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Chapter  16 It’s a Clay Slime

TL: Yuki



It’s a Clay Slime.


「 It’s a new slime, it’s a slime made of clay. 」




Earth Slime


<All as one><Absorption lv13><Extraction lv6><Movement lv4><Earth manipulation lv4><Hardening lv3>




<Earth Manipulation>


Dexterity in soil-related operations. The slime can also generate soil itself through magic.




It can harden the body. The slime’s firmness is also determined by the material it takes in.


Chiyo-sama shows us the details of her new slime, Earth Slime.


It’s already stocked, so the common skills have been leveled.


「 So brown is the color of the earth. 」


「 I guess so. I wonder if the color matches the soil. 」


「 There’s no <Photosynthesis>」


「 So each type has its own set of skills. 」


There’s a lot of soil around, you know. I think it’s a common type of slime.


Hardening for soil manipulation? Isn’t it quite useful?


「 I wonder why I never saw it before. 」


「 Indeed. I’m sure there’s plenty of soil out there. 」


We both look at the slime.


「 Earth, hard 」


That was a very simple answer.


「 Then how can you become an earth slime? 」


「 Hobby 」


What to say, I’m not even surprised.


「 For biodiversity 」


Perhaps sensing our mood, the slime rephrased.


「 You can’t make up with just that. 」


「 What do you mean by variety? 」


「 If there is only one species, there is a possibility that it will be wiped out when a disease spreads. In order to avoid this, living things are born with differences among them. That’s biodiversity, I guess. 」


「 I see 」


It’s not something I could think of, it’s just the way living things work. It’s hard to believe.


But then again, living things come in all shapes and sizes.


The world is full of things we don’t know.


「 Well, Clay Slime seems to be quite useful. I’m looking forward to the <Hardening> skill. 」


「 Is that so? I thought soil manipulation was a better choice. 」


Digging in the soil will allow us to create a simple moat, and if we have more slimes in the future, it will directly affect our work speed. You can also use it to cultivate land, and maybe even dig a well.


There will be a lot of work related to soil.


「 I see. It’s just like you, Cosette. Considering the territory, I suppose so. 」


Chiyo-sama smiled and pecked me on the cheek.


「 Does that mean you’re doing this for me? 」


「 Umu, transform, Slime-kun 」


「 Transform!! 」


Slime changes its form.


「 Looks like a knife, doesn’t it? 」


It turned into something that looked like a white knife.


I touched it, It’s hard.


「 So it becomes an improvised weapon. 」


「 That kind of thing. It depends on how detailed you want it to be, but there are many ways to do it. 」


It’s not sharp enough for a knife. A stick would be more accurate.


A white, translucent stick that does not reflect light.


It bends when you put a little pressure on it. That’s about right for this level.


「 How do you think it could become this small in terms of volume in the first place? 」


「 Slime Secret 」


「 Well, it seems that the weight and volume of the <stock> is lost somewhere else. It’s a fantasy situation. I’m not sure what to make of this, but I’m sure it’s a good option……Won’t this make Cozette very, very flexible? 」


「 Eh, no wait?――Please do not rub my thighs. 」


I can’t allow that to happen.


And whether I’m strong or not has nothing to do with touching my thighs, right?


When I smacked her, chiyo-sama’s hand retracted.


「 Cozette-chan is being cold!! 」


She leans against me deliberately.


That’s rude. The rude one is chiyo-sama.


「 Well, let’s hope Slime-kun keeps up the good work. Let’s see the status. 」


A cookie can be brought close to a knife.


Slime takes in the cookie, shattering its shape.


It’s still true to its greed.




Pure Slime


<All is one><Absorption lv13><Extraction lv6><Movement lv4><Stock lv1>


Weed: 25(25)


<Photosynthesis lv9


Earth: 2


<Soil manipulation lv4><Hardening lv3>


Modifier: 5


Stock: 27 (25 outside)




「 Okay, here’s what it looks like so far. It’s messy, so I played around with the display. 」


「 You can do this, too? 」


「 I tried, and I did. 」


If you work hard, you can do it, can’t you?


She’s already done it.


I suppose it can be done.


By the way, this display is easy to read.


It’s also nice to see the number of outside stock.


I guess I haven’t reached the stock limit yet.


I’ve put the experience into <absorption>. It’s already over 10. It looks like it will go up to 100.


I have a feeling that it’s going to get harder and harder to get more. It’s still very easy, though.


In chiyo-sama’s opinion, it will be difficult to go up to the index number ・・・・・・・・・. She called it end content or something.


I don’t know about that, but chiyo-sama says it with a confident face. I’m sure it’s a big deal. I’ll be prepared for it.


「 Also, the Garbage Squad was eliminated again today. 」


「 That’s right. Should I think of a way to do that? 」


Nearly ten of them have disappeared, haven’t they? I don’t think they’re just reducing their numbers unnecessarily.


「 I don’t know. It’s only been two days. If it doesn’t work out after a month or so, I suppose we could think of something. 」


「 I guess so. Can’t we just put it all towards increasing the number of units? 」


I can’t help but think it’s a waste of time.


Am I being a little too detailed as a nobleman? But I was taught to always calculate the profit and loss.


「 lacking foodstuffs 」


I see. There was quite a lot of food today, but it’s not like we get a lot of garbage every day.


Allocating trash in the city isn’t something that can be done immediately today or tomorrow.


There’s a lot of work involved in collecting it, taking Slime to it, and collecting it on a regular basis. I can’t even go and check on them every day.


I’m still a young lady, you know. I need permission to go out.


Now, is there any Slime that I can’t assign work to?


Still, I’ve heard that it’s a good idea to keep them in stock for now……


「 What do you think, Slime? 」


「 If you don’t test it, you don’t win 」


「 Very wise words. 」


Chiyo-sama is nodding her head in agreement.


「 What does that mean? 」


「 If there is a possibility, even a small one, if you keep trying, you will eventually hit it. If you don’t try, the possibility becomes zero. 」


「 Huh, well, yes. 」


Isn’t it possible to just never get hit? Is that wise?


「 Will continue, until we get it 」


I’m wondering how much effort it takes to do that.


You can read some of my thoughts, can’t you?


I know you can.


You’re ignoring me intentionally right now.


I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but this Slime is quite a character, isn’t it?


It’s a bit arrogant.


「 Yes, yes. That’s what I’m talking about! It’s 100% if you keep going until you get it!!! 」


I don’t know what to do, but for some reason I have a feeling that I’m not going to succeed with chiyo-sama now.


I don’t know what it is, but it’s too vague to say.