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Chapter 9 – Sleeping Mari and Premonition of the Resurrection of the Violent Dragon

TL: Yuki


TL Note: Since I am redoing the translations again, some previous names etc. might not match but from this point forward, this will be the names etc. that I will be using. That’s all.



In Misley,  the first thing you see when you enter the castle through the south gate is a square that can hold tens of thousands of people and a large four-story main building facing it. There is a balcony in the center of the second floor, and various events are held there and in the square. On the left and right sides of the castle, there were huge cylindrical towers connected to the main building.


After running out of magic power, Mari collapsed and was taken to the guest room on the top floor of the east tower, but she had not regained consciousness yet that night.


「 So? How is the saint? 」


Christie calls out to Sarah, who is nursing Mari. She turned around, with her twin-tailed red hair swinging in the air.


「 He hasn’t woken up yet. 」


「 I’m sure it’s nothing serious, she’s just out of magic power, but the magic power she used is really enormous. I’m sure she will be fine after a little more rest.  」


After replying yes, Sarah stares at the sleeping Mari.


Her black hair is shiny, and her skin is clear and white…… She thought she is a beautiful person, but more than that, she was wondering if she’s really from this world. There was a mysterious atmosphere that made her think so.


「 Christie-sama 」


「 What is it, Sarah?」


「 I had been taught before that the divine magic of the saint was enormous, but the magic I actually saw with my own eyes was far greater from what what I was expecting!」


「 I was also surprised. She used a sacred magic warding that covers the entirety of Misley Citadel. It was also so strong that it can destroy an army of skeletons in an instant and bring back tens of thousands of dead people. This is far beyond the realms of  mortals could do, right? 」


「 Is this the person actually a God or something 」


 Sarah fell silent, then muttered quietly.


「 But, what is her purpose though……」


After hearing that much, Christie knew what she was trying to say.


「 Are you afraid?」


「 Yes, I’m scared.」


Sarah continued to speak, while her still small body stiffening.


「 If the saint’s descent is to quell the violent dragon, it means that the violent dragon will be appearing in the near future, right! 」


「 That’s not a given yet, and we also can’t confirm it 」


「 But……」


「 Even if that happens, the saints have already come this time. Let us believe in her.」


「Yes, that’s right. I’m sorry. I’m a bit distraught.」


Christie went to Sarah’s side and gently hugged her trembling body.


「 Besides, she may have come for something else.」


「 Something else?」


「 There must be a lot of monsters fighting going on right now. Maybe they’ve come to help us hunt. 」


 Chris smiled at that and Sarah laughed as well, answering  「 Maybe so 」.


As they were having this conversation, the guard announced that they had a visitor.


「 How’s Mari doing?」


 It was Sophie who came into the guest room.


And as soon as she entered the room, she noticed Christie.


「 Chris was here, too. Long time no see.」


「 It’s been years since I’ve last seen Sophie.」


「 Since Chris became a Hime-Miko, it’s been about two years.」


They had been close friends when Sophie was still a knight’s apprentice and Christie was a priestess.


「 Oh, by the way, I didn’t expect that the Saint’s knight would actually be Sophie. I’ve seen you fight, and I thought you might end up becoming one, though.」


「 You’ve certainly been been watching, I know. Things got a little troublesome, though. Commander Cloyde laughed at me for looking like a rabid dog. I didn’t want Chris to see me like that. 」


「 Is that so? It was really cool, though. 」


「 Umm, Christie-sama. Can you tell me about her?」


 Sarah was intrigued by the Hime-miko, whom she affectionately referred to as Chris.


「 Ah, that. I’ll make sure you’re both properly introduced 」


 Chris introduced them to each other.


「 This here is Sarah Hart 」


「 This here is Sophia Stanbul 」


「 Are you by any chance Sophia of the Third Order?」


「 Hmm, well. Did you happen to know who I was?」


「 Ah, y, yes……It’s a famous name among the young priests and priestesses. 」


「 I did have a vague idea of how famous I am at that place or rather infamous I’d say.」Sophie chuckles.


「 Hey, Sophie. Did you come here as the saint’s bodyguard?」


「 That’s part of it, but I also wanted to give you this.」


Sophie pulled out a small cloth bag from a bag attached to her belt.


「 What is this? Wait, this is 」 Sarah asked.


「 This is our rewards for hunting. I was hunting with Mari yesterday.」


 When Chris and Sarah heard this, they couldn’t help but blurt it out.


「 Nn? What’s wrong? Did I say something strange?」


「 I was just talking to Sarah earlier. She mentioned about it, that the saint might have come to this world to hunt. 」


「 I guess so. She said he was going to become an adventurer and make her name known all over the continent.」


They laughed so hard, so hard that Sarah had tears in her eyes as she continued to laugh.




While Sophie and Chris were reuniting, in the Prime Minister’s office, Marquis Vines was receiving a report from Glenn.


「 According to the Prime Minister, there was very little damage. If I may say so, there was only some damage to the buildings outside the citadel from the shockwave of the explosion magic released by the boy sorcerer. Also, there was a lot of bloodstains on the floor and rugs. 」


「 I can’t believe that’s all the damage we suffered after such a tragedy.」


「 It was mostly skeletons that attacked us, so we were lucky that it didn’t set us the place on fire. 」


「 What about the human victim?」


「 As you may have already noticed, there are no dead or injured thanks to the saint’s magic. However, the number of those who have experienced death is probably in the tens of thousands.」


「 I guess I’m one of them.」


 The Prime Minister smiles bitterly.


「 Now we’re sure that the saint has arrived. 」


「 There’s no doubt about it. If it was only a matter of reviving a single dead person, then we could put that aside, but to show such enormous power, there’s no way to deny it. 」


 Glenn continued his report.


「 Next, is the topic is about the skeletons that attacked u. We found a lot of holes inside and outside of Misley Citadel. It seems that the skeletons emerged from these holes.」


「 You think the skeleton were buried?」


「 That’s a reasonable assumption. Perhaps they have been hiding it underground for quite some time.」


「 Do you have any idea who might have done this?」


「 Not at the moment yet. But it’s up to us to investigate.」


「 Then I’ll formally request the Adventurer’s Guild to investigate it.」


「 I accept your offer, sir. However, since we are dealing with the undead, it will take some time to secure the right personnel to deal with them.」


「 I see, then I’ll send some priests from the temple who can do some rough stuff.」


「 Will they be the members of the anti-undead priests?


「 You know me well. I’ve been keeping this from the public. 」


「 All I knew about them was rumors. In fact, the girls saved my life during the daytime commotion.」


The Prime Minister’s office has a work desk at the far end of the room, a table in the middle of the room, and a sofa across from it.


 The Prime Minister left his work desk and moved to the sofa, sitting down opposite to Glenn. When he was at his desk, he was on official business, but when he was on the couch, he was on private business.


「 Now then, this attack incident and the coming of the saint. I’d like to hear the Adventurer’s Guild Master’s personal opinion.」


「 It’s probably not relevant. The time it took to hide the skeleton does not match the timing of the descent. We believe the assailant was unaware of the saint.」


「 Hmm. I see, continue 」


「 As for the reason why the Skeletons attacked, I think they wanted the undead to beat us because the Holy Kingdom is a troublesome opponent for them. Only the Holy Kingdom has the technology to make holy swords effective against undead. 」


「 So there’s an undead leader with ambitions, and the Holy Kingdom is in the way. 」


「 That might certainly be the case 」


The Prime Minister listened to Glenn’s opinion and crossed his arms for a moment, thinking.


「 This is speculation, but I’m thinking that one of the ambitions of the undead ….. is to resurrect the violent dragon.」


「 Probably sensing this danger, the saint descended upon us. That would probably make the most sense in this situation. 」


「 As for the resurrection of the violent dragon, I guess we’ll have to ask the saint herself. I don’t want to make unnecessary speculations and spread strange rumors. The people are in the midst of celebrating her coming. Let’s refrain from interfering with that. 」


The Prime Minister looked out the window of his office toward the city where he could hear the commotion.


「 At any rate, thank you for your efforts. You can get some rest now for tonight. 」


「 I’d like to, but I have one more job to do.」


After saying his goodbyes, Glenn left the office.




As the Prime Minister had mentioned, the city of Misley was abuzz with talk of the coming of the Holy Woman. The saint had saved Misley from the skeleton attack. The taverns were packed, and those who could not get into the taverns were drinking on the streets.


In the midst of all this noise, the day of the Misley raid was drawing to a close.


Although the people made a lot of noise, they did not stay up all night. It had been a very fast-paced day, and they were probably exhausted, so they all went home by the time the sun went down.


And then, the people at whole fortress went fast asleep―――


The guards who were guarding the guest room where Mari was sleeping were all asleep. No, the guards were not allowed to sleep, or to be more precise, they were being put to sleep…… But.


「 Fufufu… nothing personal. My sleep magic is very powerful.」


A woman appeared next to the sleeping guards and put her hand on the doorknob of the noble’s room. She crept noiselessly into the room and proceeded to the bedroom at the back of the room.


 There was a canopied bed in the middle of the bedroom, where Mari slept. The woman checked it out and licked her tongue as she approached.


「 A saint’s power may be great, but her body is still human.」


She spat out a silent words and raised the dagger she was holding, swinging it down with all her strength!


「 Die, saint!」


At that moment, the woman perceived that something in the air had moved!


The dagger was deflected and the long sword’s blade moved stopping at her neck!


「 This is a holy sword, move, and you’ll lose your head!」


 It was Sophie’s voice, filled with murderous intent.


 The woman was surprised, she didn’t find any signs of anyone, within the place, so why, she asked herself?


「 Barriers!」


Sophie’s voice echoed and a sacred magic barrier was placed over the entire room. The woman, who was trapped in the holy glow, started to moan.


「 To think she would suffer from a sacred magic barrier, you’re undead as expected.」


「 My sleep magic should have been perfect! How did you prevent it?」


「 If you can predict the magic they’ll use, there are many ways to prevent it. The temple has studied very hard every spell that undead tend to use, and how to counter them.」


As she said this, the three goddess officers appeared out of nowhere. They were Ruri, Rin, and Sis, who had come to rescue the Hime-Miko during the day.


 Sophie and the girls were waiting in the corner of the room, using the presence wards.


「 Well done, girls! 」


Glenn was the next one to enter the bedroom. He held the woman down and tied her up behind her back.


「 Do you know what they are?」


「 This one here is a high-ranking vampire, which tops the ranks among the undead. I think the giant monster in the daytime was being controlled by this one’s charm magic charm.」


 Rin examined the female vampire’s entire body.


「 Not a real one. You’ve been turned undead by a real vampire. Your powers aren’t that great, so you can’t break the barriers. 」


 Shise lifts the sacred magic barrier.


「 But I didn’t really expect that one would come. It was worth the long wait.」


「 Thank you for your cooperation, saint’s knight. Normally, this would be my job, but I can’t have a man waiting in the saint’s bedroom.」


「 You can call me Sophie. So, what made you expect that we’ll be receiving an assassin?」


「 If one is going to move an army of that size, we are expecting that there is going to be a commander. The saint is out of magic power and unconscious, so now should be the perfect time to kill her. 」


「 This female vampire is a commander?」


「 We don’t know that. But it’s a high-ranking undead, so that’s a good possibility. 」


「 If she’s not the only commander, there will be an attempt to attack us again…… I guess we can’t sleep tonight, huh?」


Sophie’s shoulders slumped, but Glenn replied with a laugh.


「 Nah, it’s all right if we capture one. I purposely kept my guard low to catch this guy, but from now on, I’ll keep a tight guard now. So you can rest easy now.」


「 Fuah, I’ve reached also my limit. Good night then. 」


Saying so, Sophie crawled into the bed where Mari was sleeping.


「 O, Oi. That’s not very good, isn’t it?


「 Umm. I don’t have a place to stay tonight, so I have nowhere to go. It’s okay. Mari and I have slept together like this many times. 」


「 Glenn-danna, it’s fine, it’s also funny in a way, so let’s keep it that way.」 Ruri chuckles.


「 I agree with Ruri. We’ll watch over them. 」 Rin looks happy, too.


「 But Sophie, you are just as they say. 」 Shise looked dumbfounded on the other hand.


「 Hey, you guys, this is no laughing matter. It’ll be a scandal for the saint. Rin and Shise, get someone to set up Sophie’s room, and Ruri, help drag her out. 」


Soon enough, Sophie’s room was prepared, and she reluctantly moved into it. The female vampire was detained in a cell sealed with a sacred magical barrier. On the other hand, Glenn and the others were still dealing with the aftermath.


「 I’m sorry for the hard work that you had to do as soon as you arrived. I’ll be giving you guys your leave tomorrow, so please come to the Adventurer’s Guild at noon. Then we’re dismissed.」


With that announcement, Ruri, Rin, and Shise broke up. The date had long since changed, but the day of the Misley attack had finally come to an end.