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Chapter 5 Talking with People

I was accompanying the lovely blue haired girl that I saved from a while ago.

I am walking with great effort to make sure that my pace won’t be a bother and to the point that I am able to follow.

Well, Kel I mean that dog is being carried by me, it natural to adjust to my pace after all.


Ah, I wanted to reborn as such a beautiful girl, not a bizarre pebble that deprives other of their intentions.


In any case, this dog that I have been holding now which was still conscious from a while ago has right now completely fallen asleep.

You lost too much blood.

Even so, I managed to stop the bleeding and was able to save it. That was really quite dangerous.


【A little more and we will arrive at the village. 】


Direct communication to my mind was made.

I have gotten familiar with it.

Because I can’t really reply, I directed my gaze at the girl instead and nodded my head.


Ah, she’s gently smiling now.

What a cute face, how enviable.


【Were here. 】


A message was directly sent again to my mind.

Apparently, it seems that we have reached this girl’s village.

I am now looking at the village in front of us.


Apart from the entrance where we entered, this village is surrounded by something like a wooden fence, there are dozens of homes, and there was also something like a big mansion and a dojo even something like a school and fields of crops and so on.


While observing the scenery of the village, a message entered my mind while I was standing at the entrance.


【Because we will be going towards my house, please follow me. 】


I nod and agreed to what she said.

And again, I followed the girl with my paced walking.


【Here is my home, please come inside. 】


The girl opened the door that was made of wood and with a simple decorative yet eye-catching design, and entered inside.

I followed her and went inside the house.


「I’m home… Granda…」

「Nn?, Oh, welcome back」


After hearing the voice of the girl, I heard the voice of an old man.

Along with the voice, one old man came out from the back of the house, a gray haired old man who have the same voice as what I have heard earlier.

Even if you say old man, his back was still firm, he doesn’t seem to be as old as he looks.

And then there was someone looking like a butler, and was actually named Sebastian.

Furthermore, next to the old man was a demon which looks like a big white snake.


「Are? Did you finish guiding the adventurers into the forest? Rommon」

「U… Un… but well you see, grandpa…」

「Mu?…Isn’t that the clothes of one of the adventurers are wearing!? What on earth happened over there? 」


You don’t really have to as that quickly you know? Grandpa-san.

Look, this girl, isn’t she already showing a pained look in her eyes?

I’m sorry for having you be the one to explain… I wish I could be the one to explain instead.


「Is it hard to explain?」


「Ok then, let’s ask Kel, oi Kel? Rommon where did Kel go? 」

Listen to Kel? Can you do that?

Well because that child is you know, a dog?

Maybe it’s like the telepathy from before, is that how you would ask?

If that is so, isn’t telepathy really useful?


The girl named Rommon pointed towards me with the dog, that was called Kel.


「There… Toon Golem is holding it…」

「Why a toon golem? Why is a toon golem in here? But toon golems are suppose to be unintelligent, fragile bodied, and weak almost at the same level as a slime, which is not really recommended for taming? 」


That’s just terrible. This world’s golems are treated like that.

That’s what that bearded person also said.

I, want to go out of this place. This just makes me want to cry.


「No, that’s not it, it was the toon golem who helped us… Even though it was not a friend.」

「What exactly are you trying to say……」

「That’s… what I will be explaining from now… Grandpa」


In order to solve problems related to monsters in this place which was located far away from the kingdom, a profession such as adventurers is being dispatched like those two people.

And so, with those garbage… this child… Rommon was it?

Rommon was supposed to guide them to the source of the problem and it was good that she took along Kel for self-defense, but then Rommon still ended up fighting the two of them, even Kel-chan can only take on one of them, and then it was the story where I came in and helped… it was really a dangerous situation where she knocked down and was being molested by the two people and can’t do anything about it.


「Hmm… as for kel’s wound to be present, it is definitely true, isn’t it… Toon Golem… and where are they and what happened to them. 」

「Ah, about that you see, the toon golem ripped their clothes, turned it into ropes and tied the two of them on a tree and left them on the forest.」

「As I’ve been hearing it from you, the toon golem over there doesn’t seem to be a toon golem at all… Such and interesting monster… really interesting… Then again, about Rommon, you surely had a rough time and for not being able to notice the desires of those men, Rommon I’m really sorry about that. 」


The Grandpa lowered his head in apology.


「No… well, it was really thanks to the Toon Golem that I managed to be saved.」

「Is that so…」


As he said that, he went close to me and crouched to match our line of sight.


【Thank very much for helping my granddaughter and Kel. 】


This person also directly communicated with my mind…

Well, even if you say your thanks I can only communicated using hand signals.


I spread the palm of my hands, and move it like those people you usually see in theaters and plays, and then bowed my head after placing my hand near my chest.


「Huh!? Why in the world do you know such gestures… this one here is really interesting.」


Even though such things were said…

To be surprised by only such a small thing, are toon golems really that bad in the intelligence area.


「By the way Grandpa, where is neechan?」


After Rommon’s question, the grandpa stood up and looked over her to reply.


「Nn? Rinne is it? Ah, I see. After that happening you are probably worried, well she was supposed to follow after…… 」


As soon as the grandpa mentioned about her, A loud bang was heard and the door was vigorously opened.


Everyone set their sights over there.

And there was someone, a girl with short hair with the same hair color as Rommon. She was carrying two swords on her back.


「Haa…Haa… Haaaa…. Rommon! You have returned! What the heck happened there? The adventurers were half naked and were tied in the forest………」


She seems to be out of breath.

Is this girl that person Rommon mentioned before… the onee-chan… or rather Rinne-chan?

They look like twins and of the same age.

The difference between their hairstyles and eyes are different, but everything else looks very similar.


After looking at Rinne-chan, I have been alternating my look along with Rommon-chan.


「Rommon! Why are you wearing the clothes of those adventurers? Why is there a Toon Golem over here? 」

「You see, about that Rinne…… 」


The Grandpa explained to Rinne what happened to Rommon.


「I see, so that’s why… For something like that to happen, so it was right to leave them like that after all… but, about that Toon Golem, that’s a joke right? I mean they are supposed to be the weakest just after slimes, even if you say that it was a smart one right. I can’t even understand 2 x 2, how bout you? Probably…… 」

「Fumu, well that sure is… reasonable but… 」

「It’s not a joke! I have properly witnessed it! 」


That’s too rude.

I wish I could show it off already.

The surrounding’s treatment of me is just too cruel though I know that it couldn’t be helped.

You might as well be a little more welcoming is what I’ve wished.

With a meaning of understanding what they said, I clapped my hands on the spot 4 times.


「Eh?………. 」

「Houh, this, this is…」

「That’s just………」


You don’t really have to be that surprised you know as to how I was able to multiply. That sure hurts me a lot.


But it seems that what I have been thinking was not actually what these people have in mind.


「Can you understand words of humans?」

Eh, You mean that?