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Chapter  21 Being a bit Playful

TL: Yuki



「 The time has finally come, Cozette-chan!! 」


In a white room, Chiyo-sama greeted me, standing with her arms crossed.


「 Are you talking about me going out? 」


「 That’s right!! 」


「 My, I’m looking forward to it. 」


To be honest, I’m not that enthusiastic about it. It’s just a visit to a garbage disposal plant.


I don’t have any other plans to go anywhere in particular.


「 You’re so naive, Cozette-chan! More naive than this raw chocolate! 」


As usual, the chocolate was thrust into my mouth, and I ate it as a half-conditional reflex.


「 Fuah…… 」


I guess you could say it melts at the temperature of the tongue. The aroma and sweetness is so elegant and luxurious that it spreads in the mouth.


「 Kukuku……Here’s some milk…… 」


And then there was the hot milk. It’s also very concentrated, and you can tell right away that it’s a high quality product. And strangely enough, the milk spreads the raw chocolate even more……


「 This is so heavenly…… 」


But what is raw chocolate? Is it a nut, or is it possibly some kind of meat or offal? I wonder if it exists in our world.


I’d love to get my hands on some. I want this taste to spread on our country……



「 I understand that I’m very naive, but what exactly is naive about me? 」


「 There’s a lot of danger out there, Cozette-chan!! 」


「 Eh, haah, well. I understand that it’s dangerous, but 」


However, it’s our own territory, isn’t it? I don’t think there’s that much danger in our own territory.


Tomorrow, my brother will be there, my martial arts teacher will be there, and my escort will be with me. The schedule has already been set up, and I don’t think anything unexpected will happen any time soon.


「 You can get kidnapped for saying so, cursed for buying an item you don’t understand at a strange tool shop, or tangled up with a rank fraud adventurer!! 」


「 Isn’t that a little too much to expect? 」


I wonder how Chiyo-sama treats our territory in her mind. I don’t think it’s that catastrophic.


I look at Chiyo-sama with a bit of annoyance, but she seems to have a serious face and doesn’t seem to care.


「 These things are a bit theoretical. 」


「 oh, is that so 」


Oh, this is Chiyo-sama when she can’t stop.


As I’ve come to understand recently, it’s basically useless to say anything to Chiyo when she gets like this. The only thing to do is to wait for her to be satisfied.


「 Cozette-chan is so cute after all! 」


「 Haah…thank you for the compliment? 」


「 If you let the cute little Cozette-chan out in the wild, she will be jumped by a pack of wolves like a sheep! 」


「 Oh, my, That is certainly a tragic future. 」


「 That’s what I’m trying to tell you!! 」


What do you mean by that?


Oh, my, you’re certainly not giving up on this, aren’t you?


「 So that’s why I’ve been working on a new project called “Anti-Crime Goods”~~~!! 」


Chiyo the started rummaging through her things.


「 What is that noise? 」


And how was it produced?


「 It’s from this called, Help-me-Chiyo-mon 」


Was it you, Slime? Well, you’re involved, aren’t you?


And pretending to be a ball of tears won’t convince anyone, you know?


「 First, this is a mask using Slime. I’ve had Slime try it out outside, so it should work fine!!!! 」


「 You can’t tell what a person looks like when they’re wearing a mask, and even if the pattern changes, it might make it easier to identify them as someone who only wears a strange mask. 」


And then I understood. In other words, the danger was just a pretext to show these tools, right?


「 Next is the Slime voice change device!! It’s ribbon shaped, and when you turn the dial on the back, it changes to your voice.……that how it should work!! For now, it only works with Slime Like Voices!!! 」


「 It’s made out of Slime, isn’t it? Well, at least others won’t think you’re an ordinary girl. At least, they won’t think she’s a normal girl, they’ll think she’s something incredibly weird. 」


「 Slime Kicking Power Boosting Boots! Even a soccer ball can be turned it into a murder weapon! Your opponent will be blown to pieces! Though I can’t control the recoil at the moment, so the wearer will also be blown to pieces. 」


「 What is a “sakarboll”? Won’t that not be a security measure if you can’t kick anyone with it or get hurt, when doing so? 」


「 ……Muuu 」


「 Ah 」


Chiyo-sama is puffing out her cheeks.


I couldn’t help but interrupt her because she was too weird about it.


「 Cozette-chan. That’s not how to response!it should be 『 Amazing!!! As expected of Chiyo!! 』 A scene of praise! It’s a cliché! You can’t go on with the story, if it’s like this! It’s like a novel where the story doesn’t progress at all because conversation is not the needed context! 」


「 AH, aha, a, amazing Chiyo… 」


Chiyo-sama is angry in a way I don’t understand. At any rate, all I have to do is follow as I’m told.


「 As punishment, I’m going to poke and tickle you. 」


Chiyo, who had returned to her usual tension, said something like that in response.


「 What? Don’t do that, please 」


Before I knew it, Chiyo-sama had approached me and was easily holding me in her arms.


How? Even though I am training in martial arts!?


「 Kukuku, in this room, the first “Hurdle” is to abandon common sense. 」


「 What’s that? Aren’t you the one who should need common sense!! 」


If you are saying that problem is my way of thinking, then why do you even suggest something that would take away your advantage!! How can I even prove that I can do that!


「 Master need to adapt to it…… 」


「 Are you trying to rebel now! I’ll be taking that then, Slime!! 」


「 Please don’t do that, Master, or we will die 」


「 I’m sure you’ll do! 」


As expected of the weakest! You know what you’re made of!!


「 I’m sure the next Slime will do better 」


「 It would be great if I could make the next Slime be a little more honest than this! 」


You’re never going to die, are you, technically, right? Can’t you just appoint someone else quickly!


「 Fufufu, Cozette-chan, are you sure you have the time to be more concerned about the slime? 」


「 *Sigh!? 」


That’s it, I gave up. I entrusted my life and death to Chiyo-sama.


「 As, as expected of Chiyo!! It’s Chiyo-sama after all!! 」


I don’t know what she is trying to express with those words exactly, but I have a feeling that this is a very bad idea. I somehow want to get out of here.


「 It’s too late for that. There! There, there! 」


「 pl, please stop! tha, that is 」


「 Hahahaha!! 」


「 Auun 」


「 Ahaha・・・ 」


「 Aaaah 」




「 Please stop already 」


「 I’m starting to feel weird! 」


「 please, please stop…… 」


「 Cozette-chan!! 」


「 please, that is enough!! 」


「 Hefu 」


The moment her momentum slowed down, she launched a fist that caught Chiyo-sama in the jaw like never before.



「 I’m starting to be very angry, even if it is Chiyo-sama. 」


「 Hai, I’m sorry. I got overexcited. 」


「 Are you really sorry about it? 」


「 Of course!!! 」


Chiyo-san raises her hand as she replied.


「 Getting scolded 」


What are you saying now, your punishment is not having cookies. You bad Slime.


「 No way 」


What makes you think you’ll get it? Do you think it will be “next time”? I’m proud to say that I’m a rather unforgiving person.


「 We, are of the neutral stand and always on your side though 」


I don’t need that kind of cheap loyalty.


You’re just going to be bought out with cookies again soon. Yes, I’m sure they will. This Slime definitely will.


「 *Sigh, that should be enough. So, what did you come up with? Please show me. 」


「 Oh, you’re not mad anymore? 」


「 I’m not mad at you from the start. 」


I’m sure you’ve thought about it for me, though. It’s just that it resulted in a kind of annoying playfulness.


「 You’ve given it a lot of thought, haven’t you? I’ll have to try it out to see if it works. 」


I’m in the midst of experimenting with Slime myself. I know that sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail, and if I worry about each failure, I won’t be able to move forward.


Besides, as I mentioned earlier, the tools that come from Chiyo-sama’s ideas are quite bizarre and unknown.


It’s all stuff that I would never have thought of. I don’t have the option of not looking.


「 This is the Slime Mist, where you hide a Slime ball in your mouth, and when you want to use it, you tear it open and spray your opponent with it. The downside is that it hurts you too. Then there’s this―― 」


And so, one by one, the strange tools keep on coming.


And for some reason, they all have unfamiliar drawbacks. Why is it that the final evaluation of all of them is so strange?


This one will blow your hand off the moment you use it. Please reflect on this. I’m not sure what you mean by little flower. It’s too weird and too ironic. This one was rejected.


Please don’t look so disappointed. It looks like it’s my fault. …… Okay, keep it for now. Though I might end up keeping it forever.


Pile bunker? Why, is it used on one arm? Do you have a compelling need to blow my arm off? I can’t accept such a twisted desire.


What does Chiyo-sama want with me?


You must have been doing a lot of work with the Slime behind the scenes. So this is the result of your deviousness.


That’s okay. I’m the one who’s going to use it, so let’s adjust it for the better.