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Chapter 25 I got Permission

TL: Yuki



「 Fuuh. 」


The martial arts instructor quickly approaches, ducking and dodging the swinging wooden sword with minimal movement.


The pressure of her sword was increasing day by day.


I guess she thinks I can handle it. The truth is that I’m just barely managing to survive every day.


I don’t think she’s going to be nice to me if I complain, and the fact is that she’s dodging my attacks… I just have to hold on and keep dodging.


I tried to thrust my dagger into his pocket, but she easily dodged and kicked me gently.


No, she’s toying with me, isn’t she?


I stepped on the instructor’s kicking foot and jumped.


The shoes are equipped with Slime, which expands the moment power is applied to the toes, increasing the jumping power even more.


This makes it possible to jump very high.


Landing was no problem thanks to the Slime.


Even if I lose my stance, there is no problem because I have Slimes inside my clothes.


As a result of being thrown around a lot during my first training, I can say that this is a tool that I was able to create as a countermeasure.


It is very easy to use and will come in handy in the future.


Chiyo-sama told me that I was like a rider! But I’m not a rider.


While in the air, I throw my bracelets at the instructor.


「 I don’t think I should receive that. 」


The instructor manages to avoid it.


Of course, it was a Slime, so if she could catch it with her sword, I planned to capture her and render her weapon useless. I’ve been completely read, haven’t I? After all, it was not a good idea to show it the other day.


The bangles ended up sticking into the ground.




Well, there’s always next time.


The bracelet is replenished with soil Slime, which was split by White, who extended it to my arm the moment I threw the bracelet.

However, even if you use the same move, you will probably be able to avoid it again.


The teacher is still looking at me with a look that suggests I’m hiding something.


Yes, I have.


I get an earth slime from White and spin it around with a wrist snap.


The slime is stretched to some extent, but still retains its shape. With <Hardening>, the strength of the slime can be adjusted freely.


When it reaches a certain speed, a clump of soil is expelled with a swoosh.


This is a rapid-fire sling.


The sling is a primitive target shooting tool, but it’s easy to use and produces a lot of firepower. You can also use rocks from around the area for bullets, so you don’t have to worry about replenishing them.


It is not bulky, and there are plenty of places to hide it.


If I do this with Earth Slimes, it becomes a vicious weapon that can be fired in rapid succession. Even though it’s dirt, it’s still pretty tough.


I originally came up with this idea because of the Slime’s throwing ability was not getting any better. The Earth Slimes are similar to bangles; all they need to do is create a clump of dirt and time it to spit it out.


I’ve been practicing secretly. This is my first time showing it off.


Chiyo-sama, who I showed this to, said it looked like a machine gun, and she explained and showed me a video of a machine gun.


Chiyo-sama has some amazing weapons in her world.


I was told that it was too powerful and too dangerous to be used by anyone, so I was told not to tell her how to make it.


I feel a sense of disappointment, but indeed, considering how scary it is when an enemy has it, maybe that’s okay.


「 Muh! 」


Even the swift instructor seemed to be surprised by that kind of sling, and hurried to avoid it. As if to add insult to injury, a few volleys are fired.


You’re kidding, right? You parried them!


What kind of physique do you have?


「 That’s a pretty good weapon. 」


As if to express her greeting to me, who had landed on the ground, the instructor approached me gracefully and waved her wooden sword briskly.


I am afraid to ask her to stop.


「 I am honored by your compliment. 」


I catch the wooden sword with my arm. A crisp, hard sound is produced. White in my arm blocked it.


I could have grabbed the wooden sword with Slime, but… the difference in weight would have made me swing straight up, so I change White into a spike and extend it to my instructor.


As if time has stopped, we stop moving and stare at each other.


「 …Hm. Very well. 」


Nodding her head, the instructor moves away.


「 It looks like you can defend yourself at least. Tomorrow, we’ll start training in the field. 」


「 Oh, you mean we’ll be training outside? 」


「 Yes, that’s right. You’re probably wondering about the processing plant, right? With that much action, there should be no risks within the territory. You’ll get to see more of the place. 」


It’s true that we’ve received reports of the processing plant, but we’d like to see it in action on a regular basis.


I’d like to see it regularly.


「 That’s why I need your permission to go out. 」


「 …So soon? 」


I came to report to father as soon as possible. He raised an eyebrow.


Even if you told me that it was so soon, it was the instructor who said this.


「 Well, that’s fine. If the instructor gave you permission, then I guess it’s all good. The original plan was to use people who worked for merchants, how about that? 」


Oh, that’s right, there was talk of that. I had completely forgotten about it.

I was able to do a lot just by being in the mansion.


A merchant, huh? I might be able to come up with something, and even if I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not, I’d like to hear about it at least once.


Hmm, what should I do?


「 I’ll put that one on hold for now. I’m going to wear the mask for a while before moving outside. 」


I take out the mask and show it to him.


It now has a white base with black lines making waves.


「 We’ve already accomplished that by not letting people know about Cozette in advance, using my mask 」


And who knows who else is moving in and out of this house.


Father showed signs of thinking for a while before finally nodding his head.


「 …Tha, that’s a good mask. 」


That’s my father. He knows what he’s doing.


I put away the mask that had begun to show splotches.


「 Thank you, Father. 」


「 」