Chapter 2 The Life of Minako Tsubaki and Survival Challenge

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Luna, who is now possessed by Minako Tsubaki ran back to the grave where she awakened and sat down near the pedestal. After their souls finally merging, Luna recalled both her and Minako’s memories as one.


And she cried, she cried from the pain that’s eating her inside out, she cried from the pain of understanding that she lost her life once, she cried recalling the scary face of her father beating her up and many other emotions that got mixed up in the process. After a while she finally stopped crying after pouring out her emotions.


She wanted to sleep her tears away, but she can’t or she will be swallowed whole by the miasma completely transforming her into a corrupted being. Her soul was strengthened after merging with the soul of her past self. After calming down, she slowly recalled the memories of her past life, until the time it ended.







Tsubaki Minako lived a normal life just like everyone else, she is the only child of a couple living in a certain district in Tokyo japan. Both her mother was a housewife that works part time jobs on the local town center while her father was a regular office worker.


She studied in a local public school near their home and though she was a little shy compared to her peers, she still had friends that she shared her childhood with. Everything was flowing normally, until that eventful evening in her high school years.


While she was away from home staying over at a friend’s place, it seems like her father brought back another woman in their house, which was caught by her mom. Her cheating father tried to talk it over, but it seems like her mother had already been suspicious about it for quite some time after hearing rumors from her coworkers.


When she returned home after a sudden call from her mother, the mother and daughter moved out of the house and lived away from her father but made sure to demand support for their child. It didn’t take long before they were followed by a divorce.


Though now only living with her mother, Minako did her best living normally, even if her peers looked at her in pity. In order to rid herself of such depressing atmosphere, she decided to indulge herself in various activities like camping, reading novels, doing part time jobs and other things that would keep her busy. There are also times that she would visit her mother’s rural home where her grandparents live and they would go on excursions during those times.


Despite their age, her grandparents were quite active, participating in outdoor activities. She accumulated various experiences and enjoyed her life a lot, and slowly the memory of her father started to fade. Though he would still make contact with her from time to time, it wasn’t that often, and it seems like he was living on his own at the moment living as if he was a single person which made her more distant to him.


Graduating from high school, she decided to work instead of going for college to help her mother who did her best to raise her on her own. Because of her various experiences, it didn’t take her long to find a job that suited her skills and experiences.


She worked hard and was received well by her peers despite her young age. Quick to learn the ropes and becoming useful to the company in a short time, she slowly became the center of attention of everyone. Though almost everyone did accept her at first, because of her popularity she also attracted the bad side of people. That is those who became jealous of her.


At first she didn’t really realized that she was slowly being harassed as those who envied her would dump work on her that she happily accepts thinking that they are putting their trust on her. Despite the rough working conditions, she strived hard only getting more praises from the company heads even to the point of receiving some recognition. However, because of this the harassment also started escalating.


She was a really hardworking child doing her best. However, as the burden accumulates so does the fatigue on her young body. Noticing this, one of the managers suggested to her that she should take a break which she gladly accepted. She also realized that she had been working too much that even her mother was getting worried about her so she didn’t decline. Though what she wouldn’t have expected what would happen to her just a day before she could finally rest.


Her job, although close still required for her to ride trains to reach. Dragging her fatigued body to the station, she waited for the next train to arrive. It was her regular schedule as usual, however at the next moment, something happened that shocked everyone on the platform even the one responsible for the event. One of her coworker who was part of the group wanted to rough her up a bit just to put her in her place, but that coworker didn’t realize her current condition which was almost lethargic from overworking herself.


She approached Minako who was standing close to the platform and slapped her should roughly to get her attention. Minako’s reaction though was different from what she expected. Minako who was already tired and lethargic broke her balance from the sudden impact on her shoulders causing her to wobbly step aside and outbalance herself which also resulted in her falling down the tracks.


It was only second before the train arrived with warning bells of its arrival already sounding. The Minako who still didn’t understand what happened looked back on the platform only to see one of her coworkers shouting at her in tears which she didn’t understand because of the loud buzzing sound of the train’s horn. And then after feeling a strong impact hitting her, everything went black.








『Huh, am I dead? Where am I? 』 Minako



Minako, who was now conscious, found herself in the middle of darkness. She couldn’t see anything, couldn’t feel nor move. However her consciousness was still present. Confused, she tried recalling what happened but she couldn’t remember anything. Her memories were still clouded and she couldn’t recall anything, and now she is trapped inside an eternal darkness. And then


「*sob, *sob, *sob」


She heard something, it was very hard to discern but she didn’t doubt herself that she heard something.


「*sob, *sob, *sob, uhhhhh…」


The noise was becoming clear and then suddenly in the middle of darkness, a very thing path of light opened. Not knowing nor understanding how she was moving, she approached the light and the noise was becoming more and more audible to her.


「Is someone crying? 」


Although she didn’t understand her situation, she followed the direction of the voice which seems to be where the light was coming from. After moving as if it was an eternity, she finally reached the light source which was lighting down a crying child. She didn’t know who that child was nor didn’t recalled anyone resembling her, yet she felt as if they were connected somehow.


When she stepped into the light, she could see her figure as if she was looking from a third person view and her form was her former self when she was about the same age as the child. Confused by the situation, she tried thinking back again but her memories cannot be recalled, all she could recall was that she was Minako Tsubaki. Thinking that she won’t get any result from continuing further, she approached the crying child.


『Hey there, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? 』 Minako


『*sob, *sob, *sob, uhhhhhh… 』


Minako called out but the child didn’t respond, so she approached closer and tapped the child’s shoulder to get her attension.


『Hey, heeeey~~, can you hear me? 』 Minako

『*sob, *sob, huh, eh~? 』


The child finally noticing her presence stopped her sobbing and stared at her in confusion.


『Eh, eh? Who? 』 Child


The child who still confused continued staring at Minako despite the tears continuing to fall down from her eyes.


『I am Minako, Tachibana Minako, and you are? 』 Minako


Minako still doesn’t understand what is happening but her instincts are telling her that she should respond to the child’s inquiry.


『I, I am Luna, Luna Brundle… 』 Luna


Although still confused, the child was at least able to respond to her. She then tried to continue the conversation.


『What are you doing here and why are you crying? 』 Luna

『Father was angry at Luna, he must have thought that Luna was bad child. He said that Luna killed mother and that I should return her. I don’t understand. Aunt Nicole told me before that I also had a mother but she died after bringing me to this world. I don’t know what to do, I’m scared. I’m scared of father, he’s going to beat me up again and ask me to return mother. Help… Uwaaaahhhh… 』 Luna


The child Luna tried to explain what happened to her but ended up bawling again probably after recalling some things. Minako stared at the child trying to understand what the child told her. Finally realizing what happened to the child, Minako gritted her teeth. She struggled to keep her emotions from coming out of her which would definitely frighten the child. Then a piece of memory also returns to her which was a memory about her father at the same time memories of the child also traveled inside her mind.


Finally understanding what this child was suffering from, Minako clenched her fist to sate her seething anger and frustration. She then slowly approached the child and hugged her. Despite their almost identical size, Minako did her best to soothe the crying child.


『Don’t cry now, you don’t need such a father. I will protect you from him so don’t cry, ok? 』Minako

『Uhhhh… hmmmm… un!… 』 Luna


Luna stared into Minako’s eyes slowly filling up with her determination. Despite her silent stare, Minako understood what she needs to respond to her next as if it had been set in stone.


『Alright, we’ll do this together, I will definitely protect you. No matter what happens. 』 Minako


After reassuring the child, she gently hugs her closer. And then


『Yes, Luna will do her best! We’ll do it together, big sister Minako…』 Luna



After saying that’s Luna’s figure slowly blurred and exploded into particles of light surrounding Minako. Seconds later, the particles slowly spun around her slowly closing in, and then all the particles flew inside her chest. Minako who was confused by what happened was then suddenly assaulted by pain that she could never have imagined.


『Ugh, I have just awoken into this place and now I have to deal with something like this situation. 』 Minako






Now with a new challenge in front of her, how Minako or now should be called Luna, survive this situation.

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