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Chapter 1 The Story of a Small Pebble at the Edge of the Road



You can find them anywhere in the world, it is not something rare.

If it is the normal ones that is, humans ignores plants and animals as if they were “Nothing” and never bothers with it.

Of course, such things are probably considered as not sentient at all, and even if they consider some of it, it will only be the few found on fantasy worlds.


But I want you to think even just a little bit about it.


Let’s say that the former life of that pebble in that area would have been a human being, and that small stone still has memories and intentions contained within it.

And it would take more than hundreds of years for that to end.

Among them, how do you think they would feel while being conscious as a pebble like that?


…Probably, would it be comparable to Hell?



I woke up.


I was supposed to be at our house… why am I outside now?

Or more like, I can’t even remember about my home where I originally live.

And I cannot even remember my name or my gender.

In this uncertain memory, All I know is that I am supposed to be human, and lived on a place called Japan on world called earth.


Besides, how did I end up in this rocky place?

My vision is also really low.

It also seems like I’m just lying down the ground of this place.


…And my body can’t move.

No, not that. It’s more like I don’t have anything in my body that would allow me to move myself in the first place.

It is also not a feeling of being tied up or paralysis of arms and legs, this.

Somehow, it feels more like I have no physical body.


I wonder what was going on.

Did I turn into something like a pebble or something?

No, I don’t think that’s it right… is what I’d like to wish for.


And because of that, I tried a variety of things within the scope of my viewpoint.


The first is the view directly in front of me, seems to be a place that resembles a road that spreads a little on my view, then there’s a rock wall with a color of soil and was rugged like a cliff.


The next view is a stone without any distinguishable feature just a normal stone.


The next view is from behind of my first viewpoint.

… It was a rock wall, A huge wall just right in front of me.

In other words, there was nothing else but just a wall behind me.


The next view was directly above me, things like grass and grass looking things can be seen if I focus my view a little far away from me.

Yup, apparently this place seems to be close or in the vicinity of a cliff.


And finally, just right in front of me.

I’m a bit lucky to see that there is a small puddle there.

Oh, nice.

Even if I couldn’t really move myself, I can at least confirm well my appearance.


I look towards the small puddle of water that was a bit muddy.

First are the cliffs behind me, then an image of the figure that was probably me.

No way, just wait for a moment?

Is this _________.


Yes, as you have expected, it was the figure of nothing more than a pebble.


It is neither human, nor animal, and not even an insect or microorganism… Yes, it was just a plain old pebble.

It is not even a creature anymore.


Why? Why is like this? I desperately try verifying my memories on my brain, though not existing since I’m a pebble.

Is this a dream? But if this is a dream, it should be something about yourself right? I have never heard of losing your memory just because you are dreaming.

Besides the feeling of the soil surrounding me now, the coldness it gives is strangely realistic…


Do you think that this was some kind of curse or something, or is being reborn again because I have died?


If this is being reincarnated… Yeah, let’s suppose it’s reincarnation, I wonder what I have been doing, what in hell did I actually do to end up being reincarnated as a pebble?

It is just weird that I ended up being a pebble from a human.


However, I don’t have any memory of doing any crime or bullying in my faint memory.

I am certain about it, though I don’t have a reason I am still confident about it.

Just why did I end up being reincarnated as a pebble?


If this is something like mischief of gods… then this is just a terrible story. If you think about how long you will stay as a stone, you can think of being dozens, or even hundreds of years.

Not to mention, you won’t be able to communicate with anybody, your body can’t move at your own will, and you definitely are living in isolation for the rest of your life… What is with that? Isn’t that just scary or outright terrible.


I do want to get out of this situation.

But then again I won’t be able to do anything.

What should I do…

How do I escape from something like this?


I don’t know…

I can’t really say that humans are actually good.

But still perhaps, I also want to be reborn as a beautiful girl, or maybe I also want to be a good guy, and also wanting to be born in a rich family. But I can’t really ask for that at this moment as I am now.


I’m jealous just being alive.

And here, I can’t even cry nor shout myself out.


Really, I’m just wondering just what I would do.

I cannot move from this place too, so maybe I’ll just accept this situation.

Let’s also just stop thinking about it.


From now on, I’ll just stay alone and be lonely by myself… or more like I can only live by myself.


I turned towards the direction right in front of me and decided not to think hard about anything.


A soft breeze and a little damp soil powder hit me.

What a cold and comfortable ground this is.


I was just thinking of forgetting about myself and just become a “Stone” as I am.



What day is it? No, how many weeks… or maybe months have passed?

I wonder why I didn’t even move at all from here.


I also remembered seven or eight carriages have passed so far.

There was nothing else that seemed strange, It also seems impossible to throw away my sanity, I was just spending the whole time moving my view all over the place.


I would have just spent my days as a pebble at the end of the road if I was just a normal one.

But then, on this day, I felt like something or more like destiny has change, and some signs can be felt strongly. Even though there’s really nothing that has changed.


When I was doing my usual watching of the surroundings, one black shadow was approaching me slowly.


And then I was that mysterious creature… If I was a human, I would probably be surprised why that seems to be standing.


The creature was not a human being.

No, perhaps it wasn’t even considered a living thing, and something that would resemble someone like me.


Walking towards me was something that has fairly short legs, one round stomach, and an arm that seems too big for its body if you just based it from its feet that was drooping on the ground, and also possessing something like a semi-circular head resembling a doll… It’s what you would call a golem.

But somehow, it gives of a young air from seeing its body.


The fact that there is something like a golem here means that this world is definitely not earth for the time being.

Like dolls made out of soil and rocks, it looks just like a new born baby, at first glance it looks like it’s walking with an affectionate atmosphere.


And actually that golem… no, young golem was quite lovely.[TL: The mc has the smells of a lolicon]

Even though it doesn’t have anything that resembles a face, the gestures it gives were like something that a toddler gives off and is really cute.

If I have something resembling arms and legs or if it was me from my previous life, I would definitely grab it and hug it and called it『Pretty』[TL: Should I call FBI now coz this MC is definitely a lolicon! Well he/she is now just a pebble]


The young golem’s walking speed is just as slow as it looks. But if you considered it as an infant level then it would certainly be like that.

Anyway, it’s heading slowly towards this place.


…Ah …It fell down.


But it quickly stood up as if nothing happened.

It doesn’t hurt, don’t cry, I don’t want you to cry, Is what I would have said if I can call out such words.

There is something resembling eyes, but then if you look closely, the golem has no eyeballs.


I looked up that child’s head, and it seems that there’s a part missing from it.

I think it got damaged after falling some time ago.

The poor thing.


However, it doesn’t seem to care about it.


That child keeps on moving not minding the scratches it received as it passed by me.

I knew that it was only passing by.

I knew it but I still felt sad.


But then, at that moment is when I felt that the wheels of fate started to move again.


That child stopped right in front of me and grasped me gently slowly raising me above its head.

This golem came to me, a pebble on the roadside of this fantasy world, and for the first time I have felt that someone have actually noticed me.

This is a pleasant thing.


But then why did it grab hold of me?


The answer came out in a few second, just after that.

The young golem placed me into the missing part of its head that it caused by itself… forcefully.


Well, I guess you wanted to close the wound with a perfect pebble fitting it right.