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Chapter 27 There was a Goblin

TL: Yuki


“This is your first time, so please feel free to move around.”


As we entered the forest, my instructor said this without instructing me to do anything in particular.


“Okay, I understand.”


So if there’s something wrong, she’ll point it out later. Do you mean that I should think for myself?


The forest outside the city is not that dangerous, but demons do spring up regularly, so you need to thin them out.


It is said that demons are naturally spawned from magic elements, something that resembles magic in the air. It’s mysterious.


This time, I didn’t have a goal in mind, so I just walked along.


There was no sign or sound of my instructor, who was supposed to be walking behind me. I’m impressed.


I wonder how she does it. I’ll ask her to explain it to me tomorrow.


I tried to spy on her, but she was gone before I could.


That explains why I didn’t hear any footsteps.


That means I’m alone in the forest right now.


I was wondering, other than my family, don’t you think people around me are a little rough with me?


“By the way…”


“Yes, what is it?”


I called out to her and she came out.


Why not just follow him from behind? Wouldn’t that be too much trouble?


“How was my handling?”


I wanted to ask her about how I handled the situation earlier. I’m aware that I overreacted a bit, because I wanted to correct myself if I did something wrong.


“Those undesirables from earlier? Wasn’t that for the best? If you punish them that much, they won’t be able to hold a grudge even if they want to with a bigger group.”


“I see. Then that is how I shall do it in the future.”


It didn’t sound like a very pleasant way to develop. Like she said, it would only be troublesome if they came in droves.


“If you show your strength halfway, people who think they can do it, or that I can do it, will appear one after the other.”


” Isn’t that how they usually deal with it. –No, I suppose not.”


For the time being, I’ve put a collar on them. I’ve also shown them the effects of it, so there should be no problem.


“Well, if they’re strong enough, then the really strong ones might get involved to test their strength.”


” Hah, there’s no end to it, is there? A bunch of idiots, are they?”


I’m getting fed up with this.


“Anyone who is obsessed with strength has muscles for brains.”


“Yes, I know. That’s called a [muscle brained idiot].”


Chiyo-sama told me.


“Oh, I see. That’s a good word. I’ll keep that in mind.”


“By the way, are there a lot of people like that in the city who look like they were raised badly?”


He also said something about Mino something.


“Not many, but they’re not disappearing either. If they stand out, we crush them.”


“I see. Well, if there’s anything else I can do, I’ll come say hello next time. You’ll have to accompany me then.”


You’re also my bodyguard, aren’t you? A weak girl like is going in a dangerous place, so please protect me.


“As you wish.”


Well, if nothing happens, I won’t have to take any troublesome actions, so that’s good.


At any rate, I’ll continue walking around. If there’s any prey, I’ll try to hunt it.



…I can’t find anything.


I wonder if they’ve sensed me and are running away.


While walking, I drop Earth Slime from under my feet. Green Slimes would be in danger. Earth slime can be hardened, so it’s probably not that dangerous for them. Even if they are caught by adventurers, they will come back to me through the guild. It’s not a problem.


They can also be used as a guide, and although their range is limited by plants and trees, they can be used as surveillance.


We’ll use this technique in the future when we go to unknown places.


“When you’re walking around like that, emitting brown lumps, it’s as if you’re um–“


I fire my dagger in the direction of the voice. It’s a good one, sharpened sharply, of course.


It sticks into the tree with a thud.


I’m not going to let you say anything else.


“If you have something to say, say it to my face. I’ll take it.”


There is no voice to come back.


She’s totally teasing me.


“I’ll report you to father.”


“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t do that.”


A wave of a hand flutters from behind the tree with the knife in it.


As soon as I get your father out, this is it, Are you afraid to get found out.


“I was only trying to be helpful, so that you wouldn’t do that in the city, too.”




“We don’t know what might happen in the future, so there’s no need to make a mistake.”




“Besides, if I say something a little shocking, it will stay in your mind, and you will be more likely to pay attention.”


Unfortunately, she’s right. It is true that from the sidelines, it may have been a bit of a disappointment.


It can’t be helped. However, if a person does not have a good sense of humor, they should not be afraid to speak their mind.



After walking around for a while, I found a monster.


It was a goblin.


It has a large head, short stature, green skin, and a club. Their bodies are poorly built, but I’ve heard that there are many of them.


Their bites are poisonous, and if you underestimate them, your life could be in danger.


Hmm. What should I do?


I looked around, but my instructor was not there. I guess she wants me to do whatever I want.


I release the slimes and let them explore the area.My <Movement> level has improved quite a bit, so this should be pretty quick.


I’ve also been taught that gathering information is more important than anything else.


After searching the area and confirming that there is no particular danger, I release several new Slimes.


The next one are Earth Slimes. It was specially released with a large stock.

Increasing the stock of a slime actually increases the durability of the slime, in addition to giving a boost to its skills. According to Chiyo-sama, it’s a [Hidden Status].


And there they go.



The goblin had gone scouting for his nest that day.


When he returned, his wife and children would be there. Another day of hard work.


He found edible mushrooms and even caught a rabbit, so it was a productive day.


There are more of them, and not enough to fill their bellies.


The goblins’ job was to scout for food.


This goblin’s job is to scout.


Then, a few slimes appeared in front of me.


He took his attention off of them and tried to move on, but these slimes followed him for some reason.




He thought it was annoying and punched it, but with a hard feeling, the club was taken into the slime’s body.




The slime crawled through the cudgel.


The goblin desperately steps on the cudgel, trying to pull it away.


Unfortunately for the goblin, it can’t get its head around the idea of letting go.


The other Slimes also try to stretch out towards the goblin’s body.




The last thing that came into the Goblin’s mind was just the thought of why and how.



“–I’d hate it if there was a goblin situation like that.”


As I observed the goblin buried in the slime, I tried to imagine why it was moving alone as a single unit.


“Why are you even bothering to say something like that?”


Behind me stood my instructor with her eyebrows bent into a curve.


“When I imagined it, it made me feel really awkward, so I thought I’d ask for someone to hear it.”


“Someone?” “I’m the only one here, aren’t I?”


“Words are so useful, aren’t they?”


Well, no matter what the circumstances of the goblin is, it is a target to be killed, so I will hunt it.


The only good goblin is a dead goblin….


Apparently, it takes a bit of work for slimes to <absorb> living things. Normally, with only that amount of material to dissolve, it would already be gone.


“If you take the ears to the guild, they’ll give you a reward in exchange.”


“Do you use them for anything?”


If it’s used for potions or something, I’d love to hear about it. I definitely don’t want to drink them in the future.


“No, not at all. They’re a nuisance, so we pay them based on the number they get rid of.”


“I see. That’s a good system. I don’t need it, though.”


I was asked if I could put up with the discomfort of carrying around goblin ears in order to get some money. No, I can’t.


You see, I’m the princess of this domain.


It’s a very precious person. Hohoho.


“Also, sometimes there is a magic stone. It’s located next to the heart. It’s also worth money.”


“I see.”


The two of us watched as the goblins disappeared while talking about such things.


It’s a good experience.


“By the way, the reason why I’m walking through this forest in the first place is for my martial arts class.”


“Oh, that’s right.”


There was a set-up like that, wasn’t there?


“In other words, you have zero points so far, young lady.”


“No way!”


I showed her how easy it was to defeat a goblin!


“This is martial arts training, so please fight.”


“That’s not fair…”


“By the way, how many daggers do you have in your clothes?”


“Ten today, I think.”


It doesn’t make a sound, and I’m proud to say that I can carry it without feeling uncomfortable!


“There’s no way a shy girl would have ten daggers in her stash. Please end this silly question and answer and use your fighting skills next time.”


“Yes, I understand.”


Apparently, I was a little elated being outside for the first time. I must brace myself.