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Chapter 10 – Awakening of the Air headed Saint!

TL: Yuki




Near noon the next day, Mari finally woke up. She hugged her pillow and made a satisfied smile as she realized that she was on a fluffy bed used by the nobility, not a shabby bed in a cheap inn.


「 Hmmm, even the pillow is fluffy. I knew that there was a definitely a difference in quality of things used between nobles and commoners.」


Mari climbed out of bed and looked for her clothes, but couldn’t find them. As she did, a group of maids arrived and began to get her ready for the day. They took off her nightgown, wiped her body, and put on her clothes one after another. Their handiwork was nothing short of brilliant.


Just as she was finally dressed in a priestly attire, the Hime Miko  Chris, the Marquis of Vines, and nearly ten others entered the room.


They walked up to Mari and got down on one knee, and everyone else all knelt down to follow.


 As the name implies, Misley Holy Kingdom is a religious state with God at the top, and the 『 Saint 』 who descend as messengers of God have absolute authority. Both the Hime Miko, the symbol of the nation, and the prime minister, the highest authority, had to bow their heads down in front of the saint.


Mari looked at the priestess and the vizier, who spoke reverently, and pondered.


( Why do people in this country like to kneel in front of me?)


Mari was not used to such customs, and her back was just itching. She decided that she had to give them a good talking to at the beginning—and when she made up her mind to do so, she speaks.


「 Ehem, ladies and gentlemen!」


The saint’s words made everyone tense up and pay attention!


Satisfied with this, Mari continued her story.


「 I am……」That’s what she was about to say, but then!


 Guruguru ~~~~~~ Fuwooh!


There was a terrible sound that echoed through the room!


Everyone in the room was taken aback when she turned red up to her ears. After a while, small creeping voices began to come out of nowhere.


「 Kuku…… Kuheheheh……」


When I turned toward the voice, she saw Chris trying hard to hold back her laughter.


「 I’m sorry, too…… kuku…… saint-sama…… kukuku……」


Looking at her with tears in her eyes and trying her best to suppress her laughter, Mari started to feel edged. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and started laughing out loud. Chris laughed along with her, and everyone in the room laughed as well.




An hour later, Mari was finally able to eat.


There was a large dining table in the guest room, with a sumptuous meal laid out, where Mari, Sophie, and Chris were sitting around it. It was the Prime Minister’s idea that the women would feel more at home together.


「 You sure eat a lot, Mari.」


「 They’re so good! The food at the tavern was good too, but the food here has an added delicacy that makes it even better. 」


「 I’m honored that you’re pleased with our meals, Saint-sama.」


「 Um, well, I’d be happier if you could just call me 『 Mari 』 instead 」


「 Hai, Mari-sama 」


「 Can you also just remove the 『 sama 』 」


「 I s that so, then Mari, please call me Chris, too. But of course, you can call me as you like aside from Chris. 」


Mari nodded with a smile and looked at Chris again. Her brunette hair was elegantly wavy, and her dark gray eyes looked good against her white skin. Her body was thin, but her breasts were full, and Mari felt a deep sense of defeat when she compared them to her own breasts.


「 Oh right, I want to hear about that, Chris. I heard you had a good laugh during the audience. 」


「 It’s Sophie’s fault! She told me that Mari had come to this world to hunt. That alone already made me want to laugh, you know.」


「 It’s true, though, what Sophie said. I love to go hunting, and I’m going to make a living out of it.」


「 Come on, Chris. I never lied to you. Do you believe me now? 」


「 I didn’t expect the saint to want to become an adventurer.」


「 That’s what I like about you, Mari. I’m going to be your party member.」


「 Thank you. Also, Harill-kun would make a fine party member.」


「 Harill-kun, that adorable sorcerer boy?」


「 Yes, yes, he’s a good boy. Actually, I’m negotiating with Derick to get Harill to join the party. 」


「 Once the negotiations are concluded, let’s go hunting. I’ve got a big one in mind. It’s a monster worthy of our party’s celebration. 」


「 What’s the big one, the giant monster from yesterday?」


「 Tsk, tsk, tsk, that’s one eye was just fodder. This Mari-sama has decided that she doesn’t want to deal with petty little things.」


「 I like that!」Sophie’s mouth agape, her eyes glittering.


While they were talking about hunting, Chris interrupted them.


「 Don’t make it look like it’s just you two alone in this room!」


「 I’m sorry. We got carried away.」


「 Ah, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. It’s just, I’m just a little jealous.」


「 That’s right. Chris easily gets jealous, so it was quite a pain to deal with her all the time. Besides that though, she’s sweet and would forgive you easily.」


「 Sophie, you are the one who should apologize!」


Sophie laughed and tried to cover it up, and Chris laughed too. Apparently it’s true that she’s sweet.


「 But it might be a little inconvenient for us if Mari is an adventurer.」


「 And by “for us,” you mean for the Holy Kingdom?」Sophie inquired.


「 That’s right, it would really help us if we could ask for help to fight the dragon if it appears.」


What’s the matter?」Mari gives him a dubious look.


「 Mari, are you sure you don’t know about the violent dragon?」


「 I don’t know, does Sophie know?」


「 I know what it is, but I thought it was just a legend. Mari…… a Saint is here, so maybe it’s not surprising that there’s a violent dragon.」


「 Haaaah~~~, you two are so carefree about it. If His Excellency the Prime Minister who is struggling with the information about  dragon were to hear this, he would weep. 」


「 I don’t know about that, but Mari was reincarnated from another world, so it’s not surprising that she doesn’t know.」


「 She maybe a Saint but that other one was from three hundred years ago and Mari are probably two different people. 」


「 A saint from three hundred years ago? I don’t know what you’re talking about.」


「 Okay, okay. I’ll give you a rundown of the violent dragon for future reference.」


For the next thirty minutes, Chris talked about the legends of the saints on the continent.


Three hundred years ago, when war raged in Ardesia, a dragon appeared.


It is said that the souls of soldiers who died on the battlefield resented this world, and their grudges gathered to create this evil dragon, which is named 『 Violent Dragon 』.


The power of the dragon is absolute, and many cities have been destroyed by it. On the same day, when a fortress had just been destroyed by the tyrant dragon. A knight was about to lose his life in a corner of the destroyed building, where smoke is still rising.


 Then, that a young lady appears on the scene. She takes pity on him and uses incredible divine magic to save his life. This girl was the saint.


The knight who was rescued swears eternal loyalty to the saint, and together they set out on a journey to defeat the rampaging dragon. The two travel throughout the continent of Ardesia to gather five heroes.


The Saint, knights, and heroes fought against the tyrant dragon and sacrificed three people, but in the end they succeeded in sealing the tyrant dragon with the giant sacred magic 『 Blessing of the Saint 』.


「 How is it, this is all that I’ve known about the violent dragon.」


After listening to the story, Mari looked serious and pondered for a long time.


「 Hey, Chris.」


「 Yes?」


「 Isn’t there an old temple at the foot of Mount Aldena, in the far north of the Kingdom? A temple that is known as the 『 Temple of the Saint 』」


「 There is! That is certainly what they call that place 」


「 I see, just as I……speculated 」


Did you find out anything?」Sophie asks.


「 Hmmm, We don’t have enough information yet to be able to talk about specifics. But I can tell you this. If the violent dragon appears, I don’t think anyone will be able to defeat it. I’ll have to prepare to take care of it then. 」


「 Really!?」


「 Yeah, I can promise you that 」


「 Thank you! The Prime Minister will be relieved if Mari takes care of defeating the violent dragon. I’m sorry, both of you. I have to go tell His Excellency about this. 」


 Chris was about to leave the room when I apologized for not completing the story.


「 Chris, I forgot one more important thing. 」


What is it this time?」Tension flashed across Chris’s face.


「 How much will Sophie and I spend on lodging and meals here?」


 Chris closed her eyes and put her fingers to her temples.


「 We don’t need any payment!!」


The edge of Chris’s eyebrows twitched as she saw the two of them clasping hands in joy at hearing this.


After Chris left the room, Mari stared at the teacup in her right hand.


「 What’s the matter with you, you look like you’re in trouble. Are you worried about the dragon?」


「 As for the violent dragon, I was just wondering why it had been reincarnated in Aldesia. 」


「 Did you find it strange? 」


「 At the moment……I am still not sure, but we’ll see 」


Mari was pondering for a while, but suddenly her expression changed. Then she drank her tea with a smile.


「 If you don’t know what to think about, then let’s put it aside for now.


 ―――But more importantly, thank you for getting this for me.」


She took out a small bag that she had been wearing around her neck. It was the reward for the hunt the day before yesterday, and Sophie had brought it back to her.


「 It’s the first money I’ve earned in this world. I’m going to spend it very carefully. 」


Seeing the happy smile on Mari’s face, Sophie smiled along with her.