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Chapter 3 – Sophia Stanbul




As they have promised yesterday, Mari and Sophia met once more at the tavern the next morning. There was an open terrace in front of the store with several tables lined up. They sat on one of the round tables and ordered some tea.


「Once again, thank you for helping me when I was in a dangerous situation yesterday」


Mari politely bows to Sophia to show her thanks. She was not wearing a military uniform today, but she still gives off a cool aura. The tight white pants that she is wearing make her legs look more slender and long, and the tight outfit she wears emphasizes her firm figure.




「You don’t really have to humble yourself in front of me Mari. I am no longer a knight after all. Look, I’m just currently wearing my plain clothes」




Sophia shows off to Mari her fitting green shirt to Mari as if showing off while smiling.




「What do you mean by not a knight anymore??」




「Actually, I left the order yesterday」




「Don’t tell me, the reason of you leaving was the incident yesterday?」




「Not really, it was already decided that I would leave in a few days because of a different matter. Yesterdays was just the last day of me working on patrols and I have just encountered that event by chance. I just happen to be dressed up in a more formal manner because I was going to meet a superior. 」




I see, so that’s why she was not wearing armor and didn’t look like a knight at all. Realizing that she was not the cause……Mari felt relieved.




「That’s all there is regarding that case. However, please don’t wander of to bad places like that again」




「I’m sorry. I’m not really familiar with the city…… and then I got lost」




While sweating cold sweat, Mari tried to deceive her. After all, she can’t really say anything other than that.




「Are you unfamiliar to Misley? Then if you have problems and concerns, feel free to consult me」




I worriedly answered yes. If she told her that she was reincarnated, will she believe me?




「Umm……」I tried to speak but immediately shut myself up. I still can’t decide yet.




As expected, it would be unbelievable. Even I can’t believe it myself after all.


Seeing Mari trying to speak something but shutting herself off, Sophia decided to speak.




「It’s fine if you can’t tell me about it. You could talk to me about it whenever you feel like it」








After a bit of time passing, the waiter brought their tea. It was similar to tea that I could find back in my original world, and Sophia did call it tea speaking in this world’s language.




「Haaaah~, it was delicious」




「This tea is a first class product that came from Marel Island」




「If I weren’t mistaken, Marel Island is a big island south of Rune Sea. There’s also supposed to be a scary demon king living there」




「Oh, you know about that. Did Mari come from the south?」




「N, no……I only learned about it from a book I have read before. Also, I only know a little about Misley. Would you please tell me more about this place? 」




That was a careless remark that she thought of, however Mari was able to immediately change the topic and was able to gather a lot of information from Sophia. According to her, this is indeed the continent of Ardesia, and other places around the world are also similar to the ones in the game world. Not only that, but there many things other than geography that were similar to the game.


There are monsters in this world and there are adventurers that hunt them. Adventurers register in guilds and get hunting rewards, and even some monster parts being hunted are similarly priced in game……there were a lot of similarities even up to that point.


Mari was relieved to know that there were many similarities in the game that would be possible in this world.




And then, Sophia told me about herself. She is the eldest daughter of a local baron, the daughter of a noble.


As a knight, her upbringing was also good……thinking about that, Mari looks at Sophia and noticed her refined movements, and because Mari was raised as a commoner, she felt a bit complex about it.


She apparently came from a rural territory governed by her father in order to become a knight. Knights are recruited at the age of 12 but she successfully became a full-fledged knight at the age of 16. She is currently 18 years old and it’s her 3rd year working as a proper knight.


By this point, the two realized that they have become completely open with each other.








「I have been working hard for 6 years but it seems like being a state knight was not a position for me」




「At one time, I got caught up in a fight with a senior. It ended up becoming a big problem because he was the son of a higher ranking noble」




Recalling the way Sophia fought yesterday, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the senior knight.




「With all that done, I’m about to head back to my father’s territory……what about Mari?」




「I’ve only thought about it overnight, but I wanted to register as an adventurer. I have to be able to return the money I’ve borrowed from you, Sophia」




「I was also invited to become an adventurer, but is that enjoyable?」




Mari’s eyes gleamed as she hears this comment! Then replies to her to listen well.




「There’s nothing more exciting of an experience than this. Party members may be working for a different purpose, but everyone would work together to make it happen! And more than that, a member that could use recovery is a key requirement of a party! 」




「What’s Mari’s dream?」




「I want to make an adventurer’s party that would travel continents. Discover places, collect rare items, gold, silver and treasures and then build a clan! Then the name and emblem of my clan will be known not only Adersia but to all nations!!」




A clan is an organization of like-minded adventurers forming as a group, and the name Mari’s clan in the game was known throughout the game world.  Mou, I want to recreate it in this world once again!


……thinking about that, burning passion rushes out of her body. She stood up filled with excitement and did a guts pose while having one hand on her waist!!




「It’s a magnificent dream」Sophia responds happily.




「It’s not going to be just a dream, I’m planning to go to the adventurer’s guild to register after all. It’s that four story building near the fountain square. I’m a priest and can use healing magic really well even without proper equipment. I can immediately recruit party members to go hunting with me」




「I’m happy to hear more about Mari. But I think that it wouldn’t be that easy」








「It’s about Mari’s Healing Magic」








「Healing Magic is under the temple’s monopoly and cannot be freely used without the temple’s permission. Using it without their consent might get you arrested instead」




The proper name of the『Temple』 is officially called 『Ardesian Temple Association』. Sacred Magic is supervised by this prestigious organization that has many branches all over the continent with its headquarters based on Sacred Country of Misley. They are in charge of researching Sacred Magic, nurturing priests and priestesses, and even Healing Magic costs are being allocated to their services. Because of this, unauthorized use of Healing Magic is severely cracked down because it would sabotage the temple’s activities.




「Then what do adventurers do in this case? Healing is a must in hunting after all」




「When hunting with adventurers on a request, they are normally hired. Most of the time though, they only allow male priests for this service」




「Then, are there no priestesses that joins hunting requests?」




「It’s not like there are none but…… priestesses normally have a higher magic affinity which is treated as precious by the temple. If the temple knew about Mari, they will definitely want to keep you no matter what the method used in order to acquire you」




While listening closely to Sophia’s explanation, Mari gradually understood the situation. People with High Magic Power is rare and even more so for people that could use Sacred Magic, and maidens who have the capabilities of using it have an obligation to serve at the temple.




「Mari, normally people like that give up becoming an adventurer and enter the temple where they won’t have any problems with daily necessities. I could get you a letter of recommendation if you want to」




Mari droop her shoulders out of disappointment. After all, she wanted to be an Adventurer and not a Doctor.




(If I think about it, just as Sophia said, if I wanted a stable life then this path is a given. However, I never really dreamed of becoming a doctor even in my previous life)




Thinking so, she couldn’t find a proper answer on what she should do.


It was then that Sophia grinned as she looked at her.




「Hey, I have a good idea to suggest…… do you want to hear about it?」




「What is it?」




「Why not register and have a party with me, I’m quite confident on my Sword Skills! It will also be alright for Mari to use her skills if she were to do it secretly」




Looking directly at Sophia’s blue eyes, Mari’s chest pounded intensely.




「Is it alright?」She said as she stares at Sophia.




「Of course, please take care of me!」




Mari immediately grabs Sophia’s outstretched hand without hesitation.












It was evening of that day. When Sophia opens the door of the Adventurer’s guild, it shows a room crowded with a lot of adventurers and at the moment she entered, someone immediately called out to her. It was one of her acquaintances, a swordsman called Derrick Anderson. He was 26 year old man with a large figure with short trimmed hair who seems to have a high evaluation as an adventurer.




「Yo Sophia, it seems like you had yourself wind up in really strange things lately」




Derrick then started apologizing to Sophia……there was indeed uproar earlier in the city before we arrived here. A security knight who rushed on a small riot misunderstood one of Derrick’s peers called Piere as the mastermind and attempted to kill him.


Witnessing the situation, Sophia tried to stop the knight by hitting him with the flat side of her sword which saved both of them from killing each other, but the knight ended up seriously injured in the process.



「He had always been a bad person. I only stopped myself from killing him because he was in a higher position」




Sophia sighed to shrug the thought away.




「In a way, that might have been why you ended up quitting the order」




「It’s alright. The punishment was lighter that it should have been because Derrick talked to the knight commander.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to take my leave」




「Is that so……」Derrick replies while looking a bit sad.




「Anyway, changing the topic, I actually came here to become an adventurer. Once I’ve finished the registration, I’ll also be in the same line of work, please treat me well」




「Hou, what kind of wind hit you to get into this direction? After all, when I invited you last time, you said you are heading back to your hometown」




「Well, I guess you could say that I’ve found a good partner」




「That’s fine, companionship is important to adventurers after all. I’m sure that you’ll be a great adventurer」




At that time, a cute voice was heard from the side saying「Sophia-sama」. Looking for the source of the voice, there stood a boy who seems like an intelligent teenager that was looking our way. He has a short bob-cut hair and lovely amber eyes. He was wearing an oversized black robe and was holding a triangular black hat.




「This guy is Haril Dion, a new member of our party」




「Is this the Haril you’ve mentioned? I’ve heard rumors about him calling him a genius magician」




「Yeah, he’s only twelve but he had already received a certificate as a true magician given by Magic Society」




「I did hear a bit about him being a magician more talented than his current  generation, and it seems to be true. That sure is a surprise」




Sophia looks at the boy called haril once more and showed him a good smile.




「This onee-san here is going to be an adventurer starting today. You will be my senior so best regards, Haril」




The boy blushes and hid his face immediately.




「Sophia is stronger than anyone in our group though, so saying something like that to us would only get us troubled……E, everyone also seems to be longing for you……」




At the end of the conversation, Sophia couldn’t help but happily muffle the young boy’s hair.。




「Oioi, now don’t just go bullying our new member」




「You’re just making me look like I’m doing something bad」




After all the banter, the two laughed out loud.








After chatting with a few other adventurers, Sophia finally started with the registration process. We went to the young office clerk and passed the required documents. Although normally an aptitude test would be taken, everyone around knew of Sophia’s prowess so her application was accepted without a screening.




Occupation = Swordsman

Rank = D



Other than swordsman, there are various jobs like warriors who usually fight with shields, priests for healing and support, Magicians that deals magic damage and other various occupations but the first mentioned ones are the more mainstream occupations.



「Although Sophia-sama’s abilities should be around Rank B, this is part of the rules……sorry for only assigning this Rank」




「It’s fine, oh and Lisa, there’s one more thing that I would like you to hear」




「As long as it’s something that I could be of help」




It seems like the guild clerk Lisa is an avid fan of Sophia, and Sophia also knows of this fact as she tried to talk to her.




「Can you keep a secret?」




「I swear it to God」




After a short pause of confirmation, Sophia started the talk.




「I would like to register a friend of mine, but would that be possible?」




「Can’t she do it on her own?」Lisa looked a bit confused to the request.




「Well, it’s a bit complicated. I can be a guarantor for her though, is it alright?」




Lisa thought about it and was a bit worried, but then proceeds to process the documents.




「What’s her name and occupation?」




「Mari Mido, a Priest」




「Does she have a Temple Association Permit?」




「No, she didn’t, she learned it on her own it seems. Can’t she be registered without the permit?」




「No, that’s not it……it’s just that if she has it then I can immediately rank her up to D. Vast majorities of healers who became adventurers didn’t have it」




「Is that so, that’s good then」Although Sophia was laughing, she was sweating cold sweat.




「Heal……I mean can she use Healing Magic?」




「She seems to be able to by praying to gods」




「That’s not a problem, what matters most is that she could use it which determines the qualifications of a priest. Here in the adventurer’s guild, entering is fine as long as they have the proper abilities」




「Thanks, Lisa」




When Sophia gently grasps her hand, Lisa turns her face down while blushing red.












That night, after finishing her business in the knight headquarters, she immediately headed to the place where Mari was staying and entered the room. They have been living in the same in room since that day.




「Is this my Adventurer’s Card?」




Mari asks as she looked at the card that was given to her and was reflecting the light of the lantern.




「That’s right, you are currently registered as an F Ranked Priest. It was a bit tricky trying to do a fake registration」




Adventurers normally don’t do background checks and anyone with a certain level of ability could easily register. However, Sophia wanted to avoid showing Mari’s heal to the public which is a requirement in the registration process. After all, her heals are too flashy and rumors would definitely spread that would eventually reach the temple association.




「You sure did well being able to process it」




「Well, it just happened that the one in charge of registration was an acquaintance of mine named Lisa. She was really happy to be of help to me」




Seeing the way Sophia laughs at the situation, Mari wondered about how it was done.。


It kind of give a certain vibe to her of that kind of person. It wasn’t really a vibe, but rather what Sophia’s atmosphere is in general……Mari wasn’t really sure, but was convinced about something.




「That’s right, how was Mari’s situation? You did went out to buy some equipment」




「Well, I wasn’t able to purchase a proper set of equipment because they were too expensive. I’ve only bought some old fashioned robes 」




「Are you ok with only that? I did hear about magic equipment being necessary to improve things」




「Sacred Magic is not really affected much by equipment. There might have been some that would benefit from equipment, but unless it’s of a good quality then I might as well use the basics needed」




「Mari’s heals were indeed far stronger than normal even when using poor equipment. I’ve also received some commissions from the guild. We will be going out hunting tomorrow」




「I also want to go as soon as possible. I hope I would be able to test out a lot of useful magic tomorrow」




「Hou, what kind of magic?」




「It will be a surprise for tomorrow」




This afternoon, while I was looking for proper equipment, I have been testing my magic and found out that I was able to use all the magic that my character used in the game.


The power of a Level 99 Priest will definitely be a big surprise to Sophia tomorrow!…… thinking about this, Mari couldn’t hide her joy.




「We will be heading out early tomorrow. That’s why let’s go to bed now」




「Yeah, goodnight then」




Mari turned off the lights from the lantern and leaned on Sophia’s back on the bed. She could feel her warmth transmitted through her back and was a bit worried about it. The sensation she felt made her too conscious of the situation that she couldn’t fall asleep until morning arrived.