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0. Prologue

TL: Chinozuku

The world was burning.

The setting sun burns the sky, the great fire burns the castle town.

In the world where sky and earth were clad in red, only one white castle was left.


The great silver general elite who had pushed back countless enemies that aimed the white wall around the castle, many were fallen halfway.

Child and women were evacuating while the men together with the soldier attacked the enemy who had broke the gate, but it’s only capable of slightly reduce the enemy solder when when came like an avalanche one after another.


Reinwelt kingdom was located in the southwestern part of the continent.

The white castle build on the shore of the lake was a symbol of the iconic beautiful royal capital.

The fierce battle on the front gate, which could be called the last defense, was about to end.


「Hero-sama, I couldn’t hold it any longer!」


「Not yet! Don’t give up!」


A boy who dressed on black light armor shouted to the young knight who slayed the enemy down.


「Dark inferno!」


The boy, who was a hero, instantly took many lives with his long sword in his right hand and was collecting magic power inside his body, using the silver sword in his left hand as a catalyst.

The black lump were fired in the middle of the enemy unit, instantly spread the black flame into the surrounding and burnt everything it touched.

But that was also useless.

The created space moments ago was already filled again with soldiers in no time.

The difference in the soldier’s number with the allied forces, centered in Glenseal kingdom, was hopeless.


「Hero-sama, please go to the princess’ place.」


「I’m sure the princess will try to fight until the end but, we don’t want her to do that.」


「Please let the princess escape with the hero’s help.」


「It’s our win even if it’s just the princess is alive!」


「We will buy you some time.」


The knights who knew death is approaching, were smiling even when they’re already exhausted, did the final charge to the enemy without waiting for the boy’s reply.


「You people, after me!」


The boy ran like a wind through the castle, followed by the shout of the knight.

I shouldn’t waste their death.

He used magical power sensing and sharp sense to look for the princess whereabouts, strengthening his body with small leftover magic and dashing toward the princess.

Vigorously opening the metal door in front of his eyes, he stumbled upon a room full of magic.


「Chris! Run away!」


「Jin, right on time.

Please come this way.」


The tranquil atmosphere of the temple, a blond girl was standing beside the magic circle carved into a huge piece of marble, was smiling calmly in contrast with the impatient boy.


「What are you talking so calmly? Quickly! The knights gave their live to make some time for Chris to escape!」


「Jin, please calm down.」


The boy who rushed and grasp the girl’s arm, but the girl gently wraps his hand using her other hand, pulled off the boy’s hand.


「It’s farewell.」




Together with words, the boy was pushed back on his shoulders, he backed of a few step.

Immediately, the magical circle below the boy’s feet, was glowing white and covered the boy’s body.


「Thank you so much for everything.

You have worked hard until the very end, even though we summoned you without your concern, hating us is just natural.」


「What are you talking now! Escape quickly! The knights! Damn it! Get me out of here! Chris!」


Neither the boy nor the girl could get any closer due to magic wall created my the magical circle.


「Please don’t worry.

I’m the one who asked the knights to send you here.

To return you to your original world.

That’s our wish」


「That can’t be! Why! I want to be together with Chris and the other!」


The castle, the street, the smile of many people appeared in the boy’s mind.

Everyone was irreplaceable companion and family.


「Looks like we made it in time.

Goodbye, Jin.

We offer you, our hero, our sincere gratitude.」


「Wait, wait, waiiiiiiit!」


The boy’s field of vision were turned white, followed by the stream of tears passed through the girl’s cheek.


Then, the summoned hero from the other world left this world.