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Chapter 2 Sophia, a Beautiful Female Knight

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Mari started to seek employment in the city, but was suddenly confronted with a serious situation. She was suddenly faced with a serious situation, one that could not be managed with determination or resolve.

「 And it wasn’t in a public restroom… was the place in the game somewhere.」

What to do about this?

「 Would I be able to make it to the tavern? But I wonder if they’ll lend me money for nothing.」

She continued to walk, pondering, but her feet gradually turned into a trot. She ran around the alleyway and finally found a bush, and jumped into it!

As she finished her business and was about to leave the place without a care in the world, she suddenly realized the danger she was in. The place she was in was a warehouse district, completely deserted, and the place a picture of the word “unsafe”.

As she stealthily walked away with the feeling of dread in her back, she was blocked by four men who appeared out of nowhere.

「 Heh heh heh, young lady, you can’t be messing around in our territory, can you?」

With a sneer on their faces, the men looked at Mari as if they were assessing their prey. Her face turned red with embarrassment at what they had just seen, but it quickly turned to fear, and her body began to tremble.

As the men slowly approached her with their unsheathed swords, she cowered in place, holding her shrunken shoulders in her hands.

( Ah, goodbye. My New Adventure )

That’s when it happened! It was then that a sharp and dignified voice echoed throughout the area.

「 What are you guys doing there!!」

The men turned their heads in the direction of the voice, and Mari opened her eyes to look in the same direction. There was a gallant young woman, dressed in a red military uniform and carrying a magnificent long sword at her waist.

Slender and tall with long legs, tight white pants and long boots. Her face is small with very short blond hair, clear blue eyes and beautiful light brown skin.

The female knight continued to speak.

「 I’ll overlook it if you just disband quietly, so won’t you?」

「 All right, all right. I’m not going against the knights.」

The men walked past her one by one, until the last man passed her! He turned and swung his sword at her.

Immediately after a dull thud, a spray of blood sprayed out! The man who fell was the one who had attacked her, and the female knight had cut him down with her drawn sword.

「 You’ve done it!」

「 You’re the one who tried set me up!」

The female knight responded with her speech, but her hands moved even faster than that, and as soon as the tip of the sword moved in a fluid motion, the second person was cut down.

The difference in power was obvious. The men cursed their ill-advised decision, but it was already too late, and the one who had made the move had a fierce smile on his face.

The third man threw a knife at the defeated man, aiming at the gap that was heading straight to the knight!

The female knight tried to dodge…… with a relaxed expression, but her face immediately tensed up!

She realized that there was a woman in the line of fire of the thrown knife.

(If I don’t do something, the knife will hit the girl!)

The timing to parry with the sword was already off. The female knight used herself as a shield and took the knife on her left shoulder. As she flinched from the intense pain, the fourth man attacked her. Then she fell to her knees!

Mari screamed at the sight, but immediately tried to use the healing magic Heal. In games, you can use Heal by clicking on the icon with the mouse. However, there was no icon in front of her to activate the heal function!

( How can I use my heal! )

Mari was perplexed, but despite her confusion, her mouth began to chant the spell on its own. Then, the female knight was swallowed by a dazzling vortex of light!

She was on the verge of losing consciousness, but when she was exposed to the light, the intense pain disappeared as though it were a lie. Then she glared at the men and jumped from her kneeling position at once!

What followed was nothing short of horrific. The raging sword blades cut the thugs to pieces.

In the silence, Mari was just stunned. There were four dead bodies in front of her, a female knight breathing heavily. Her mind was still confused and she couldn’t even remember what she had done.

「 Are you alright?」

「 Hai 」

The female knight let out a sigh of relief, but her gaze continued to focus on Mari.

What’s the matter? Mari tilted her head to the side. Then, after a short pause, the female knight asked with a serious face, “What’s wrong?

「 You, are you a virgin?」

*Paa——–n! The sound of an unrestrained slap echoed through the warehouse district!


The incident resulted in the horrific deaths of four people, but the aftermath was swift. Considering the position of the knight and the identity of the men, it was only natural.

Mari, released from interrogation, trotted along behind the female knight.

「 Um, are you still mad at me?」

「 Nah 」 She replied, but was clearly in a bad mood.

Mari ran past the female knight and bowed her head vigorously apologized as she turned to the right.

Then she put her right hand on her swollen left cheek and murmured an incantation, and just like before, a blinding light surrounded her and the swelling instantly went away.

The female knight looked at Mari in surprise and smiled.

「 Your heals are so flashy.」

「 Isn’t this what heals look like?」

「 It seems very different from the heals I know.」

She made a little gesture of consideration, but quickly turned to Mari.

「 Well, it’s all right. I’m Sophie Stanbul, you can call me Sophie.」

「 I’m Mari, Mari Midou. You can call me Mari, too.」

「 Okay, I’ll call you Mari then.」

Seeing Sophie finally smile, Mari also smiled.

Sophie took me to an inn. When I told her I was penniless, she laughed and gave me money to pay for my meals.

Mari bowed her head over and over again, truly grateful, since she hadn’t eaten anything since this morning.

I wanted to have dinner with Sophie, but she had to go back to the knight’s quarters to report on the incident. I promised to meet her at the tavern tomorrow morning, and we parted ways.


Sophie returned to the dormitory and changed out of her bloody clothes before going to report.

She tried to see if there were any wounds from the battle, but she couldn’t find any scars, on the contrary, even the old ones she had when she was a kid were completely gone.

「 I’ve been given a lot of heals before, but this is wonderful.」

Muttering this, she touched her shoulder again and again, as if it had never been cut by the sword.

Sparkling, high-level healing. Sophie could think of only one person who could use such magic. It was the Priestess of Innocence from the legend of Ardesia, a person who manipulated enormous holy magic and was called the 『 Saint 』.

Thinking of a saint, she thought of Mari and asked herself, is she a 『 Saint 』?

Sophie thought about it for a while, and eventually came to a conclusion.

「 It’s a legendary story. It’s so ridiculous.」

She changed her mind and headed for the Knight Commander’s office, wondering how she would explain the incident.