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Chapter 2 Little Rock Doll



I was forcibly placed on the damaged area of the little golem’s head, and well what do you know it fitted just right.


Ah, I got it.

I can understand this feeling of being absorbed into a part of this child’s body. That feeling of being sucked in like ice cream melting on your fingers.


It seems that that my lonely sufferings like hell, living as a pebble has ended faster than I thought.

I’m glad, I’m really glad.

That fateful encounter that I’ve felt earlier seems to be this.


Thank you, little golem.

I will probably die like this, but don’t fall anymore and live strong as a golem.


Oh God, please, on my next life please turn me into a beautiful girl who can marry a kind, rich and gentle handsome husband in the future, or at least marry me to a beautiful lady and make me a handsome husband for her to make up for the life I have suffered.



Are? That’s strange, why do I still have my consciousness.

It is completely black like a midnight without any light around.

I was thinking of becoming a bishoujou or and ikemen as I was being absorbed by the body of the golem.


Ah! Perhaps I can’t open my eyes, like maybe I have just been reborn. As a pretty little baby or something, and will be on the path of a beautiful rose colored life of a popular person.


With such pale expectations I tried gently opening my eyes_____.

Then I noticed that I can’t feel any eyelids at all, or more like my eye sockets were empty since the beginning.

Then why is it still dark?


I noticed the reason without worrying about the cause.

It was dark because my face was placed stuck closely to a rock wall and that led me to being stuck there for days.


Tsk… Why… didn’t I just die?


Still, this is really strange.

Compared to the time that I was a pebble, my line of sight has become a little bit higher than usual.

Furthermore, I can feel that I have something resembling a body.

I can only deduce that I have acquired a body of some sort in ways I don’t know…!?


No way… It wasn’t me who was absorbed. I absorbed the Golem, in conclusion, could it be that I became that little golem?


I hurriedly checked my “Hands” that I had never had since some time ago.

Its hands made out of rock and soil, like a child’s gloves, but with all fingers stuck together, and somehow it feels great.

Not to mention those hands are long enough to reach the ground.


This is unbelievable. Somehow I should have been absorbed by that golem, but instead I ended up absorbing that child.

I don’t understand the principle as to how it ended up like this.

Uuuu… I didn’t become a beautiful girl… or a handsome man…

My rose-colored life was _______.


Well at least, this is a thousand times better than just stuck being a pebble on the roadside, am I OK with this? I feel bad for that young golem.

Since I now have a proper body, I tried running and moving my limbs accurately, it seems like there isn’t any problems with movement at all.


Now then, what will I be doing from now on? There isn’t really any purpose other than living. I wonder what I should be doing.


In any case, let’s just move around for now or something?


I will only do things I’m able to do, I am made of soil and rock, yes made of rock and soil, this road is wide enough to take in two carriages… I started walking with these little ones feet, something that I have taken from someone else.


If there are things I should watch out for, that would be taking strong shock from falling down or colliding onto something hard.

As I have been watching how this little golem falling down, I concluded hat this body is a little fragile.


Slowly and carefully, I started walking the path that this road is heading to. Carefully checking where I step, checking things on my side, and also watching out for falling objects from above.

My walking speed isn’t really that fast, while getting nervous. I tried to distract myself by observing my surroundings and focusing my attention around.

I guess this speed should be enough thinking that this body belongs to a child and how fast a child could move forward.


Slowly concentrating, slowly concentrating as I continue walking forward. For now, I will just have to continue walking forward,


How long have I walked since then, I should have walked quite a bit of distance, but still I don’t seem to get tired at all.

I don’t need food or water. There isn’t even a mouth in the first place.

Not to mention, I don’t even get drowsy.

What a perfect body.

It is quite a sturdy body if you are only thinking of moving around as if I was born to do this.


In any case, what should I really do anyway?

As a carriage seems to be approaching, I know that there are humans.

In this world that seems to be set in a fantasy world, I am a monster, and as for monsters it would either be creatures, enemies or just observers.

There are probably beings that live together like livestock, but still it would probably be much better if they don’t see me in this form that easily.

Originally this child, it would look like something that would easily fall over, not mention being a bit too brittle that it would probably be easy to dispose of it, and I think that I would surely be killed so quickly.

And because of that I have to be more careful.


I then pay close attention to the surroundings and started carefully walking again, I will continue moving forward.

Anyway, just how far is this rocky road?

I surely have already walked a long way you know? Well, I’m not really getting tired or anything.


Occasionally, I am absorbing the pebbles that are fell down on the surroundings and placing them on my body, mainly my stomach just for killing time.

Stones can probably be eaten, but well I don’t have a mouth.

This isn’t considered cannibalism right?


… And so, is it really alright absorbing it like food this way?

The surroundings have started to turn dim as day approaches it’s end and as night slowly begins.

What to do, should I keep moving even at night? Nah, let’s just rest until the night ends.

I don’t really feel sleepy but it was still quite strange that I can still sleep.


Without light and only the brightness of the moon, something that made a poyon poyon sound came out from the shadow of a rock as it got dark enough that you won’t be able to see anything on the darkness.


I wonder if it was going to do a surprise attack. Then that something moved quickly and chewed on my body after it jumped towards me.


I didn’t really realize it but, my body just moved quickly at a speed that even I didn’t realize I could do imagining how slow my golem body’s movements have been. This is probably the instinct of a “golem” and not as my former human being, nor my pebble state, and moves on with “reflexes”.


With something like that coming unexpectedly, the reflexes that can’t really be noticed when I was just walking around, and with my right hand I swing it like a hammer towards my left elbow where that something was.


And it seems that something was blown off quickly.

Although I have felt a response from hitting it directly, there was a sound of something squishy that came after, as if that thing is made out of soft jelly.


Thanks to the light of the moon and stars brightening the surroundings, I was able to identify that something that I have blown away.


It is unknown, liquid like organism, with a rounded body.

Something like that doesn’t exist on earth, and that is one of those fantasy templates.

That’s right, a Slime.

It is exactly like those slimes, a light green creature that is seemingly really weak, was at the place where I have blown it off a while ago from my elbow.

So the thing that attacked me is a slime (temp), this mean that it is hostile against me right?

I get closer to the slime that was seem to be stunned and can’t move yet, and then grasped the part that seems to be its head to suppress any more movement it could do and swings down my right hand’s fist and towards it vigorously.




Umu, that isn’t really so bad.

I released the trembling slime from my hand once.

It is quite reasonable since swinging down my hand too much probably worked, It will definitely hurt if you got beaten down with a stone.


As I was thinking that, I looked at the slime (temp) that I tried to beat, it’s bottom part was sliding away, it was probably trying to escape but I caught notice of it before it can do so.

Sorry, it was you who attacked first, I’m not letting you get away just like that.


While making something like a fighting pose, I held out my hands close to my face in an easy to move way.

A left punch was delivered to the slime… then another left straight after sending another 2 left jabs right after it.


Pisshhhaaa, Pishaaa…


The slime seems to have stopped moving now, and seem to have fainted.

Ooooh! I did it! A great victory!


But after defeating and hoping it won’t move anymore,  it my body felt heavy.


Did I eat too much pebble and have to take it out?

Or maybe did that slime have poison or something?

Probably not, it’s just not that sort of feeling, there is a pleasant feeling engulfing me that it might just become a habit to continue this, I don’t think that this is bad for my body at all.

Let’s think for a moment after defeating slime…. This is a fantasy world… Oh, is this possibly that?


【Slime Defeated! You have gained 5 Exp】

【Level goes up from level 1 to level 2! Please check status for details 】


Yup. As I have expected.

I have thought that it would be such a thing.


But then again I don’t know how to view status.

Does it look like that Status?

What should I do?


While thinking that, the status window was displayed.

I guess just thinking, if you wanted to see, you can see it or something like that.

And as expected, this isn’t earth, it’s too fantastic to be earth.



Toon Golem



HP: 15/15

MP: 7/7

Attack: 15

Magical power: 7

Defense: 15

Dexterity: 7

Speed: 5



As I have expected, this body that I have absorbed was a golem.

Even so, just like on that planet’s games, it does seem like a golem status, having both attack and defense as standard stats.

Personally thinking though, I think my speed is still a little more on the fast side and not really that low.


By the way, what was with that fighting combo stile like attack earlier?

I don’t know, maybe I was doing fighting sports or something along those as well.

Well, something like that should just be treated as something I’m lucky to have.

At the very least, there won’t be something like being attacked suddenly, and won’t be able to fight back without any resistance.

Martial Arts and having good reflexes are really something.


A demon like that would definitely win a fight… no more like a monster?

Anyway since there are fantasy creatures like that, I should knock them down and turn them into XP fertilized!