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Chapter 4 It’s Not Allowed to Bully a Girl

I quietly approached the place where I could hear the voice, I looked at the scene while hiding myself behind a big tree.


A tall bearded man with green clothes, another man dressed in all black and covered with a brown coat… and a cute girl with a beautiful long light blue hair.

And then beside the girl was  a bluish colored dog standing in front of her.


The bearded man and all-black guy were standing side-by-side and was saying something towards the girl while slowly approaching her.

The girl was saying something like “No! no!” while shaking her head, and was moving back while trembling.


Oh, the blue dog jumped towards the bearded man, probably in order to protect that girl.

But then, the bearded man was able to grab the dog’s head and hold it down to the ground, then took out a knife from his pocket… and then stabbed the dog on its back.

And blood flowed out from it’s back like a fountain.


No…! Kel!!… Kel!!


The girl started weeping, Kel was probably the name of that dog.

Or rather, I can actually understand this country’s language.


… The two man grinning as if it was funny while looking at the girl that was screaming and crying.


And then, the all-black guy grabbed the girl and forcibly pushed her towards a tree… Ah, that person also took a knife from his bosom.

and after that, the all-black guy covered the girl’s mouth with his hand, while the bearded man ripped the girl’s clothes with his knife.

The all-black guy moved closer attempting to lick the girl’s neck, while the bearded man grabbed onto the girl’s breast….


Ah, I can’t watch this anymore.

I’m not someone who can just let this go on and ignore it. Even though I’m not human anymore I still have a good human heart.


Before they noticed, I threw my club with full strength just like the time when I was practicing last night, like a boomerang it flew towards the man in all-black.


The club flying like a boomerang spins towards the position I have targeted,____ The all-black person’s temple. It was a clean hit and was as hard as it sounds.


From that hit, the all black guy fell down fainted and bloody.

Well, the power was adjusted so it wasn’t really a fatal blow so he was still alive.


The girl opened her eyes wide in surprise with and was showing a really shocked face.


What! club… who’s there?


As he said that, I came out from the shade of the tree as they have wanted.

I am still holding the second club that I also got from the previous goblin I defeated.

I’m ready to throw it again.

By the the first club I’ve thrown were the one I got yesterday.


Anyway I came out just as they have wanted, but then looked even more surprised.

That’s strange? Why are they confused?


To…Toon Golem… Is it really that toon golem that threw that club!… That’s just ridiculous!… Toon Golems shouldn’t be that smart!… No way, maybe it’s accompanied by someone?


Because the bearded man said so, the girl buzzingly shook her head.

He or she should have low intelligence, You know I can definitely hear that.

My pride was badly damaged. I’m depressed.


Ha, hahahaha… It’s okay… normally they won’t be able to do something like that… Hey you, is there anyone coming out after you!


He seems to be screaming some awful things towards me…

So, I decided to pretend to throw it again towards that person, would I have probably thrust it if I have one more of it?


I raised the club over my head in order to show off that I’m throwing it.


Wha, why did you raise the club over your head? co, could it be it was really this toon golem that threw that club…!?!? A monster of low ranking, I’m gonna kill ya… to just lose this experience… I’ll destroy you.


Indeed, if you think of normal toon golems that is. Those monsters can easily be found and attacked on the roadside at ease.


The bearded man approached me while holding a knife.

I also held my club as if holding a sword.


Haaaaa! you lump of soil! die and become my experience!!


After saying that, he attempted to stab me as I come close to his range of attack.


I targeted his hand holding a knife with my attack timing it properly with his swing hitting it with the club.


Wha…what’s with this thing! is this really a toon golem!?


isn’t the one who said that you, just why do you also think I’m not?

I then moved a step back and hit this guy’s foot with the tip of the club while he was startled.




After that, the bearded man lets out a silent groan.

I then moved the club towards his crotch targeting a certain weak point that is peculiar to all men.


By the way some people told me that if you got hit in that particular part of a man it would be 10 times more painful than giving birth?

Because I don’t know if I was a girl to begin with, I have never experience giving birth and also not knowing if I was a man, I don’t  have any memory experiencing such pain they mentioned.


The bearded man fell down while bubble going out of his mouth, weak…


Fainted, 2 humans, obtained 70 experience points in total.

Attack Dexterity Speed have slightly increased

Level have increased by 2, you are now Level 7


Oh, It is possible not to kill?

Even just stunning them is OK!

Thanks to that, I am now level 7!

Well, it’s good if its something like that.


Oh right next is to help that girl, The wounds of that pet-like dog should also be closed.

I picked up the knife dropped by the bearded man and ripped his green clothes to be turned into bandage.

ANd then headed towards the dog from before.


Wha…what is it!?…


Is what the girl said.

The dog was staring at me as if looking at it’s enemy with a sharp look.

However, it was a bit of a lifeless eyes with no energy at all, that’s why we must close the wound as soon as possible.


I pierced the knife on the ground and rolled the cloth on the dog like bandage based on my memories. The dog tried to resist first while staring at me.

But well, he probably can’t.


Dexterity · A slight increase has been added.


Than you, thank you.

I collected the knife and headed to the stunned all-black guy.

I removed his thick jacket and was planning to give it to the girl who have torn clothes.


After taking off his jacket, I collected his knife that he was still holding on his hands.

Because I took the knife instead of the club I don’t really have to collect it,  still have another club for backup anyway.


And I placed the knife properly on its sheath I found from the two people putting it aside, I grabbed the jacket and headed towards the girl.


She was slowly moving her body away from me. Are you scared? or just couldn’t take in what the situation is?

Hmmm, it’s probably the latter.


I held the jacket towards her.


This… What do you want with this…


She then stopped talking as if noticing something, then closed her mouth and stared at me.


Are? what happened?


That, is it for me?


Whose that  person… talking directly at my mind…!?


Well since it’s only this girl here, you can definitely understand that this person is the one doing the telepathy.

I nodded towards her.

I was a little surprised.


AH… thanks for that…


After saying her thanks, took the jacket and wore it.

At this moment, I would have really liked it if I could actually speak with my mouth.


Well, putting that aside there are still a lot of things to do.

I have to tie this two to something or they might wake up and run away.


I approached the two, cut their pants into something like a rope, and bound their limbs strongly to a tree away from where the girl is.

They probably won’t be able to escape with this.

At the same time, the way I bound them is a position where you won’t be able to move.

They may possess money or something but taking that would probably just be bad.


And after that, I went beside the dog and softly embraced it like a princess while stroking its belly not to strain its back.

The dog was not staring strongly at me anymore.

Eh… Kel… what are you going to do with that child…


Even if I told you so…

For the time being, I turned towards the girl to the extent that it won’t irritate the injury of the  dog.

Giving off a feeling of empathizing feeling.

I hope it will be transmitted to her.


Will you help with taking care of Kel?


I nodded slowly giving off a positive intention.


Thank you… and, ummm… would you like to come to the village with me?


I nodded slowly again.


Thank, really thank you very much…


As she said that, the girl stood up quickly and strides towards my side while matching my pace.


For now I guess I will be heading towards the village where this girl lives.

I decided to not be in contact with people but then with this, I guess I really couldn’t do that anymore.