The Child of Chaos Goes on an Adventure

Author: Yuuki Kagetsuki

Synopsis :

A soul who was lost in the chaotic space was discovered by the Goddess Tiamat, and out of boredom and curiosity, invited the soul to her world.


The soul was of someone who had died on earth after an accidental dimension rift, which was not noticed by the God managing earth.


After, to the soul and handing her over to Tiamat, and giving her various gifts, she now wanders the world and enjoys everything about it, be it good or bad.


For the Lost Soul, that is now known as Luna Arcana who also love games and fantasy, and was in her 30s, she couldn’t help but accept it even if she didn’t know how to live her new life yet.


This is the adventure story of Luna, reborn into a fantasy world without any mission but to enjoy life to the fullest.