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Chapter 6 – Glen Cochran

TL: Mii

ED: Yuki


After the incident in Narka village, Derrick and the other adventurers returned to Misley at the same day, leaving Haril alone. It was to report their subjugation on Mithrozaul, but there was another report that was more pressing than that.


In Misley Adventurer Guild’s office, Derrick directly met with Guild Master Glen.




「Derrick, thank you for responding to the emergency call today.」




Glen Coachran, an adventurer who worked his way up to become the Guild Master. He was twenty five years old, one year younger than Derrick. His unkempt hair and unshaven face made him look like an ex-adventurer, fearless. Glen asked Derrick while scratching his unkempt hair.




「Then, how did it go?」


「There was some trouble, but we defeated that Mithrozaul.」


「That’s a relief…」




Glen noticed Derrick’s extremely grim expression, and change his words mid-sentence.




「What happened?」


「Hey, Glen. Do you believe in me? 」


「Why are you asking me that now? We have been best friends since we’re still brat, y’know.」




Derrick was thinking with grim expression for a while, and then he began to speak.




「Actually, one of our member died in the subjungation. It’s a twelve years old magician named Haril.」


「Ah, that genius kid? That’s unfortunate…」


「No, that’s not what I want to say. I’ve confirmed on my own that Haril had died, but there’s a girl who used her magic to revive Haril.」




「Mithrozaul ripped off Haril’s stomach and even his internal organs fell out, but that girl returned him to his lively appearance as ever, just like nothing has happened.」


「That’s bullshit! No one can successfully cast Resurrection Magic in this land. Even the priest with the highest rank is currently studying it… Maybe you saw wrong.」


「No, all of my members and dozens of villagers witnessed it with our own eyes.」




Glen was silent as he looked at Derrick’s serious expression. After a while, he asked this, still looking at Derrick’s eyes.




「Hey, Derrick. If what you said is true, then…」


「Yeah. There’s no one but Saint-sama who can do that.」


「I see. Tell me the details.」




After listening to the adventurers, Glen Cochran pulled a nighter to compile the report. He then went to Misley Castle before dawn, when it was still dark.


Just like that, he arranged a meeting with the Prime Minister Marquis of Vines directly. The morning sun had just begun to rise when he finished the procedure and sat down on the coach in the antechamber.








Around the same time, a woman just woke up at a corner of Misley Castle.




「Christie-sama… Christie-sama!」




A maid called her master’s name, trying to wake her up.




「Uhhn~ Good morning, Sarah…」




A woman called Christie woke up, rubbing her sleepy eyes. While stretching her body lightly, she brushed up the loose strands of her long hair. She was a considerably beautiful woman with light brown wavy hair.




「You made a lot of noise when sleeping again just now.」




The maid Sarah asked, full of worry.




「I have another nightmare…」


「A nightmare?」


「Yes… Rather than that, you woke me up earlier than usual today, eh.」


「Yes. The Prime Minister wants to meet Christie-sama.」


「This early morning? …Just what is it about?」




Christie changed her attire and went to the Prime Minister’s office, guided by Sarah.




「Good morning, His Excellency Marquis Vines.」


「Ah, Holy Princess-sama. I’m sorry for calling you this early in the morning.」




Prime Minister Marquis Vines, his full name was Clements Brownie du Vinez. He was an old nobleman with gray hair, and the gaze behind his small round glasses gave him a gentle impression. His demeanor and speech was also polite, to the point that you wouldn’t imagine that he was a big noble.


There was no king or royalties in Misley, the holy land. Instead, Holy Princess was the representative of the country, assisted by the Prime Minister. Of course the princess was a symbol and she had no real authority. The operation of the country was assisted by the Supreme Council, which was made up of the Prime Minister and other big nobles.




「Oh my. You’re Cochran-sama, Adventurer Guild’s Guild Master, right? 」




Christie noticed the other guest and greeted him.




「I’m honored to have the Holy Princess remember my name.」Glen politely bowed his head.




The three of them sat down on the couch and immediately get into the main point. Glen already talked to the Prime Minister, so now he turned to Christie and started speaking.




「This information hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s from someone who can be trusted. There’s a possibility that Saint-sama has descended.」




「I haven’t confirmed it. But I received a report that a girl saved a young magician boy in the Narka village using Resurrection Magic.」


「Is that so… Then that girl is probably really Saint-sama.」


「Holy Princess-sama, do you happen to know something regarding this matter?」Prime Minister asked.


「Yes. I haven’t talked with it yet, but I had the same dream for two nights already. It was the dream of『Mayhem Dragon』.」


「Mayhem Dragon!!」Prime Minister and Glen raised their voice at the same time.


「This happened too three hundred years ago. Saint-sama descended because Mayhem Dragon appeared.」




If someone else talked about their dream in this kind of place, it would be treated as a joke, but it was different for Christie. Everyone knew that her dreams had high probability in predicting the future.




「Certainly, the revival of Mayhem Dragon will be coherent with the descent of Saint-sama, but…」


Prime Minister stopped his words for once and raised his face after gathering his thought.


「Nothing will be done if we keep guessing. Let’s start with checking the facts one by one. 」




Prime Minister spoke in a calm voice, but he was not calm in the inside. If Mayhem Dragon appeared again, it would repeat the history from three hundred years ago and started war… no, it would start a calamity incomparable to such a thing.




「Where is Saint-sama now?」Christie asked Glen.


「She’s on the way from Narka Village to Misley.」


「Let’s pick her up.」




Prime Minister called for a guard standing outside the room.




「There’s Sophia Stambul, a former knight, in the side of Saint-sama. Ask someone who know her to welcome them.」


「I understand. Let’s arrange it like that.」








The morning sun rose, telling the world that it was going to be a refreshing day today. For Haril, the return to Misley was like a grand triumphal return since they had defeated Mithrozaul yesterday.


Just thinking about telling his family about him defeating that monster made him unconsciously smile―


―that’s how it should be, if there was no pressure from two beautiful sisters walking on his sides.


Other adventurers returned to Misley yesterday night, but since he died for once, he had to return back with Mari and Sophia just in case something happened. Now Haril was walking totteringly between those two people on the highway.




「Saint-sama, how about fixing your mood already? You’re scaring Haril.」




Sophia was talking to Mari, but Haril unconsciously ducked his head to her provoking tone.




「Isn’t Haril-kun scared because of Knight-sama’s atmosphere?」


「So it’s my fault?」


「I didn’t sound like I’m saying that?」




Both of the girls were staring at each other in belligerent, their gaze full of sparks.




「I’ll say this again, but I’m no longer a knight. Remember that.」


「Oh my, oh my. But someone who is accompanying the saint should be a splendid knight, right? Yet you’re not, how laughable.」


「Then, who are you? You also told me that you were reincarnated from another world last night, though? 」




After defeating the Mithrozaul, Mari told all of the truth to Sophia. Including about how she had been reincarnated to this world from another world. About how the game she played in that world was exactly the carbon copy of this world. That’s why she knew about Mithrozaul and Narka village, blah blah blah…



Sophia only said「I understand, Saint-sama.」after listening all of that.



Mari was shocked to her answer. She was refused bluntly by her only friend in this world, making a gap between their relationship. Mari felt so frustrated at that. And then, she splashed her anger to Sophia, and they were fighting until now.


―Their quarrel still continued.




「You’re also called as Saint-sama in your previous world too, right?」


「How many times I already told you that it’s only my nickname at the『MMORPG』!」




「That’s 3D virtual reality with… Ahh, Sophia won’t understand even after I explained it!」


「So you’re looking down on me like that. I heard that Saint-sama is such a great person, but it’s different in the reality, huh. Why do I have to serve this kind of girl? 」


「Then you can just stop serving me? I prefer it that way too.」


「I have my duty as a knight, why can’t you understand it!!」


「Oh? But you said you’re no longer a knight, right? Also, I don’t want my friend to directly call me as『Saint-sama』! Why can’t Sophia understand that too!!」




Mari and Sophia already reached the anger level where they could grab each other and fight. Haril didn’t know what to do, just watching them flusteredly. But he thought that he should do something to stop them.




「H-hey, both of you…」


「「What!!」」Both of their yells overlapping, making a harmony.


「N-no… It’s nothing.」




Haril was once again reminded about how powerless he was.


A group approached them as if saving Haril from the scene of fight, raising cloud of sand upon their arrival. They were three knights on horses and one guarded carriage




「Oiiii, Sophia!」




One of the knights who were muscular shouted Sophia’s name. Sophia replied with a big wave the moment she recognized him.




「Leader!!! I’m here! 」




The group stopped when they were close enough and all of the knights came down from their horse and approached them.




「Sophia, this is?」


「Yes, this is Saint-sama.」




The leader and his two subordinates immediately knelt on one knee to Mari.




「Saint-sama, I’m honored to meet you.」


「This is the leader of the third chivalric order, His Excellency Kylod. 」




Sophia introduced Mari to Sir Kylod, her former leader in the Knights Order.


Sir Kylod was a fearless twenty five years old knight. His full name was Brian Jox du Kylod. He was a noble in Misley, with Viscount Count Rank. Even if his build was not as big as Derrick, he was a large and muscular man. His light brown hair was trimmed short, his hazel eyes were brilliant.




「His Excellency Kylod, I’m Mari.」Mari bowed her head towards Sir Kylod.


「My friend Sophie mistook me as Saint-sama, but I’m not that person. Please stand up.」


「I understand. But I’m here with the mission to welcome Saint-sama. Until we’re sure that she’s wrong, can I call you as Saint-sama?」




Mari was perplexed, but she was convinced that she couldn’t do anything about this anyway, so she answered with a「yes.」




「Then, please go into the carriage. Sophia and that young boy, please go in too.」




Mari, Sophia, and Haril rode in the carriage, and the group ran back on the path to Misley.