Saint Mari Remake

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When I was reincarnated as a saint, I ended up being befriended by a young dragon. She’s a troubled child who uses cheats to become a warrior, but she’s cute, and I want to live with her.


Seijo ni tensei shitara osanai ryu ni natsukareteshimaimashita. chIito de musou suru komatta kodesuga, kawaīnode issho ni kurashiteikou to omoimasu




The protagonist, Mari, loses consciousness after playing a game all night.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in a fantasy world just like the game. What’s more, she finds herself in the form of a game character called a saint!


In the alternate world of Ardesia, she gets caught up in a dark vampire conspiracy and has a fateful encounter with a young dragon.


The dragon, who thinks Mari is her mother, has unbelievable powers!


Her smile tugs at her heart when she sees the sheer destructive power, but with the help of the child, she is able to unravel the mystery of her reincarnation.


A heartwarming adventure fantasy of a saint and a young dragon!

Here we go!

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