Silver Moon Brigade

Adventures of Luna and the Silver Moon Brigade


In this world, there was a legendary group of adventurers that traversed it, sometimes fighting monsters, sometimes helping nations and there were even times that they get involve in wars.


However, what prominently stood out from their group were not only their power but also their beauty and elegance that captured the hearts of everyone who was lucky enough to be in their presence.


However, like any other group, they started as nobodies, they strive hard to the point of being near deaths door a lot of times, members come and go both in life and in the battlefield. The blood sweat and tears that they have built up to reach the summit were not something a normal adventurer would even dare to try and reach.


That’s why they now stood proud at the top, without looking down at everyone. Their legacy was paved by their leader which continues to strive even at the peak. Their group was name after their leader’s magnificent silver hair that shines brightly in the moonlit night. That’s why they were known as, The Silver Moon Brigade.




Another Original Story by Yurika Hime