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Chapter 26 I got involved

TL: Yuki



All right, now that I’m heading out, there’s something I need to do before I get there.


“I would like to register as an adventurer, please.”


“Yes, then please fill in your name here.”


That is to register with the Adventurer’s Guild. This allows me to prove my status as a free citizen even if I am working outside. If I didn’t, I would have to go around explaining the hassle.


This is my first time here at the Adventurer’s Guild, and I’ve always been grateful for their help in collecting Slimes. Thank you for your continued support.


It’s quite spacious and comfortable. There is a dining room on the premises, and some people are drinking even in the morning.


There are also request forms posted on the wall. Let’s look at it later.


A name… What shall I use? I’d like a name that people can recognize as mine.




“[White]-sama, right?”


“Yes, please take care of me.”


I’m wearing a white mask, so I’m just White. By the way, the voice is made a little lower by the slime. I think it sounds almost like a boy.


With a large amount of experience, I’ve been able to adjust it to make it less uncomfortable. I’m grateful for the existence of the processing plant.


The only companion I have now is my instructor. There’s no need to stand out unnecessarily.


“Do you need an explanation?”


The receptionist asked me with a smile. It’s a moderately polite response. Very good, I think.


I look at my instructor, but he is shaking his head.


“It’s not a problem since we have a co-worker.”


I don’t want to be an enthusiastic adventurer, you know. And I think I’ll be working with my teacher, basically.


“Then, please put a drop of blood here.”


As I was told, I dripped a drop of blood and finished the registration. I receive the iron necklace and that’s it. Very easy.


They’re glancing at me from afar, but I guess they’re only concerned about a newcomer.


I take a look at the requests posted on the board.


They range from cleaning the town, gathering materials, escorting transports, clearing demons from the forest, delivering letters…. There’ s a wide variety.


There’s also quite a bit of space that appears to have been stripped, so I suppose it’s already late in the day for an adventurer to be here.


“Let’s go then.”


” Are you sure you don’t want to take the request?”


My instructor pointed at the request forms.


To be honest, I’m not that interested in adventurer work.


I’m more on the side of employing adventurers.


“I’ll take the offer if I feel like it.”




We walked steadily towards the outside of the city. I’m intrigued by all the sights I’ve never seen before.


I can smell the delicious aroma from those food stalls and other places. If there is room to buy some on the way back, I’ll buy something.




What is that store? I guess it’s a general store.


“Hey, you there, you.”


I’d like to stop by an armor shop next time, too.


“Hey, kid.”


I was almost grabbed out of nowhere, so I quickly avoided him.


What’s with the sudden grab?




The other party is dumbfounded.


“What are you doing?”


I looked at him and saw that he was dressed very roughly. His clothes were torn from the shoulders up.


Wouldn’t it be better to dress a little more neatly…? His physique is quite good, but what a waste.


When I looked to my side, I saw that my instructor had disappeared before I knew it.


This means that I should handle this myself?


What happened to the guards? The princess is in trouble.


“You want that stuff, right?”




“Ah, just come here.”


When I tilted my head, he rephrased it in a way I could understand. I guess he’s surprisingly kind.


I’m a little curious to see what would happen, so let’s take a look.



As soon as we enter the alley, we are immediately surrounded by people just like him.


” In other words, you want me to bring Slimes and herbs and give them to you.”


“Oh, and I will help you out in the city for that. Adventurers help each other.”


“What do you want to help me with?”




I don’t know what’s so funny, but it’s a very unrefined laugh.


Then I realized something. He had thought that he found someone who was easy to control and was stealing their achievements.


I’m getting more and more uncomfortable.


I’ll deal with them.


“I don’t want to.”




“Why don’t you take a bath before you ask someone for help? It smells worse than the garbage at the disposal area.”


In the first place, the garbage disposal is quite clean, unlike its name, because your brother visits it. The smell is also kept very low by Slime.


“Rather, go to the landfill. There’s work to be done there, and a bath as well.”


Here’s what I realized. They must simply have no money.


They must be so poor that they can’t afford to take a bath, and that’s why they’re begging a small child like me for the results.


“Please tell me if that’s all you need.”




For some reason, he became enraged, so I used an Earth Slime as a stick and beat him with it.


I’ll make sure to beat that dirty face to a pulp.




“Na!? Guhah”


I’ll be sure to knock down everyone around you as well.


My goodness.




It’s not powerful enough for someone of my weight, but even so, a hit to the head will do a good amount of damage.


“Damn it. You dare challenge Minory the Fami”


“I don’t know about that.




“You… Gosh.






Every time they try to move, I just hit them in places that might not interfere with their actions.


I’m weak at attacking, so I…


I have no choice but to just keep hitting them.


” St, Stop it…”


After doing so for a while, they finally seem to have given up.


“Hmm. Please try not to do this kind of thing again. Also, if you know others like you bunch, tell them not to mess with me. I don’t have time to deal with every single person I encounter.”


“Wah, that was really…”


“Also, I want you to wear this. It’s a nice collar that will snap your neck if you do something wrong.”


I take out a number of earthen Slime collars for the number of people and toss them.




I hit the man behind me, who was trying to run away. The sound of his clothes rustling is loud.


Or rather, did you come here just to show your intention to run away? As expected, the attack power is lacking.


It is a Slime, after all.


Should I try growing thorns on the stick? It’s not sharp, but it looks painful.


“I’ll hit you with this next time.”


“Okay, okay! I’ll do it! I’ll do it!


“I see. I was wondering how much it would hurt. Would you like to be punched to try it out?”


“Stop it! I already put it on! I already have!!!!”


The man who seemed to be the leader of the group made an appearance with his limbs on the ground, offering his neck.


“That collar, if you do something bad, it will tighten like this.”




The man instantly cowers, holding his neck.


He flops around for a while, but gradually his movements become weaker and weaker.


Hmm, I’m beginning to wonder how long can a person stay alive?


It’s important to learn to adjust things as needed, you know.


“Please, stop it! I promise!”


“I see. I’m glad to hear that.”


Since the people around me seem to have understood, I loosen the collar.


“Well then, I’ll be going. Spend the rest of your life giving, and not taking from others.”


“Ha, hi!!!”


Hmm, good reply.


“If you misbehave, I’m going to put that collar on everyone around you. If you are in a relationship, have children, or parents, please encourage them even more.”


The men gasp.


I will be monitoring you….