There little girl running towards a small hut near a forest close to her village. After approaching the hut, the little girl opened its doors familiarly and went towards a big bench with a carpet under it. After pushing aside the bench, the rolled back the carpet revealing a secret door underneath. She then took a key out of her pocket opening the secret and entering, while locking it after she entered from inside.


After checking the locks one more time, she then followed a path lit up by glowing moss leading towards a big circular device resembling a gate. After coming close to the device, the mechanisms of the device started creating a transparent wall inside the circular device.


After taking a short breath admiring the event, the girl just straight into the transparent wall




「I’m here to visit you, grandma!!」




The girl appeared from another similar device which seems to have been placed inside a building.


The girl ran across the room excitedly opening the door a few meters across the device, and was greeted by a well lit room resembling the insides of a mansion on the other side.


The girl scanned the room finding an old lady enjoying tea sitting on a splendid table set holding a book. The girl rushes towards the old lady and immediately called out.


「Grandma, I came here again today!!!」


She familiarly called out the old lady who seemed to be aware of her presence as she approached. The old lady then put down the book on her hand and greeted the child.


「Oh, my it’s been a while since you have last visited this place, I almost thought that you had already forgotten about me.」

「Um, no of course not. Beside if I have forgotten about grandma then the gate would have vanished. Anyway I came here again today to listen to your stories grandma. The kids in the village just won’t believe what I was telling them. 」

「Ufufu. You curious little one, well that should be the case since a spell was also spread around that village that only those that are worthy would be invited in this place.」

「Is that so, then I’ll just make this a secret for both of us!」


「You could do so, but it’s not like there won’t be anyone who would be able to come in the future. And when you grow up, you may probably be able to come over here with your family if you would still remember, though I don’t know if I’ll live long enough to see that happen. 」


The old lady looked melancholic as she thought about that.


「Mou, your talking like that again grandma, but aren’t you like 300 years old already. You always told me that once every few years since I discovered this place by accident. 」

「Is that so, well only time would tell what may happen in the future just like what happened to that child. I wonder what she is doing right now. 」

「You mean her right, the leader of that adventurer group. I heard from my parents that they are still active and was recently helping a village in the outskirts of the kingdom. I wonder if I could also meet them just like you grandma. 」


The girl’s eyes sparkled as she excitedly talked about the adventures of a certain legendary group of adventurers that was well known throughout the world.


「By the way, why have you come to visit today? Did something happen? 」

「Umm, well nothing really. I just felt like coming today for some reason and it felt like the gate would open so I came. And since I’m here now, can you again read me a book about their adventures, or maybe tell me something that only you know about them. 」

「Hmmm, fufufu, I’ll think about it.」


After gesturing like thinking about something, the old lady displayed a look as if she remembered something, and then faced the little girl with a smile.


「Hmmm, there’s something that I haven’t really told anyone about but I think it should be fine. It’s about how everything started which probably wasn’t known by a lot of people. But do you want to hear about it? It’s not a happy story so you might not enjoy it. 」

「It’s fine, I’m all grown up now so I should be able to understand. So what is it about? 」

「My, what a curious little child you are. It’s about the leader of that group, and how that child started everything from scratch.」

「That sounds really interesting!!! There are no records anymore about how their group started or how it was established other than what was only currently known.」

「All right, then I will start from when it all began.」


The little girl sat closely to the old lady to hear about the story close with her excitement showing on her sparkling eyes. And so the story begins.