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Chapter 1 Mari, sets off to another world!

TL: Yuki


The morning sun was beginning to rise, and the crisp autumn air was flowing into the room of a private house. The owner of the room, took a deep breath, stretched, and relaxed her stiffened body.


Her name is Mari Mido.


A seventeen-year-old high school girl.


It’s not like she’s going to school right now. Today was a day off, and she had stayed up all night playing games in anticipation of it. Her muscles ached all over, and she had dark bags under my eyes, but she was having fun and enjoying it.


Looking at the computer monitor, she tapped the keyboard and wrote in the chat.


「 I think I’ve reached my limit. I’m going to take a break.」


She then received a reply immediately.


「 Roger, Saint 」


「 I thought Saint was supposed to come after lunch.」


「 Seriously, you’re tough, Saint.」


「 See you later, saint, sometime later~.」


She was soothed by the comments of her friends.


Saint is her nickname.


This game is called an 『 MMO RPG 』, where a large number of players gather in a virtual space to have adventures.


She was a veteran player and had reached level 99. No higher levels had been implemented yet, and she was accumulating experience for nothing, but she was enjoying the adventure and didn’t want to stop.


As she rubs her sleepy eyes, she suddenly thinks. 


I wondered why I was so absorbed in…….


I remember vividly how I came across this game, and it was an image of a character that caught my eye on the Internet. She was a beautiful female priestess who attracted Mari intensely.


She has long, lustrous black hair, white, clear white skin, and dark green emerald eyes that look cool and attractive. Her slender body is wrapped in a white robe, and her figure is filled with a mysterious elegance that is out of this world.


Yes, Mari had fallen in love with that priestess at first sight.


It’s not just all about the characters. The world of the game, with its sophisticated virtual technology, was so beautiful that it penetrated into my mind when I was bored with my daily life.


A fantasy world depicting the Middle Ages. A frontier where more than 100,000 players venture in search of something as yet unseen. And she has become one of the adventurers who travel there.


 ―――As a beautiful Priestess.


「 Fuaaah~, I need to get some sleep before my lunch break.」


When I was about to turn off the computer, I noticed something.




「 Eh?」


 Just now, I thought I heard something that sounded like a voice.


 I listen carefully to make sure……




This time, I could hear it quite clearly, and it seemed to resonate directly in my heart.


「 Saint? You mean me?」


As soon as I answered that, my vision shook!


( Eh? I……what happened……)


 My consciousness is becoming more and more distant.


 I did not feel the fear of death.


 Still, I mumbled to myself with my last remaining consciousness.


「 Mom, Dad, I’m sorry. Big brother, I’m so sorry.」


 ―――And so Mari departed.




Feeling her consciousness returning, Mari slowly opened her eyelids. She was standing in a large plaza with a fountain and a magnificent four-story building in front of her. It was probably some kind of office, and there were many people coming and going.


Where am I?


 I looked around and saw a majestic white castle to the north, and somehow I knew its name of that place even though I had never seen it before.


「 Misery Castle. Then, that building is the Adventurer’s Guild?」


No way, I thought as I observed my surroundings, the innkeeper, weapon shop, and tool shop…… were all in familiar locations.


「 No doubt about it, this is Misery’s commercial district!」


Misery, the Citadel, was a city that appeared in the game she was playing. It was the capital of the Mystrel Holy Kingdom, located in the north of the Ardesia continent.


Mari was surprised by what was happening, but she couldn’t stay confused. She began to use her mind to make sense of the situation.


Have I been transported to the game world?


I turned my gaze to myself and saw that I was wearing a white robe, different from the one I had worn in my room earlier.


「These are, my in-game costumes.」


As soon as I realized this, something occurred to me, so I ran to the fountain and peered into the water to see what it was.


What I saw was the face of a beautiful goddess, with lustrous black hair and emerald eyes.


It was then that Mari understood. That she had been reincarnated as the game character she had been using!


She sat down on the spot, slumped. It wasn’t that she was scared. She was so happy to be the goddess she had always wanted to be that she couldn’t help but lose her strength.


「 This is no time to be happy!」


I told myself that, but I couldn’t help but feel happy about it.


She was sitting on her butt in front of the fountain, touching her face with her hands and enjoying her moment of happiness, when she noticed the cold stares of people passing by and finally came to her senses.


 She stood up, brushed the dust off her skirt, and walked away without a care in the world.


Mari began to run through the crowded streets. If this really was Misery, there was a view she would love to see.


She found the stairs to the castle wall and climbed up to the top, where it was a little chilly and the morning air was very pleasant. She stretched and looked to the north, where the wheat fields had been harvested.


 Looking beyond that, she saw rolling hills, dense forests, and a gently flowing river, and further north, she saw a line of mountains from east to west, glowing white in the morning sun.


「 There it is! The Ardesia Mountain Range.」


 The northern edge of this world is covered with mountains over 8,000 meters high, known as the Ardesia Mountain Range.


 Mari thinks as she looks at the landscape that spreads out before her. It’s a strange feeling, like I know everyone, but it’s all new to me. I want to see more of this world, and I want to know more about it.


She clenched her small fists in front of her chest and mumbled, 「 Yosh!」  She mumbled.


「 Oh, now that I think about it, this game didn’t have any starting items.」


I searched all over my body, but I didn’t find any money with me.


「 Apparently, my first adventure is to find a job.」


Fortunately, the city was bustling with activity and there seemed to be at least one place to work. The sun had just risen and there was plenty of time. She walked lightly down the stairs.


This was the beginning of Mari’s new adventure.