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Chapter  15 There’s More

TL: Yuki



「 Now that we’ve talked about increasing the Slimes, it looks like all the nutrients needed for splitting become experience when you make them into stock. 」


「 ……I see. 」


「 As long as they’re in the wild, they’re more inclined to increase than to become stronger. I see. It’s an interesting ecology.


「 Survival strategy. 」


That’s exactly what it means.


It’s because they are weak that they have a high fertility …… fission power to avoid being wiped out.


I’m not sure what to make of it, but I’m sure it’s worth it.


「 Master 」


「 Yes, I hear you 」


I think this may be the first time Slime has spoken to me.


「 All of them, Absorption, power 」


「 Hmm, <Absorption>? I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Isn’t it enough?  」


「 It’s not enough. 」


「 Ah, I guess this is it. 」




Acquires the skill of the digested target with a probability. It also affects the digestion power.


Chiyo-sama produces a line of glowing text. That’s an explanation of <Absorption>.


「 Are you trying to acquire skills? It will be like gacha then. 」


「 Will take chances. 」


「 That’s a word often used by the wrong people. 」


Chiyo-sama poked the Slime.


「 I’m not sure what to do. Can you solve it by increasing your <Absorption>?


「 Take a lot of chances. 」


「 Well, I guess it’s good that we have the means to increase the number in the future, right? 」


It’s not a waste of resources. I think it’s good.


「 However, we don’t have any <stock> today. I can’t raise the level with the current experience. this will be the plan for the future. 」


As far as I can tell from your explanation, if you continue to lean towards increasing the number, the efficiency of storing experience will be a bit worse.


As for which is better, stock or experience……. Stocking would modify the whole skill set, and we don’t have enough Slimes at the moment itself.


Is the direction of increase good for the time being?


「 Do as you please 」


Slime warps his body in a somewhat pompous manner.


「 Hmmm. I’ll give you a cookie. 」


「 We are grateful for the offering!!! 」


As soon as it received the cookies, this is what happened.


「 Oh, it was digested in seconds・・・ 」


Well, it’s Chiyo-sama’s cookies, right? I guess it can’t be helped, though.



「 Oh, there’s three of them now. 」


When I went to my usual place, I found three barrels. I guess it was the result of my request to the guild. I’m so happy.


Looking inside, I found two brown Slimes.


I guess they’re dirt. Let’s check the details later.


I quickly got them <stocked> and headed for the Slimes that I left there for a day.


「 My, there sure are a lot of them this time 」


Well, there are roughly 30 of them.


With these numbers, the speed increased more than double.




The weed pile for today is already gone.


I’m going to ask them to become one for once.


「 All right, let’s go. 」


We move to the stables.


It’s hard to get the grass and garbage from each place to one place, so I decided to move them myself.


I cleaned up the stables yesterday, so it’s not that bad.


And the garbage, well, it’s a lot. This includes yesterday’s garbage, right?


There are more than 20 of them. So I asked them to start.


Then I request the rest of the work to the gardener.


You must go and do your best again… 


The White is with me.


I’m sure they won’t get tired of just running around in circles if I ordered it, but I’ll think of something for them to do while I walk around.


Enjoying the squishy feeling, let’s head to the fun training.



「 A Slime, right? 」


「 That’s right 」


I’ll hold it up to the martial arts teacher and show her.


「 Hmm. Why bring it here? 」


「 There is no particular reason. I’m just trying to find out if there’s any use for them, and I thought it might be better if we stayed together. 」


「 I understand. By the way, it seems that you were able to hide the weapons successfully from yesterday until now. 」


Oh, it took a lot of work, but it looks like I succeeded.


It seems that I succeeded in reducing the number of stitches.


The needle and thread themselves had to be hidden, which was rather difficult.


「 Please hide a few more next time. 」


She smiles at me.


I don’t like it.


I’ll answer them with a smug look.





As soon as the training started, I was forced to use up all my concealed weapons and was handled with moderation.


So they want me to bring more concealed weapons if I don’t like it to end up this way again.


I understand. I’ll do it. It’s like a game.


I have to consider how much I will be able to conserve during the training, but I also have to predict how much I will expend and bring enough weapons to cover the amount.


「 By the way, about that slime Slime.  」


「 ……Hai 」


「 Just like that, do not let your fatigue show on your face. It’s a weakness. 」


「 Hai 」


「 Can it have a weapon inside its body? 」


「 ……it probably can. 」


She stabs the knife into the white slime.


The knife is taken in without resistance.


「 Hmm. You can see what’s inside. It’s not opaque? 」


Right now, I can see it floating around in its white body.


「 I don’t know. Can you do it? 」


It became whiter and more opaque. You, you were able to do this.


「 That’s good. That’s a pretty good hiding place. No one would think that a knife would be hidden in the supposedly weak Slime. 」


「 Certainly. 」


「 It’s a concealed weapon because it’s in an unexpected place. Not carried by a woman or child, not a blade that comes out of the shoe, not a needle that should be hidden in the hair.……That’s where carelessness comes in and creates opportunity. 」


I’m not going to ask what occasion that was.


「 Is it possible for Slime to handle knives? 」


「 I think it can at least hold it. 」


A knife growing out of a Slime’s body, that sure is a surreal image.


「 Try throwing it out 」




「 ……I see 」


The instructor nodded.


What is it?


「 It may be useless, but it’s better than not practicing. While the young lady is training, the Slime should practice making knives fly from inside its body.」


「 Yes, I understand. Please do as I say. 」


「 Pueie 」


That’s how it went.



To my surprise, the Slime is now able to send knives flying.


Though one would think of it as just plopping out 「 Shooting Out 」 for now.


It doesn’t have much momentum yet, and it’s only about the distance of four Slimes.


It’s not like they’re just randomly doing it either, they are trying to figure out how to move their bodies to make it fly out more effectively.


If they develop skills through repetition, we can raise their level with experience.


I’m glad to see that the Slime itself is having more ways to attack. Let’s give it a go later.


Tomorrow we’ll make sure they have at least one stack to throw at each other.


And no magic yet.


I’m trying my best, though. Well, there is no need to rush yet.