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Chapter 6 A Friendship Contract is…… What could it be?

「Iya, It’s probably a coincidence right……」


Is what this cute girl with blue haired girl with short cut hair called Rinne said so.


「I don’t really know? Maybe just a coincidence, let’s try confirming it. 」


Is what this cute girl with blue haired girl with straight long hair called Rommon said so.


「That’s right then. Toon Golem, if you can understand what I’m saying, can you clap three times then do it again two times after. 」


Ohh!? Rinne-chan was actually a boyish girl. Quite nice right~.

Boyish Girls are also good!

Well, for now let’s do that three claps and another two after and how they will react.


「It really understands…… 」


Please don’t look at me with eyes that seems like your looking at something unbelievable……. I can do it you know, I can do it.

On the contrary it gives off a strange experience because I myself find it mysterious.

Mou, was that really unintentional?

「Ne, maybe since Onee-chan said about, “Not knowing how to multiply” was heard by this little one…… 」


Timidly, Upon hearing those word I felt kind of down about it, and shook my head will all my might.


「Wa…wawa, were sorry for that!! 」

「Ayaa……Sorry 」


Well, you’ve apologized enough so I’m forgiving you.

This is a special service for both of them because they are cute you know?

I shook my neck in agreement.


「Ahahahaha…… There is no way for this one here to be normal toon golem. This Toon Golem…… no common sense of demons could have explained this… Well, this one is just probably a very rare irregular species.   」


This grandpa, seems like he’s having fun.

Regarding what he said, wouldn’t that make me something impressive?

Was he said was about all demons right.

Well, I am really quite the irregular after all.

That sure is interesting.


Getting quite the attention as if I’m some kind of genius is quite pleasant after all.


「Ne, Rommon, why not make a contract with your friend here? You have always wanted a “Follower Contract” right. Since you would be having this monster here, you won’t need to borrow Kel from your mother anymore. You won’t find such a nice one like this anymore you know?  」


Using monsters? Follower Contract? What’s that?


「But Onee-chan… there is no ordinary demon of this rank who can actually understand speech, don’t you think it might have already signed up with someone, and was just freely roaming around for now…   」


Really, is what Rommon-chan was saying, but well I don’t remember forming any kind of contract or such with anyone.

I don’t even know that in the first place.

What is that anyway, forming a contract that is?


「Rommon, I don’t see any mark of having a contract on this one here you know? That means this one here is still considered a “stray” one.   」


A stray is… A stray is… Well I don’t really care what it is.

But I don’t really want you to compare myself to those like a stray dog or cat.


「Is that how it is!? Ne, can you listen to me for a bit, well I know that you are good at listening… This one helped Rommon on its own didn’t you?  That is absolutely impossible if it were just ordinary demons you know. 」

「That, that’s right… Onee-chan. I, I will ask this child here for that. 」


After saying that, Rommon crouched down looking at me on eye level and then asked me.


「Would you like to form a contract with me? 」


Well even if you say that to me I don’t really know.

For the time being I tilted my head to indicate my intention that I don’t really know about it.


「is…is that… possibly not good…? 」


I shook my head once and shook my head again.


「Now, now did you properly explain to that child what a contract is now Rommon? 」

「Ah, I haven’t! I actually forgot about it」


Nice save Ojii-san, That what I’ve wanted to hear.

Well then,  Rommon-chan kindly explain it to this one here.


「A contract is done with a fellow contractor, the contract will be to become that contractor’s “Follower” and those contractors are called by a profession named as “Demon Users” because they are friends with demons, because the other member is a demon…  Most people have called them as “companions”. 」


I see, in a sense it’s like a type of practitioner.

But well without merit it’s not they are going to be friends.

For me, it will already be a reward just staying together with this cute girl, will I hear more about it?


「The monster that you have contracted would be able to communicate with humans and other demons, and status will be increased upon leveling. 」


Well, that is kind of understandable.

Although it would really help me to be able to communicate with humans, I can understand people’s words and can communicate fine with just gestures.

I don’t really have trouble living with just that.

Anyway, there are also merits for the contractors too, for now I will listen and decide after that.


「Well you will be restricted from attacking others even monsters,  and also you have to listen to the orders of the demon user. 」


Yup, that’s what I’ve expected.

It’s kind of frustrating that I have to ask for instructions in order to move.


「Ne… Is it… still no good? 」


With saying that, she gently tighten her grip of my hands and tilted her head.

Uwah, that’s just unfair, if you make a really cute gesture like that, it would be really hard to refuse.


I wonder what should I do.


「Now now, Rommon. You still haven’t explained about having more varieties when evolving if contracted, and that there will be more things that would be increased. 」

「Ah, hai, I forgot about that again, If have a contract with me, there will be more range of evolution that you can choose from, some could even be a humanoid one…」


Ojii-san, nice support once more. Oh I can actually evolve?

Well, the level would probably be related to that……

The main point is that I can be at least humanoid, that is big news.

Come and let me have a contract then.


I grasped her hand lightly and nodded while looking directly into her eyes.


「Do you want to have a contract with me? 」


I nodded again.


「Thank you, then with that let’s make a contract. 」

Rommon seems to be really happy with a mile filled face.

So cute.

How envious, that looks.


「Well then I will perform that contract! 『Here, I sign with you a contract, let me declare a proof of that bond at this moment 』 」


She did something like a spell of some sorts, but is there something like a ceremony of oaths or something?

While thinking about those things, the right hand of Rommon suddenly shone brightly.


「Well then, for the mark of our contract, where would you like it to be placed? 」


Is it something that will be engraved?

Now I wonder where I would like that to be placed.


I released my hand and placed my left hand to my right shoulder.


「Is that place good? 」


I nod towards her inquiry


「Understood, then ei!! 」


With a sharp swing her hand hits my right shoulders.

Then some sort of complicated characters emerged from her hands and moved to my shoulders.

But well it kind of looks confusing because the colors coming out were all black.


「With that the contract is now complete! You can do it the same way I talked to you directly in your mind a while ago! It will consume 1mp for connecting for a minute and use it anytime, but well why not do it?.  」


Well, even if you explain it like that as sending like telepathy.

But well I don’t really know how to do it.

Can you please explain in more details.


「Oh, sorry… I haven’t taught you how to do it… In the mind, first like this… think as if you are holding magic powers… 」


I see, It seems like you have to imagine accumulating magic in your head.

Imagining how it works… and now….


【He….He…. Hello!!】

(【You have mastered using my Telepathy! 】)


Alright! I knew I could do it!

I did it!

And it seems I even got it mastered.


「Ah, hello, you can do it now! By the way it consumes 3mp if you would like others to hear you in the surroundings! Also it can be sent like this to other demons but well normally they don’t do any interactions anyway, but well you can try it next time. 」


Oh I see.

But that way of saying it, you mean that normal demons can’t really communicate that well without difficulties, right?

I wonder if it’s because of me being a former human?

No, maybe because I was originally a pebble.


Let’s ask about it?


【Umm, is it ok if I ask something? 】

「Uwah! You can speak so flueantly! You can’t usually speak that fluently, especially since you are a golem… … What is it? 」


Are golems lacking in intelligence after all?

I’ll do my best some more.


【All the demons I have encountered haven’t really tried to communicate with me.  In other words, does it mean that a golem is a type that is really bad with communication and can’t usually do it? 】

「Well that seems to be the case, but you can really speak well can’t you. 」


The way I’m speaking is something like a king’s aide, or more like a butler who have served for many years?

But well I’m fine with this way of speaking.

Perhaps it cannot be helped, or more like it already became a habit.


Even so, for golems, their intelligence is really low, they can’t even communicate that well.


【Thank you for replying to my inquiry 】

「Uu, Un, It’s alright 」

「Ne, Rommon, what were you talking about to this child earlier? You were saying something about being fluent…… 」

「Oh, that’s right! Toon Golem, can you tell stories about yourself to everyone? 」

【I don’t really mind about it. 】


In this way I became a familiar of a beautiful girl called Rommon.