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Chapter 1 – Mari will be leaving towards another world.

The hot days were finally over, and the season was about to change to autumn.


As the morning sun begins to raise, the clean air of fall flows inside the room of a house in a certain residential area. The owner of the room breathes it in, and stretches out, and loosening her stiffened body.




Her name is Mido Mari. She works as an operator in a call center.


After that, she needs to go to work… not necessarily. It was a holiday and she had been watching anime and playing games all night since yesterday. This is the reason why her whole body and stiff, and bags could be seen under her eyes. Yet despite that, she was having a lot of fun.




While looking at the PC monitor, she was tapping the keyboard hard as she continues to write in a chat room.




「I wonder if it’s about time, she should be up soon~ 」


And then a reply was immediately received.


「Saint here, I’m up」

「Oh, I wasn’t expecting for you to be up so soon. 」

「As expected of the Saint, you are really tough~」

「Then Saint, just like before, once again」


Her heart relaxes in the presence of her friend Kakiko.


Saint is Mari’s in game name.


This is in an『MMO RPG』 type of game, where numerous players gather to go on adventures in a virtual space. She was a veteran player that has played since the launch of the game and has now reached level 99.


Levels higher than that have not yet been implemented, and excess experience points have been meaninglessly accumulated, but despite that it was still a fun adventure so she doesn’t stop.




She thought about it as she rubs her sleepy eyes.


Why she is so engrossed with that game? ……well.




She could clearly remember how she first encountered the game, which was because of an image of a certain character that caught her attention while browsing the net. It was a beautiful priestess that attracted Mari so intensely.


She has lustrous long black hair and clear white skin, with cool looking dark green emerald eyes. Her slender body that was wrapped in a white robe, along with her appearance was emanating a mysterious elegance that felt out of this world.


And yes, Mari was captivated and longed for that goddess in just that single encounter.




It’s not only about the characters. The virtual reality that was implemented in creating that world was too beautiful, and the work on details completely captivated her heart.

It was a fantasy world that was similarly depicted to be in the middle ages. A frontier with more than 100,000 players set on an adventure in search for something that they haven’t found yet. And she was one of those adventurers that travelled those lands.

――――And as a beautiful goddess.








3 years later, Mari dedicated all her passion into the game.




Her play style is a bit unusual. She didn’t put any points on any magic or attack skills, and all her status and skill points were used on healing and support skills. She really likes supporting her allies with healing magic, and has sought out a play style that protects everyone.


And when she reached level 50, she was awarded a job quest. And what she acquired was the hidden extra skill『Saint of Ardecia』.


Hidden extra skill can’t usually be obtained by just playing normally. Only after clearing strict conditions will one be able to unlock the hidden skill quest. 『Saint of Ardecia』 can only be unlocked by those who specialize only in healing and recovery system, and with this skill, Mari’s group was able to conquer a seemingly impregnable boss campaign event.




Her 『Saint』 name was also solidified in honor of finding and acquiring the extra skill 『Saint of Ardecia』 for the first time.












Mari couldn’t help but smile as she reminisce those memories.




「It was really fun, I guess」
















Did I just hear someone calling just now.


I carefully listened just to make sure……








The sound wasn’t very clear but I can feel it resonating directly with my heart.

I was thinking that I might be mistaken, but I answered anyway.




「If I would be good enough?」 And.




At that moment, my field of vision distorted!




(Eh?……I……what happened to me……)




My consciousness was slowly fading away.

I don’t feel as if my life was in danger though.

But still, with the last of my remaining consciousness,

I muttered,




「Mom, Dad, I’m sorry. Big Brother, I’m really sorry」




――――In this way, Mari sets off.