The Beastmen’s Goddess

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Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Deity of the Beastmen Country



As the goddess Faltear’s country was destroyed, she received the title of evil god and was doomed to wander the world. Originally she bestowed miracles to protect the country but the the country’s faith in her diminished and conversely decreased her powers.

A statue of that goddess Faltear was picked up by a cat-eared beastman and soon became the guardian deity of a desolated beastman village. As a result, with her powers restored, Faltear decided to protect the cat-eared beastmen.

Before long, the village grew to engulf both dog and cat eared beastmen and developed into a splendid nation. The guardian deity who protects the beastman kingdom!

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Chapter 1 First Job as a Guardian Deity
Chapter 2 The Villagers Begin to Embrace Their Faith
Chapter 3 Miracle to Grow Crops
Chapter 4 I got Involved in a Trial
Chapter 5 Defensive Measures for the Village
Chapter 6 Conflict with the Dog-eared Beast-men
Chapter 7 Dog-Eared Beast-men’s God
Chapter 8 Cats and Dogs Unity Project
Chapter 9 From Village to Country
Chapter 10 Let’s Expand The Village
Chapter 11 Water Shortage Elimination
Chapter 12 Evil God
Chapter 13 How to Cheat an Evil God
Chapter 14 Cleanup after the incident
Chapter 15 An Evil God has arrived
Chapter 16 Founding Festival
Chapter 17 Enjoying The Festival
Chapter 18 Parade and Oath
Chapter 19 The Timid God
Chapter 20 Hortensia’s Remodeling Plan
Chapter 21 – The Weak God’s Talent
Chapter 22 – Hortensia-kun’s Worry