The Pebble

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I Am Just a Pebble! ~The Healing Golem and Monster User~
watashi wa 〈 moto 〉 koishidegozaimasu ! 〜 iyashikei gōremu to mamonozukai 〜
私は〈元〉小石でございます! 〜癒し系ゴーレムと魔物使い〜



The Moment I woke up, I noticed that my body turned into a pebble.

One day, when I was lamenting about why I ended up like this, A pretty golem with a body that looks like a doll came by.

“I” then unexpectedly merged with that golems body.

From that moment, I didn’t expect that it will be the beginning of all encounters and a great adventure!!

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Chapter 1 The Story of a Small Pebble at the Edge of the Road
Chapter 2 Little Rock Doll
Chapter 3 Search
Chapter 4 It’s Not Allowed to Bully a Girl
Chapter 5 Talking with People
Chapter 6 A Friendship Contract is…… What could it be?
Chapter 7 I have been named!
Chapter 8 I ran out of MP…
Chapter 9 We will be Exploring around the Village!
Chapter 10 The Skills of the Twin Sister
Chapter 11 Time for a Special Training
Chapter 12 Subspecies Evolution… What is it?
Chapter 13 Special Skill Development!
Chapter 14 I am a Genius is what Everyone Said!