Slave Hero in Another World



Author: Takachiho

Middle scholar, Hadzuki Jin, was summoned into another world as a hero but sent back to the original world without being able to protect many important things.

After sent home, memories faded away as if it were a dream, and in his own helplessness, only the ring given by the summoner princess remained.

Three years later, Jin, who became high school student, participated in the new single release commemorative handshake event of Saya Marena, a popular high school voice actress who played his favorite anime heroine.

When Jin held Rena’s hand, a magic circle was spreading at the center of Rena’s feet, both of them were summoned into another world.

The boy who once summoned as a hero was summoned again to the same world.

A new hero, as Rena’s slave–


*2017/08/10 I gave a subtitle.

There is no change in the content.

* This work is also published in the Alpha Police.