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Chapter  14 It’s Food

TL: Yuki



「 That’s a great quirk.…… 」


 In addition to the weeds, there’s a light pile of garbage from the stables. I wonder if they cleaned it all up at once. Is this going to be done today?


 The rest is just a tub of garbage. That’s just what I wanted.


 That should be enough to make a few weed balls. All the excess will go to, <absorption> right?


「 Then start the processing 」


 The Slimes are heading towards each one of them. I’m sure they’ll take care of the rest.


 By the way, the total number of Slimes captured today was seven. I guess that’s enough for someone to pick up a few Slimes around here during the work day. I guess it will be awhile before the guild replenishes the supply.


「 Hmm, so this little once will be dealing with the trash.  」


 Five green Slimes stayed at my feet.


「 Then please take these Slimes with you. 」


「 Heeh 」


 I put them in the tub and ask the gardener to take them away.


 It would have been too embarrassing for me to go directly, so I decided to do this.


 I think it’s too late for me knowing that I’m handling the garbage.


 Well, since I don’t have a direct hand in it, I guess you could say I’m keeping the nobility intact. Yes.


 A nobleman’s appearance is also important after all.


 I’m going to do my best!



 Today, I’m taking up sewing.


 It’s not just embroidery. It’s sewing.


 This is a lesson from my combat training teacher.


「 You never know when you might be in danger. You’ll need to be proficient in concealing your weapons. 」


 I am a woman and a child.


 However, even though I am a woman and a child, I am also a daughter of a noble family. I can’t be armed in many cases, so I hide my weapons in my clothes.


 In other words, it’s a concealed weapon.


 When the teacher showed me more than ten knives from all over her body, I was more than surprised, I was stunned.


 It was just like a magician I heard about.

I’m quietly sewing on a dress that can be shredded using a handle-less knife with a dulled blade. It’s just practice for now, so she says that I’ll be using a knife with a blunt edge. She said it was to avoid accidental injury.


 …… I can’t help but wonder about the content of the recent training or discipline.


 I don’t know what exactly I’m doing.

 I’ve been doing a lot of training lately that I find rather difficult.


 The physical training has been quite intense, to say the least. What’s the point of running with a log in your arms?


 And then there’s the training where you’re thrown around, or where you have to defend yourself from a wooden sword with a baton.


「 We’ll practice loading and retrieving our weapons later. 」


「 I understand 」


 Well, if it’s required, then it’s probably necessary.


 I’m too young and naive for my own good. I guess that’s how dangerous it is out there. That’s what I’m going to think.


 In reality, it would be too late after something has happened.


 It would be horrible if I had to deal with a crisis with my bare hands……


 After that, I tried to get used to carrying a dark weapon by doing daily activities and light exercise with the weapon in my body.




 Meanwhile, in the office of the Izfield family.


 Edgar, the head of the family, is reading a report.


「 Has Cozette begun to learn about concealed weapons? 」


「 Yes. Currently, she’s learning how to hide it. 」


「 She’s progressing well. 」


「 She is indeed progressing at a really fast pace. 」


Edgar nodded in satisfaction at Anton the butler’s words.


「 One should learn how to deal with pain while they can 」


 Edgar’s education policy is very simple. If there is a possibility of going to a dangerous place in the future, she just needs to be able to handle more difficult situations within her reach.


 As a result, Cozette’s education schedule is so overwhelming that an average child would cry, run away, and be traumatized.


 Of course, Edgar is not a demon (although he looks like one), and he loves Cozette enough to call her an angel.


 This intense training is meant to shatter one’s self-confidence so that one does not grow too confident in one’s abilities. Even a little of weakness can dampen the severity of the training.


 And Cozette, who had accepted the challenge, was solemnly going through the course without hesitation, which only made it harder and harder.


 She seems to be having doubts, though.


「 It seems so. But isn’t that too harsh? 」


 Anton, a man of common sense, thought that the training was too hard for a child, let alone a girl.


「 I have my own thoughts on the matter. However, it is better to hasten the process, especially if Cozette can handle it, and since Cozette does not have enough guards, she needs to be strong herself. 」


If that’s what the master says, then Anton can’t say anything more about it.


「 When the child is excellent, the parents are troubled, aren’t they? 」


 Edgar glances out the window.


 Although he doesn’t say it, Anton can see that he is going to use it as a reason to keep Cozette inside the house and take care of her if she gives up.


 Already Cozette is beginning to show glimpses of the value of using her profession. She’s eagerly trying things out with the Slimes.


 Her talent in the non-combat direction is also good.


 In the nobility, a woman who fights is very unpopular. Strong women are difficult to deal with on their own. There is also the possibility of being unreasonably viewed as an enemy.


 As for Anton, he thinks highly of Cozette.


 Even though she is an aristocrat and a lady of the house, she is able to think about the chores that other people don’t like to do without hesitation, which is rare.


 The problem of trash is often seen as a minor matter, but when it is converted into an actual flow of money, the amount of money involved is not insignificant. If left unattended, the city will quickly become stinky, and it is known that things tend to corrode and get sick easily.


 In fact, the actual numbers show that the rate of illness and death among the people has gone down since we started the garbage disposal. We cannot ignore this.


Cozette’s ability to focus on this is what makes her a good civil servant.


I guess you could say it’s a combination of talent and personality.


 I think Edgar would like to keep her in a safe place. He has already shown that he is capable of doing so.


 But Cozette’s also showing a bold attempt. It was Edgar who dared her, and that’s why he can’ t take back his previous words.


 What an unscrupulous parent.


 Anton wonders if this is what a parent and child should be like.




「 Don’t make any noise. 」


「 Hai 」


 Hi, this is Cozette.


 I’m having a hard time with my concealed weapon.


 I’m more nervous about wearing them and hiding their existence than actually using them.


 The slightest movement causes the weapons to clink and rub against each other. It is not difficult to move, but it means that the concealed weapon won’t stay concealed.


「 The important thing is to always know what you are capable of. 」


「 I see 」


 So that means I am now over-armed.


「 However, it is a training. It is alright to make lots of mistakes! 」


「 I’ll do my best. 」


 I remove some of my weapons and walk around to try them out.


「 Well, that’s good. From now on, please live your life with a concealed weapon on you at all times. We don’t show them to others, so they must be concealed at all times. 」


「 Always? 」


「 Yes, I’ve already notified you to report to me if you recognize the presence of any concealed weapon. Of course, you must not be seen by the maids in your private quarters either. Please conceal your weapons properly before undressing. 」


 How many people do you think are in the mansion?


「 ……What happens when I’m noticed? 」


 The instructor gave me a refreshing smile. My, How mesmerizing.



 Now, it’s Slime collection. as for the garbage……. it was already wiped out. It appears to be hard to tolerate.


 I get the feeling that some slimes were disappointed to be 「 Out of Leftovers  」. I wonder if there are times when it is a hit for them, even if it’s not food.


「 Another session tomorrow? All right. 」


 Well, if that’s what the Slimes decide, then let’s go with it. Let’s get them to join the others. …… But they’re not coming back, those Slimes.


 The one in the tub and the one in the mountain of grass are still there.


「 Hmm. What do you mean? ……? Preparing? 」


 With an affirmation. I thought about it for a bit.


「 You mean prepare for an increase? Is that correct? Does it feel like it won’t increase if you <stock> it? 」


「 Pueeeeiii 」


 It’s a little different, but well, it’s the right answer. Subtle nuances are difficult to understand and communicate. I have a feeling that it will become smoother if I increase the power of <Tame> or of the Slime.


 I guess there’s no point in getting impatient. I’ll ask about it later in the white room.


 Well, I guess that’s it for today. I informed the surrounding people that I’m going to leave the green ones alone, and just take the white one home.


 I somehow manage to take advantage of the bathroom to hide my weapon and say good night.