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Chapter 7 I have been named!

I decided that I want everyone here, to know about what we were talking about.

And so with this extra 4mp have been used up now…


From now on managing MP will be a little bit on the hard side.


【Everyone, Is what I am saying reaching you all? 】

「Uwa, it really is seriously talking in a really fluent way! It’s alright, its reaching us just fine 」

「What the, normally you can’t speak this fluently not unless you are a demon that have lived for a long time or a high ranking one… … but you know, you are just a Toon Golem after all. 」


Hmmm, the polite tone effect seems to be very well received.

It seems that the merit of my wisdom has also been acknowledged.


Well first thing to do now would be… I would like to have a name because just being called toon golem all the time isn’t really good with me, so I’ll let them name me first.


【If it isn’t troubling you, I would really be grateful you could give me a name. 】

「A Name! tha’s right, it would be inconvenient to have you be unnamed, what should I name you with though?」

「Ne, Grandpa Can you identify the gender of this Toon Golem? 」

「Yes, that is easy to do, this toon golem is preferably female because it’s head is quite round and almost like a sphere. 」


Really!? That means that I’m a girl right.


So in general, even golems have genders… Err why is it that dolls need to have genders?


Well, I don’t want to rely on my own naming sense, let’s have the first person whom I met do the honors, I would really like for it to be a good name.

Therefore let’s just give hints as what to name me to everyone.


【If, for me, a name of a flower or something like that would be good. 】

「Right! A name of a flower would be good! 」
「Oh, right… … Let me get my botanical picture book to look for a good name. 」


Rinne-chan quick on her feet went somewhere inside the mansion.

After a while came back holding a thick green covered book.

She sets the book on a desk and opens it.


「Fuuu, I think choosing a name with a nice meaning in the language of flowers would be good.  Is what I think.」

「That’s probably best… Unnn, I think this one should be good, what do you think Onee-chan!  」

「Let’s see… it’s good, this one! That would definitely suit her and the meaning in the language of flowers would also fit well.  」


That’s fast, the way they have chosen the name.

Then, I wonder what kind of name will it be?


「Then let me announce! The name chosen for this Toon Golem will be… Iris!  」

「It’s meaning in the language of flowers is Trustworthy, friendship, and great wisdom. If we compare you to other demons, you are definitely way too smart.  」


That is so indeed, Iris is it?

Not bad I guess, it’s probably the perfect name for me.


「So how is it?  」

【I like it, thank you very much. From now on I will be called Iris. Please to make your acquaintance! 】

「Same for us, Iris-chan! 」

「Take good care of my sister, Iris-chan!  」

「Hahahaha, so this will be my grand-daughter’s first friend. From now on please take care of us.  」


I got myself a Name!

So happy!

As for the status, I wonder if the name will be reflected in it.



Iris (Toon Golem)



HP: 40/40

MP: 7/15

Attack Power: 40

Magical power: 12

Defense: 37

Dexterity: 28

Speed: 27


Special skill: [Telepathy]



Oh, it’s been changed.

And also Telepathy was added.

That’s why from now on I will be known as Iris!

It’s a really nice feeling for me having a name.


Rinne-chan seems to be saying something, while tapping her hands with a pan~ then muttered 『 Now then 』.


「Now then let us introduce ourselves to Iris. 」


Then everyone turned and stared towards me.

It started with the girl with long blue hair whom I first met.


「Pleased to meet you, I am Rommon! I am aiming to be a wonderful demon user just like my mother. 」


Fumu fumu, Rommon-chan .

As a demon you user, you should do you best from now on, I will also cooperate with it.


「I am Rinne. Rommon’s twin older sister! Like father, my aim is to be a strong and fine swordsman. 」


Seeing her carrying a sword I could pretty much imagine it so.

Boku-girl swordsman, nice~!


「I am Wolk. Grandfather to these two, I am also a monster user and a researcher of demons, the one you helped in stopping her bleeding… is my daughter’s demon named Kel, this white one over here is my demon called Ghana.   」


Alright got it, but why you are looking at me as if you’re too interested.

This person is also a Demon User.


【pleash to meet you, Iris-chan, I am called Ghana. 】

【For helpin Rommon-chan, thank you that time, I am called Kel, for that time I waz really shaved. 】

[TL: this not typo alright it’s just they talk sloppily because they are not the so called very intelligent demons.]


It seems that Kel have also recovered from before and got up without notice.

Ghana-san and the rest introduced themselves.


But well these two demons can also speak for themselves as they are different from me, they can’t fluently grasp the timing using human language.


【I may be inexperienced as now. I would really appreciate working together with everyone. 】


I was overjoyed with everyone’s kindness.




「Now then…」


Old-man Wolk muttered.


「It is great that a new member of the family has been added, but there are still various problems left. First is what should we do with those adventurers.   」

「Beat them to a pulp! They attacked Rommon-chan and stabbed Kel you know! 」

【Daz right you know! It weally hurt you know! 】

「Well there is a victim and a witness and other evidences, and with that I would like your help to get them to be detained」


With that said, Old-man Wolk went out, taking Ghana-san, got out of the house and went somewhere.


「Is it alright……」

「Even if it’s not, grandpa will do something about it for you.」

【Daz right you know! Daz person is really great after all you know! 】

It seems that I don’t have to concern myself about what woud happen to those two in the future.

Now then what should we do…

Well, let’s just ask them about it.


【Ummm… you know, Rommon-chan, Rinne-chan. What should I be doing from now on? 】

「Nn? Ah, about that… well, we can just relax around here for now. We can also go outside if you wanted to and see the village.」

「I will still be healing Kel-chan with recovery magic… Iris-chan what would you like to do? 」


What is recovery magic?

I want to see it by all means.

Because I would like for my MP to be used properly, I would like to witness how to properly use magic.

Let’s ask kel if I can observe the treatment together with them.


【Excuse me but, I would like to see that recovery magic, can come and maybe help in Kel’s healing? 】


Rinne and Rommon seem surprised and were looking at each other, and then talked about it for a bit.


Oh, it seems they have decided in just a bit.

「It’s alright Iris-chan, and then let’s cure Kel together. 」

【Thank you 】


Alright! Now I can see recovery magic up close.

Let’s practice using it myself for a while after this.

There should be no problem remembering how to use recovery magic.

Even without sleeping, I do even really have to eat, so it will be perfect for me in pursuing strength.


「Now then Iris-chan, come over here. 」

「As for me, I will be training outside and then informing the village about a new comrade that has been added.  」


After saying that, Rinne-chan went out of the mansion.

Only Rommon, Kel and I were left behind.

I go along to where Rommon and Kel are.


「Well then, I will now be using recovery magic on Kel, please watch Iris-chan.」


As she said that, she removed the bandage from Kel who has now became quiet, and revealed the wounds she received.

She then spread her hands at a distance that almost came in contact with the wound.


And then she chanted  Pair 』, after that a gentle green light was being released from her palms that were spread out.

I can feel a sense of security just by witnessing it.


And after that, Kel’s wounds seems to be closing up little by little.


「For the moment, I guess I won’t be able to fully recover it… The wound inflicted was deeper than I thought… 」


Then I will try it.

I poked out my palm just like Rommon-chan did, and imagine myself in my head using『 Pair 』.

But well, nothing happened.


「It is quite difficult how to learn spells… Not to mention Iris-chan being a Toon Golem, you don’t usually remember things like recovery magic since the beginning. 」


Those things don’t matter to me.

I am definitely different from other Toon Golems.

That’s why I’m taking on this challenge, but I cannot cast because I don’t have a mouth.

What should I do…


Just as a test I tried sending 『 Pair 』in Kel’s mind, just like when I tried communicating then I tried collecting magic power in one place in my palm and released it.


【Pair 】


This is a trial.

But then, green light was emitted from my hands!

This is… it could be learned?


【Mastery of Recovery Magic 『 Pair 』】




「Ehhh! That’s a lie! Iris-chan so amazing! Something like this should not be possible! 」


Fufun, that’s right, that hot it shout be right?

With this I can now also use recovery magic.