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Chapter 24 You Look Fine

TL: Yuki



「 It’s really the Slime doing the work. 」


「 It’s highly corrosive, so don’t touch it directly. 」


The refugees are being instructed, but they’re hesitant to work with it. Well, they’ll get used to it. We have been taught that Slime is semi-wild and more powerful than most normal things. It would be best to have them be a little more careful with it.


Since we’re treating them as semi-wild, they need to carry the garbage to the designated place. But the truth is that we’re still in the middle of taming them.


For stone, they can remove dirt from the surface and reshape it. For wood, they leave behind the nails and such that are attached to it.


It’s all an important part of the experience. I want the refugees to feel comfortable in their work.


I don’t know why they keep glancing at me, but they’re just watching me, I don’t need to worry about them.


When I smile at them, they get startled and go back to work.


That’s rude.


Oh, it’s probably because of the mask, so they can’t see the smile. Maybe I startled him by moving the pattern in some random way. That’s all right.


「 I didn’t expect that we would be able to bathe in water. 」


「 There’s another Slime here. 」


I can hear their voices from the bath since I only have curtains separating them. If there’s any problem, I’ll take care of it myself.


When the refugees heard that they could bathe in the water, they were happy to fetch it for us.


Also, the Slimes will clean the water, so they don’t have to worry about it.


At first the Slime had its upper body out, but now it is submerged. It seems that it doesn’t even need to breathe.


This is the first time I’ve tried it, and I didn’t find any problems.


「 The refugees seem to be okay now. 」


「 Yeah, we’ll be able to make progress on the processing that’s been stalled. Gradually, the amount we have to process will also settle down. 」


Was it an overloaded situation with so few workers right now?


The rest of the day was spent lightly going over the paperwork and other details of the site, discussing the amount of waste coming out of the city and the budget that would be saved in the future.


They also said that superiors shouldn’t stay in the field for too long.



「 Did they finally leave 」


Someone said in a whisper.


An air of relief drifted through the area.


People are afraid of the unknown. The child in the robe was truly unknown.


That person was with a nobleman, so that one must be in a higher position. The fact that the nobleman was explaining things to the one in the robes suggested that it was that person that was actually in charge of the place.


Thinking about it now, the Slimes here also look strange.


Nevertheless, the job they were given was a decent one. The first guy who ran off was also saved by that person, if you only look at the outline.


They could only hope that they would not be involved in the future.


Perhaps this wish was shared by all of them, but they probably didn’t expect the pace of their work naturally increased.



Reading the reports that have come in, it seems that the refugees are getting more efficient in their work. That’s good.


There are some tasks that don’t require a lot of effort, so even the women are able to work without any problems.


I thought there would be a little more trouble at first. I wonder if it was the result of my brother’s leadership, or if it was a good thing that I took the knights on an inspection tour, even though it was a little risqué.


I’m sure this will further strengthen the Slimes. I hope they grow up well.


Let’s inquire if we can raise the money to dig a well in the refugee town from the budget we have left. The rest is father’s work.


If this goes well, the Slimes will be deployed even to the frontline towns. There are some difficulties in coordinating with White, but…that’s still a long way off.


Now, about the Earth Slime mucus that I’ve suddenly decided to use. I’ve been experimenting with it for a while, but I’ll have to have a proper look at it.


There doesn’t seem to be any leaks at the site so far, so I guess it should be okay.


Earth Slime can eat not only soil, but also stones. Slime can eat anything, but Earth Slime seems to prefer stones as well.


Earth Slime also likes rocks, and when they make slime balls with the powder, they become very hard. The downside is that Earth Slime itself can’t make stone, so it’s limited.


Also, if they are kept without absorbing the stone powder, the Earth Slime itself will become harder and harder. The color also becomes similar to stone.


「 Is it possible to use iron? 」


It’s definitely possible.


Hmm. Maybe I should try feeding it iron without letting them absorb it next time…


Dropping an Earth Slime ball into the water, it didn’t dissolve. Usually it would normally dissolve the coating but this time it didn’t. There was no reaction even after stirring it with my fingers. This result is good.


By the way, you can also make it dissolve in water, which means that the Slime is getting more and more versatile with what it can do. That’s good.


「 Now then, all I need is to check the mask. 」


The white Slime was used as a mask, so I had to remove the mask in order for it to split.


It can be done without removing the mask, but if it’s left as it is, it will look like Slimes are being generated from my face… It might be interesting as a sideshow, but it might block the view, so I reject it.


There are too many inconveniences with the way it is now.


After thinking about it for a while, I decided to extend Slime’s body like a branch from the mask to my hand. This way, I can get Slime out of my reach. This is more convenient. It also makes it harder for the mask to come off.


I move my body around for a while, make sure there are no hindrances to my movements, check the other Slime tools, and call it a day.


My martial arts teacher didn’t hide the fact that she wanted to try out the Slime equipment as soon as possible. The next meeting would be a tough one.


I’ve been prioritizing getting used to the equipment, so I’ve been delaying showing it off to my teacher, but I think she’s about to run out of patience.


I’m a little nervous about it. I guess I have no choice but to do it. Now, then, it’s time to say good night.