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Chapter  17 We’re making Progress

TL: Yuki



Now for the early morning routine.


Four barrels. That’s good. From what I’ve heard, it’s a good alternative to searching for herbs, and it’s a good way to make some extra money.


Slime can’t be misplaced, and it’s basically harmless. They are easy to find.


They’re pretty big, so you can’t bring them in single-handedly, but it’s one of the easier jobs for fledglings and city folk.


There were also about three brown ones.


To the stables, the weed pile, and the garbage pile will each of the slimes be assigned again once the new Slimes are incorporated.


The skills have been improved. Now, all the Slimes are up-to-date with the latest skill configurations.


The stables and weed pile make weed balls, so the splitting efficiency is not very good.


The food scraps are not making any Slime balls at the moment, so they are all nourishing Slime. This is a pretty good result.


I think we can probably make Slime balls from the garbage, but even the weed balls are enough for now. I’d rather focus on increasing the number of slimes.


If you add up the number of Slimes that have been added to each one, there are almost 60.


Will the number finally exceed 100?


Are we celebrating? Ideally, I’d like to see 100 grow to 200, and 200 to 400. I don’t have enough food to make that many at the moment.


I wonder if I should feel inadequate, or if I should be impressed with how well the world works.


By the way, the Slimes don’t need any special food just to live. It’s economical and very convenient.


「 Hmm? Oh, the upper limit. 」


I felt a rejection from the Slime. It seems that <stock> has finally reached its limit.


I dealt with it by separating it from the stock first, and then collecting what was out there.


I was wondering when I would reach the limit, can I do it here? It seems like a large amount to allow, but if 100 of them split, it’s already 200.


From now on, I need to pay attention to the <stock> level.


I might have to start worrying about how to make the most of the experience.


But well, it’s only an upper limit when collecting in the white one at once. I haven’t had any trouble controlling the Slimes once I’ve taken them in, so that helps.


「 Does it make you feel a little more important? 」


I rub in the white Slime that has reached 100 stock.


Hmmm. I don’t think it’s going to change. At least their fighting ability isn’t very high yet, considering it’s 100 Slimes.


I’m pretty sure that if you beat them around with a wooden stick, you’ll be able to eradicate them in no time.


The level of <Absorption> is getting higher, so I guess we can surround the the target with numbers.


Well, that’s about it for the Slime count.


I have some things to do in the field today.


I’m going to go to the field assigned to me, which has been neglected for a while. There are still some areas where weeds have not been completely cleared.


「 Go ahead. 」


I’ll send about ten of them over.


It’s time for Slime’s revenge on the weeds in the field.


We’ll have the Slimes take care of only the parts of the weeds that come out of the soil.


Chiyo-sama says that the weeds die because they can’t photosynthesize, and the roots are eaten by small creatures in the soil, which are also nutritious.


She told me that she had googled ・・・・. She was very proud of it, so it must be a great thing.


I’m always amazed by Chiyo-sama’s knowledge. I feel like I can save a lot of time. Let’s try to do what she said.


If this works, I’ll be able to leave the weed pulling job to the Slimes.



I Placed the Earth Slime in the corner of the field.


「 Now dig in the dirt. 」


The earth slime starts to move.


I watch it for a while. It’s a new Slime.


I want to check the performance of specific skills.


This is why I’m cutting back a little on my morning training.


……The soil it digs up is coming to the top, and it was burying itself.


Could it be that the small number of earth slime is due to the fact that it is buried in the soil?


It’s possible.


Let’s get back on track and move on.


「 Now try to <extract> it. 」


The soil was taken in and the balls were spit out.


Hmm. Well, it’s a Slime ball of soil, as expected.


Is it worth using…….


Hmmm. Soil is still soil.


It may be possible to extract the nutrients, but even so, the current use of Slime balls of nutrients is to feed them to the fields.


I can’t think of a way to use it even if I extract the nutrients from the soil.


It will be put on hold for.


「 Next, try to <absorb> it. 」


Soil is taken in and begins to sizzle.


The level of <absorption> is higher than that of the original soil Slime… 


So, if you want to increase your soil slime, it’s going to be absorption… 


But you can’t consume soil for that. There’s a limit to how much you can use, and it doesn’t go to waste.


「 Can you dispose of food scraps? 」


An ambience of affirmation.


Are you ready?


You guys can do anything, right?


What’s the point of the different colors? Well, there is a difference in skills that can be used.


There’s a lot of green. Let’s turn the garbage into soil.


Let’s ask the greens to go to their death for a while.


「 Now, try to make some soil. 」


The soil is created as it is expelled.


The pace is very slow.


Expectations are high for the future.



「 Slime has exceeded 100 creatures! 」


My father’s eyebrows raise.


「 That many already? 」


「 Yes, it is. The guild is also sending me slimes, and it seems that garbage disposal is useful for increasing slime. 」


「 I see 」


As usual, I’m reporting in his off office.


「 We were able to dispose of the garbage from the stables and the kitchen without any problems. As for the manure, if you could give us some more time 」


「 Hmm, that would give us a lot of leeway. 」


Anton hands the parchment to Father.


We’ll wait for Father to come to his senses.


Come on, White, here are your cookies.


I can’t compare it to Chiyo-sama’s, but it is still a very high quality product.


Thank you very much.


As usual, the Slime is buzzing with joy.


It seems to be very considerate and hasn’t made its usual squeal.


It’s a very smart one, that’s very good.


「 Can you take care of the city’s garbage? 」


Father looks up and watches me.


「 What do we get if I do so? 」


「 What we get from the fields will be burned as is for now. If the value of the weed balls is recognized, we can make a budget to collect them. The same goes for the stuff from the stables. Then there’s food waste. We’ll create a space in the city and collect it there. It’ll save us a lot of money. Is there a problem with that? 」


「 I don’t know if this will be a problem, but it is known that the Slimes will increase at a significant rate. I’d like to collect it regularly, preferably daily. 」


As for me, I’d be happy to go into town to collect it, but I’m sure it would be difficult for my father.


「 Hmmm……Can you adjust the pace of the increase? 」


「 Yes, it can be done. 」


We just have to turn it into an experience. Adjusting the number itself is not a problem.


「 However, I would still like to collect them on a regular basis. Bringing it back to this child on a regular basis will make her stronger. 」


I put a cookie on its head to show it that I’m in a good mood with the white.


By turning it into experience value, there is no waste, but I can’t collect it unless I convert it back into the white.


The amount of experience gained by processing food waste would probably be substantial. I would definitely like to collect it on a regular basis.


「 We’ll use the carts that we’ve been using to carry out the trash to transport Slime. Is your Slime docile? 」


「 Yes, I can. I can give them instructions. 」


「 So, can we make it so that the slime we send out is swapped with the slime that is taken out of the collection site? That would allow for daily collection. 」


The split will be done before you know it, and the number of Slimes will grow several times, even temporarily. It would be easier to manage the site if we could just switch them in and out.


Then there’s no need for me to go into town. I’m a little disappointed, but I can’t help it.


「 I see. If you specify the number from the site, we can prepare that number. 」


「 Then we’ll assign someone to manage the site and move immediately. 」


「 I look forward to working with you 」


This will help the Slimes to grow even more.


I’ve been talking to y father a lot lately. Thanks to the help of the Slimes.


Thanks to Slime, I’ll be working even harder.