first, <absorption>. I think I’ll put a little more emphasis on it. And green Slime is even more likely to increase with <Photosynthesis>. It seems that each type has its own characteristics.


「 Is white hard to increase? 」


「 No increase. It will be experience. 」


「 You don’t increase. Is it all going to experience? 」


「 Don’t need two of the same 」


The white leader is a bit special, isn’t it?




「 Only you have <stock>, right? What happens when you die? 」


If all Slimes were to suddenly split or something, I would certainly panic.


「 Dying fine. new one, becomes white 」


「 Hmm… It’s just a matter of changing the Slime that becomes the head. Just like a leader or a king changes. Slime is an interesting creature, isn’t it? 」


Chiyo-sama’s eyes sparkled.


「 Will take over 」


「 So you can be reckless to a certain extent. 」


Slime doesn’t have the concept of individuals, so it’s better to think of it as half resource or half tool.


Of course, I don’t intend to use it recklessly.


「 One cookie, one day 」


「 It’s limited. Okay. 」


「 Piiiiieeeeeeee!! 」




Pure Slime


Experience: 0


<All as one><Absorption lv8><Extraction lv5><Movement lv3><Stock lv1><Photosynthesis lv8>


Correction value: 3


Stock: 14




This is what happened today. We’re definitely making progress.