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As soon as I found a Demon I eliminate it, I want to keep on doing it but it’s getting really dark now.


I’m not really getting any sleepier, but clouds have covered the sky resulting to making the place darker, so I guess it’s probably time to settle down and not move any further.

I can’t even see the road anymore, and also the fact that I’m currently near a cliff just makes harder to move and makes me more cautious.


For now, I decided to do some shadow boxing to bring out my sense of fighting from whatever sport I have done to be more proficient in using my long arms when executing it, and while making sure that the place I currently am is not a place where I could easily be surrounded by other demons.


As I continue, I’ve somehow manage to visualize accurately and adjust my reaction speed quite smoothly.

When I was just a pebble I purposely moved exercised my vision, as I was just killing time following objects moving at high speeds.


For the mean time, I was trying to find a technique that is quite compatible with my body for attacking…

First thing to consider is the shape of my body that may be easy to balance but is not really compatible with kicks.

But instead, it was quite compatible with punching moves and hand techniques but well even though my legs are short, I’m still able to bring out a full blow without pumping force from my feet for some reason.

Honestly, I don’t even understand how I am able to do powerful strikes while having such short legs. And also not to mention I can’t even us it for kicking.


I picked up soil and stones around me, and my imaginary enemies, and waved my arms which are seemingly longer for my actual body.

A small crater was created at the area where I’ve thrown the stone which gives out a dull sound and looks like something you would find from a fighting manga.

Is what I’d like to think but that didn’t happen!

Instead it was my arms that broke off from the force of momentum.


I was able to put it back by absorbing more rocks and soil and the arm itself to regrow it, what a convenient body this is.

Do not that it needs to be more robust I know!


I kept on doing practice with my arms without knowing how much time have already passed…

And as the started to become brighter, I started roaming around again.


While on the road, I encountered three slimes in total.

Of course, I hunted them using the results of my shadow boxing and arm swing practices that I’ve done yesterday that was in my memory.

My level has now increased to 3.


I also encountered some toon golem just like myself, but didn’t really attack or anything. Maybe it was because we are of the same kind or something, or maybe they are just not that aggressive by nature. I really want to hug and pat them on the head though but abstained from it.


By the way, it may be because of my level rising but my movement speed seems to have increased a bit, I have felt the difference.


I was killing time walking while punching and throwing stones at demons along the way…

Right now, it’s just a little more before evening probably?

Even with this seemingly fragile, difficult-to-move body, I tried climbing a big rock where on its other side was the entrance to a forest.


If I enter this forest, they I will probably encounter more enemies and probably be able to raise my levels further.

With that as my motivation, I desperately climbed that was like something you find in a rock climbing course with just the power of my arms.

I fell five times and recovered myself from the damages three times and somehow managed to finally finish climbing at the sixth try.


Now that I think about it, I was really motivated to climb it, but the place I came from seems to be quite a high place, and I have to climb down again.

Well, it can’t be help still I decided to go down and enter into this deep, dark forest where plants seems to blooming quite well.



After quite a few minutes, I was finally able to enter the forest.

And then, regretted the choice I made myself just after entering.


I am so totally lost, I don’t know where east or west north or south or any other directions. Well I don’t really care about it since I don’t really have a place to go back to, but at least having a compass would still much preferable in this situation is what I felt.

It feels like I will just be going around in circles in this case and it depresses me.

I don’t really want to think of something negative like that, I was just walking around the forest surrounded by greenery and it’s also starting to grow darker.


Then a little after that, something came out from above the trees.

I immediately avoid it by rolling my body like what you would see from a judo match and confirmed what that something was that tried to hit me.

It was a big centipede with thick black skin.


For some reason the centipede was giving of an air like 『How the heck did you dodge that!?』 and it quite interesting to see it having that kind of face.

I immediately moved in where my attack could reach and hit its head with a right hook.

The centipede was unable to quickly dodge that attack, and it was knocked down and probably fainted.

But since XP value was not yet displayed, it was probably not yet dead. So I continued hitting it with my fist as if I was a madman and focusing onlyon it’s head.


【Centepie Defeated! You have received 8 XP】

【Mobilization Bonus! Speed will now be much easier to increase!】


At last, the reaction speed the I process have been admitted by my brain saying that I’m fast, Fufuun!

In this way even as a golem continues actions would allow me to improve, I wonder if the system is something like that… I have to do my best!


I abandoned the pitiful looking corpse of the Centepie where it’s head was crushed and continued wandering the forest.

Dark… Because of the leaves of the large trees around, the light of the moon can’t penetrate in the forest and the surroundings can’t be seen.

As it cannot be helped, I just did some shadow boxing on the spot.


Several hours later, while I was still training, I received a raid from the shade of a tree.

I was about to be hit by something like a club but was able to dodge it at the last moment.


I looked at the enemy that swung that club.

A long nose, sharp ear, a small body and red skin… Yup, it looks really familiar with goblins you find in games.

The goblin looked surprised and took some distance from me.


Why is it that just about everyone is aiming for me, Slimes, Centipedes, and now this, Goblins… Is it because a golem is supposed to be slow and would just end up as XP fertilizer?


Ah! Maybe that’s it, probably.


But I don’t want you guys to think of me as the same with those other golems.

This here is a genuine stone variety and was a former pebble!

Iya, I don’t really think that the mystery of coming from an authentic stone would really take away the intentions of differentiating me by these monsters.


Still… This one is still taller than me. If a goblin would be about a meter tall, my current eight would be around 80cm?

With a 20cm difference, I’m probably in a little bad position.


The Goblin moved forward to swing its club because it probably thought that I was not retaliating or maybe not able to move.

Nonono, If you swing it too widely like that I will have a lot of room to dodge it.


I quickly grasped the goblin’s right wrist which was holding the club with my left hand and twisted it outward as it is.


The goblin collapsed from the pain he from the damage of twisting its hand in an unreasonable direction.

I didn’t miss that moment and delivered a punch right under the chin of the goblin with a strong left hook as it was suffering.


Since it was humanoid, it would probably have almost the same weak points as that of a human, that’s why I aimed at its chin.

And sure enough, the goblin fainted faced down with white eyes and fell down.

No way, I never really thought that it would have the same exact weak point.


But then again, XP Value wasn’t given yet.

And as the same with the centipede, I stood right in front of it and pummeled my fists right into its throat striking my fists like a hammer twice.


【Goblin Defeated! You have received 11 XP】

【Mobilization Bonus! Dexterity will now be much easier to increase!】

【Level has increased by 1 and became Level 4】


Let’s check my status.



Toon Golem



HP: 25/25

MP: 11/11

Attack: 25

Magical power: 9

Defense: 23

Dexterity: 12

Speed: 12



Well, if compared to when I was level 2, there is quite a significant amount of increase.

I don’t know how to use my MP yet, but I might probably be able to use magic soon so let’s just leave that alone for now.


The dead body of the goblin was left behind.

What I want to get was the Club the goblin was using.


I picked up the club and made a wide swing, I tried to treat it somewhat like a sword. [TL: Playing Hero with a Cypress Stick I see.]

It seems to be quite useful. I guess I will use it in the next upcoming battles.


Also I have other ideas on how to use it, like throwing it for example as if playing.

I turned around and tried hitting a tree, and then I threw it on that target holding it as if I was throwing a boomerang.

Its accuracy gradually became better as I continue throwing for about 10 times and hit 9 out of it.


And like this, while continuing the practice and killing time, the evening has ended, The sun slowly rose and the surroundings became bright again making it possible to continue wandering again.


While holding on my club, I kept moving forward while keeping my sight on the road where the wind was blowing.

If such a comfortable wind is blowing over, it would be nice to sing or hum some nice melodies… Ah, but I can’t do that coz I don’t have a mouth to make some noise.


And just like yesterday I encountered again another goblin.

But somehow, it’s showing a face like “What, why are you carrying a club?” is completely written on it.


And so I knocked him with the club.

Hmmm, this club is really quite useful.

Having a weapon or not, really gives quite the difference.


Either way, I proceed without bothering about the corpse.

Demon extermination is kind of fun.

Well, I only defeat those that are actually trying to attack me.



Is it probably around noon?

A few minutes after that, I leveled up and reached level 5, after knocking down goblins that appeared at the same time, and then some time after that, the voice of a human was heard.


It was probably the voice of a man, also other voices which was sounded like it was threatening someone.

I went to whose voice was that because I became quite curious about it and wanted to know their intensions.

If it is the current me now, I would probably be able to take down one or two humans easily, and will still be OK even if I’m attacked.


They say Curiosity kills the cat, but well I’m a golem so its probably OK.